Zelda 3DS Comes After A Link to the Past in the Timeline

Bill Trinen has slowly become one of the most likable people at Nintendo Treehouse (a branch of Nintendo of America). It's interesting how he has slowly become a person of note, when previously he was mostly just a translation expert. That being said, he ends the debate on where A Link to the Past 2 (as Japan is calling it) truly lands in the prequel and sequel debates in terms of timeline placement.

"From a story perspective there are connections," Trinen said, "so it does fall after A Link to the Past. And it's set in the same world, but introduces that new gameplay mechanic. So, yeah, I guess by that definition ..."

The 'definition' reference is the controversy that may surround over finalizing the title as A Link to the Past 2. It may make chronological sense, but it could also be a turn off in terms of marketing. The timeline placement debates are pretty much at an end.

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