Breath of the Wild has gotten some amazing reviews since its release date on March 3rd. The game has seen top scores from well known gaming sites along with hundreds of fans in love with the new Zelda game. Of course with good reviews, there are others who do not agree with the perfect and high scores Breath of the Wild received. Disgruntled fans or gamers have been posting reviews online that are the funniest things ever, make sure to check the best reviews found here if you want more info.

Recently, Nintendo Life released a video of the host Alex, reading 11 of these bad reviews, and the results are hilarious. Alex himself can’t contain his laughter as the video goes on and you’ll be sure to laugh along with him.

What are your reviews for Breath of the Wild? Are they good or bad? Be sure to check out the video above and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Tri

    I chuckled my way through this video. Some of these are pure gold. lmao

    • Great_Scott

      I’ll be honest with you, I am enjoying the game a lot more now than I did the first day or two. The controls really took me much longer than I had expected to get used to. And I noticed that a lot of the reviews were from the first couple days after the game was released so there’s absolutely no way anyone of them could have had adequate time with the game to give it an honest review. The review that said there was hand holding all the way through and that you never get to make a decision obviously knows nothing about the game, let alone play the thing.

      • Tri

        I feel that every game has a certain amount of hand-holding. But I noticed the specific ways that BOTW teaches you essential skills, and it’s not dumbed down. Never once did it feel like I was being lectured on how to play the game, and even after I learned how to do something: I wasn’t necessarily required to use that skill for stuff later. I could play it and solve tasks in a variety of ways most of the time.

        Anyway I digress: I really really enjoyed and am still enjoying this game with over 20+ hours logged. It deserves the good scores its receiving in my eyes.

        • Great_Scott

          Hey, is there an actual log of how much you’ve played into the game I’m almost afraid to find out, but I’m sure it’s around the 40 hour mark.

          • Tri

            I’m actually not sure about the Wii U but I looked on the Switch (check your user page and it shows your play activity) and VASTLY underestimated how much I’ve played this game. Did I say 20 hours? Oops: Try 90. I thiiiiink I might like this game. LOL.

          • 120 hours! 8D Being sick helps.

          • Great_Scott

            lol, I must be blind, I don’t see the hours played anywhere. Meh, oh well.

          • On the Switch, after you’ve owned the game for 10 days, it show the number of hours you’ve played on your profile.

          • Dragonmaster 150

            The Wii U does have a log which keeps track of how much time you play games in a bar graph format.

      • That’s actually the ridiculous part of some of the reviews. Some mention that the story is terrible. Or that the dungeons are too easy… but it’s honestly impossible to beat all four dungeons on launch day. Even as I was plowing through the game and playing for 12 hours straight, I didn’t beat my first dungeon till the second day.

        Basically all the reviews were written with little to no hands on time (If any at all, since I think a lot of these reviews with 0 scores are people who are trolling or pissed Zelda was getting all the attention among all the new releases).

        • Great_Scott

          LOL, I got the game on launch day and I just beat my first dungeon yesterday. But I have been off and about doing my own thing, I opened the entire map and I’ve been doing it all on foot. I don’t care all that much for horse back riding so this is how I’ve been playing.

        • Dylan

          I think half of them where written by Valwin.

  • Valwin Mediaz

    To be fair some of those did say some actual issues with the game like the broken weapons mechanic

    • Jose Rosenbluth

      Thats subjective. Many, many people liked that “broken” mechanic. I count as one of them.

      • Valwin Mediaz

        Is normal for people to be blind fanboys and like dumb mechanics that other series drop

        • Jose Rosenbluth

          Call me a blind fanboy if it helps. The fact is the game gives you more than enough weapons to even care that some of them break.

        • CrimsonMoonMist

          Y’know, I agree with Maverickk regarding the weapon durability system (it encourages experimentation both in terms of when and what weapon to use and trying to win fights in unconventional ways to save on wear and tear. It also adds a nice risk vs. reward aspect to fighting because you can gain the weapons of enemies you defeat at the cost of wearing out your current weaponry, making you consider taking on uphill adversity to grow stronger) but I thought all five main dungeons in the game were a huge let-down with short lengths, simplistic puzzles that paled in comparison to the cleverness of some shrines and mindlessly easy bosses that topped it all off.
          Surely, me criticizing one of the most important aspects of the game shows that there are followers of the system that aren’t just blind to the game’s flaws?

          • I think the idea that the dungeons are short is kind of an illusion. Cause I timed myself and at the fastest I beat the Gecko dungeon in roughly 30 minutes, but at the longest I beat the Camel dungeon in about an 80 minutes.

            Comparably I can beat the Deku Tree in Ocarina of time in roughly 10-15 minutes. A dungeon like the Water Temple roughly 60-70 minutes.

            I think the dungeons take long enough, but they are small in size. Usually consisting of only a few areas that you have to manipulate and traverse back and forth to solve. Also I’m probably not a fair measure for how long it will take the average player to complete these dungeons. I’ve been playing the Zelda series for 25 years, and I’m more than familiar with all sorts of puzzles. I don’t think there is any Zelda game that has left me stumped for more than 5 minutes.

            So a veteran Zelda player who has been playing the games for a longer time is always going to probably have an easier time than someone new to the series. Overall though I consider the puzzles pretty intricate and far more involved than many past Zeldas, where most the puzzles are “light this torch” and “step on a switch” or “find and shoot the eye switch”…. in BotW it’s “hitting this switch moves this thing, which then can create a path, but you have to freeze time to make it stay in place, or have to move another object while said switch is held down in order to make a circuit between some metal objects”.

            To me the puzzles are night in day in regards to their depth.

        • Lucas Simon

          Don’t go around talking shit in a language you can’t even write correctly. Moron

        • Sanic11

          Just cause people don’t agree with you doesn’t mean they are “dumb fanboys”.

    • Sanic11

      Ah, Valwin again with the broken weapons mechanic. It’s not really an issue personally, it’s all a matter of preference.

      • Valwin Mediaz

        It is a issue and it was in other series too but because is Nintendo now is not

        • Sanic11

          I’ve never actually seen anyone complain (not even myself) about weapons breaking in games before, so I have no idea what you are on about people forgiving this mechanic just cause it’s Nintendo. Just because people don’t agree with you doesn’t make their opinion any less valid. Idiot.

        • TheGreatCthulhu

          It’s not an issue, and I frankly wonder if you’re ever played a game with a steeper difficulty curve before that requires you to conserve resources.

          Methinks you’d have a hell of a time in Dark Souls, where resource management and strategic thinking is crucial.

    • TheMiddleClassTaxSlave

      Wahhhhh. Get the master sword already and stop crying …

      • Valwin Mediaz

        WAAA WAAA how dare he call out something that is wrong with the game so much for freedom

        • TheMiddleClassTaxSlave


          • Bacon Informer


          • Dylan

            Bacon Cookies!! =D

          • Bacon Informer

            ew, bad Dylan

          • Dylan

            whats wrong with baking cookies?

    • The breaking weapons is done so a player doesn’t cling life and limb to a certain weapon and just run through the whole game with it. Forcing players to actually try the different weapons types and use them.

      Not to mention weapon management. Like for example literal glass cannon weapons, that have high attack and damage bonus but break down faster. Forcing players to think strategically about which weapons they are using and when. As opposed to just go into battle mindlessly.

      Also the choice to say throw a weapon for added damage bonus but at the cost of the weapon braking instantly (best done as the weapon is on the verge of breaking anyhow). As of right now I seem to have an endless supply of rare weapons coming in from doing shrines and finding treasure in the wild. Basically I have more weapons than I can even use them up.

      I’ve yet to be left with out a weapon in a battle and even if I was, I’d probably resort to other means of attack like bomb runes or magnesis. The game encourages creative and resourceful thinking and for that I’m thankful considering how dumbed down combat in Zelda games has been in the past. Skyward Sword asked players to pay more mind to combat with motion controls and stances, but people didn’t want motion controls. The combat in this game is more traditional but asks more of players to still think about how they attack a situation.

      It’s fair to say that some people don’t like the system, that’s fine, everyone has their own opinion. But broken? No the game is plenty balanced and plenty fair.

      • Valwin Mediaz

        stop saying this is not a excuse is a bad system

        • Can’t some people just be allowed to like it? This weapon system makes sure that every weapon has value, even during late game. You imply a sense of objectivity to your opinion, as if those of us who like being strategic about our weapons are somehow wrong.

          • Valwin Mediaz

            AKA no freedom

          • GoldenNut
          • TheGreatCthulhu

            Seriously, arguing there’s no freedom in a game that removes all of the reins and lets you play how you want.

            The sheer doublethink in that line of logic blows my mind.

          • Jacob Lee Thompson

            The way the game is set up, with no special weapons(hookshot, etc), would not make sense without breakable weapons. Every enemy can be killed with any weapon, having one weapon the whole game, or 3-5 you rotate between would be stupid. No one’s going to use the thunderstorm rod, greatsword or halbred if they have an awesome sword that’ll never break. Collecting the weapons is a new rewarding feature of the game that a lot of people like, clearly not everyone does- but it’s not broken, it’s perfect for how the game functions.

        • The only reason you want me to stop saying this is you honestly have no argument against it.

          The world is designed with the system in mind, and balanced as such. If the weapons were breaking at the rate that they do, but the world wasn’t giving you new items or other means of fighting and you were always left unarmed, then it would be a “broken” system that didn’t work. But that isn’t the case in the slightest.

          Just because you personally don’t like something doesn’t mean that it is bad. Time to start accepting that.

          • Dylan

            this is val we’re talking about, he dislikes everything like Thomas Foolery does.

          • Christian Beach

            Not to mention pissy ol’ K2L.

          • Dylan

            true “4 dungeon’s, its the end of the universe!!!!”

      • ben wills

        “doesn’t cling life and limb to a certain weapon and just run through the whole game with it”

        Uhh… what? That argument might work if you were only expected to use your weapon 6 times in the game. Unfortunately, it’s about 10000x more than that.

        Also you get better equipment as you go. You know, basic progression. If someone wants to keep using a 2 damage Boko Club, then that should be their choice.

        Your argument makes zero sense.

        • BravestWarrior

          And they can. They’ll just die. The game isn’t bad through that. It has a higher difficulty curve.

    • Arktos

      Valwin, people defending this broken system haven’t played enough to see how after filling your inventory with good weapons, all stimuli to engage in fights is removed, as you risk broken your weapon just to get, what, a skeleton arm.
      So, at late game, the game’s battle simply stale and you start avoiding enemies altogether.

      • Jose Rosenbluth

        The game gives you many chances to find every weapon more than once. I have played a lot since launch and have found every weapon at least 5 times repeated throughout the game (that is the least, some of my favorites have appeared over 20 times).
        The point is that anybody that actually played this game knows you can use the weapons, since it is easy enough to find them again (especially since the blood moon respawns the enemies holding them).
        It doesnt make sense to avoid late game enemies given they also usually drop some of the best one handed weapons (like the royal broadsword), and those weapons usually hold some kind of stat enhancement (like more endurance).

      • BravestWarrior

        Actually, that’s not true. I always stock my (upgraded) inventory with 2 crappy weapons. Hyrule Castle is an easy farm for good weapons. I pursued the story after the side quests. I’ve beat the game, done most side quests.

        Next Zelda needs to be BoTW, but with those “massive open air dungeons”, but on land, along with a weapons system that is a little better, but let’s be honest. People are complaining way too much. Most don’t know how to use the things the game gives them.

    • Tri

      Why do you say it’s broken?

      • Valwin Mediaz

        i sure love losing my weapons after 3 to 4 hits

        • Tri

          I don’t really mind because I save the best weapons for bosses/strong enemies. I can always find more. I think they did this on purpose. I can see why it would bother you but there are ways around it and forces you to be strategic.

          What would make it better in your mind? The weapons lasting longer in general? I don’t think being unbreakable is a good solution.

          • Valwin Mediaz

            weapon lasting longer and not feeling that are made out of dirt this is a thing other series REMOVE for a reason

          • Tri

            Well, I think that’s subjective. The only thing i can say is that it didn’t bother me or a lot of other people. You aren’t alone in your opinion but I don’t think that makes the game broken.

        • BravestWarrior

          If that’s so, you reeeeally need to get off of the Great Plateau. Only weapons that break after 3-4 hits are the ones there.

          • Hell the only weapon in the game to break in 3-4 hits is the effin Twig. Literally the first weapon you get when you come out of the Shrine of Resurrection.

            And rightly so it should break. It’s a twig for gods sake.

            But yeah, totally agree with you Valwin clearly hasn’t gotten far cause the Plateau is literally the only place with a high appearance rate of such weak weapons. Either that or he loves picking up the Rusty weapons. They probably are the next weakest weapon sets. About 10 hits before they break.

            So I guess just bad at finding weapons.

          • BravestWarrior

            Yeah. I can find dozens of crappy weapons lying around, and great ones just by sneaking into Hyrule Castle. I hadn’t even had one Divine Beast done, but worst weapon was 52 dmg Broadsword.

          • There’s tons of good weapons you can find early… from doing shrines, raiding enemy camps, zapping enemies and stealing their gear when they drop it.

            But I mean again, if there wasn’t gear that is literally as bad as fighting with a stick, then as a player you wouldn’t appreciate and be excited for better gear. Can’t have one with out the other.

          • Not necessarily the same thing but there is a high powered sword that you can find in Hyrule Castle that breaks after about five hits. That’s essentially its gimmick in that it sacrifices durability for strength, but it along with one or two other items break quite quickly.

            That said perhaps the bigger issue is just how much HP some, especially silver, enemies have. For example say you have a spear that does 36 damage and breaks after 12 hits. Presumably, assuming you hadn’t used the spear before, you should be able to get 432 points of damage out, which seems like a lot but then consider how some silver enemies have thousands of HP points and the issue becomes apparent, especially when you’ve no way of knowing just how many hits a weapon has left and no way of knowing how close said weapon is to breaking.

          • It would be a glass cannon, not really a gimmick.

            That said it’s also kind of a thing that is foolish. I tried them out once and was like, neat trap, but overall better to stick with the series just below it with better durability.

            As for Silvers, they are an end game enemy, with the variant only showing up after you’ve killed hundreds and hundreds of enemies. And they also reward you accordingly with rare gems like diamonds and so forth.

            It’s also done so at least there is some enemies towards the end of the game where they are OP that gives them some difficulty. I mean I can take out dozens of enemies with a Royal Broadsword because most die in one, or two hits. With the only kinds being able to survive is the Black and Silver variants.

            Also by the end of the game you should be using the Master Sword on enemies that have more health cause you will always regain that weapon, saving your other weapons for when it loses it’s energy. Also best weapons for taking out Silver variants are the triple shot bows (Rivali’s bow or the Lynel Bows”.

            Why cause they shoot 3 arrows… and each one does high damage. It basically compounds the damage done while only using a single arrow from your inventory. Get more bang for your buck out of your shock and fire arrows or best bomb arrows.

        • Christian Beach

          You clearly haven’t found any good weapons. I’ve had broadswords that lasted for quite some time.

          Besides, it’s not like you ever run out of weapons, unless you’re really bad at the game. I’m constantly filling up my inventory with claymores, broadswords, soldier’s bows, and the like. The mechanic isn’t “broken”, you just aren’t finding any good stuff.

          • Valwin Mediaz

            can you imagine having a gun that goes bad after 10 hits

          • Sanic11

            There’s a difference between a f*cking sword/melee weapon and a gun.

          • Christian Beach

            Except guns aren’t in Zelda, so I don’t see how that can relate to anything.

    • I wouldn’t say it’s broken it’s just annoying. Really though if the items didn’t break Link would be drowning in weapons as the game literally throws them at you.

      I honestly just wish you could sell weapons, as that would be a lot more beneficial to the player if you could like sell your almost broken weapons for a discounted price rather then just watching them shatter.

      • Tri

        I was actually disappointed to find out I couldn’t sell weapons. I think that’d be a nice feature. I do like that you can have a house with weapon racks though. That way if I find multiple good weapons, I have a place to store them for backup. Or just to look pretty. haha!

        • Honestly I just stored the champion weapons there, because I didn’t want to go through the hassle of them breaking.

  • Bacon Informer

    To sum it up “I dont like this game because I dont like fun”

    • Sanic11

      I like bacon.

      • Bacon Informer

        Then your “a oh k”

  • Valwin Mediaz

    The only good review that matter for this game is the Jim sterlim review seems to be the most balance AND LEGIT one

    • Phil D

      Is it the only “good” review because you agree with it and don’t like the game as much as everyone else? 🙂

      This is not a 7/10 game. This isn’t a, “it’s good, not great.” game. Sorry if it didn’t blow you away but it’s obviously blowing everyone else away.

      • I’d actually say it’s the very definition of “it’s good, not great” as it has some serious flaws and shortcomings. The only game I can think of that doesn’t have any flaws or deserves a “perfect” score would probably be the first Mario Galaxy.

        • Phil D

          For MOST people, this game has no flaws and shortcomings. The things people complain about don’t really bother most people that much (as evidenced by the reviews). If YOU think those “flaws” are serious then that’s too bad but you’re not the arbiter of game quality. In reality it’s possible to be a little more objective. (Or not, you are free to keep announcing your opinion as if it were aligned with the general opinion of gamers.)

    • TheMiddleClassTaxSlave

      Did you vote for Hillary? Cause you seem to love fake news…

  • ben wills

    The game is 10/10 in so many areas, but the people completely ignoring criticism are completely messed up. You know how we get better games? By recognizing the current games faults and talking about them objectively and intelligently.

    – The weapon durability system is controversial. People don’t like their weapon breaking after 2-3 hits. That is fair criticism

    – The climbing speed is too slow. Even fully upgraded with the full climbing gear set, it’s still slow. Really, that should have been the base value and then have upgrades. As it is now, there is no respect player time when it goes that slow. It is not fun moving that slow. A snail outpaces Link.

    – Running shouldn’t be tied to the stamina meter. It does nothing for game balance, and rather just slows the entire experience. The game is massive, I don’t need to move as slow as possible to drag the time out.

    – Shrines were such an amazing idea, but 120 of them with 4 dungeons is a bit of an imbalance. Running for 10 minutes to do a single puzzle really wears down as the game goes on. I would have liked to see more larger dungeons, but still maintaining some shrines. The benefit to exploration is huge, again its just a rebalance rather than a negative.

    Of course this has been a negative post, because I’m only pointing out the flaws (some of which are picky). But, the game is truly fantastic and one of the best games I’ve played in the last long while. However, the point is that flaws do exist and we should be willing to talk about them now to make future products improve.

    • UnHylian

      I just want to address two points:

      – Not a single weapon in this game breaks in “2-3 hits”, not even the most brittle weapon (tree branch: breaks in 4 hits). Every single weapon after that is more durable (boko club: 12 hits, the next most common weapon in the game). I’ve seen it said “2-3 fights”, which is more reasonable, but what determines how long a ‘fight’ is or how many hits are required to finish one?

      – A fully upgraded climbing gear set will reduce the stamina usage for jumping while climbing, effectively allowing you to ‘climb’ faster, further, and for the same amount of stamina. Same with the fully upgraded Zora set. It is up to the user for how to utilize the set’s functionality.

      The rest is wholly valid critique.

      • ben wills

        I think it’s possible that, if you get hit by an enemy, it counts toward the durability of the weapon. I picked up a weapon that was just used against me and it was badly damaged after a single hit. I assumed it would break on the next so I dropped it. In fairness that was super early in the game and happened once, but I was pretty astounded when it did. I do think it’s a bit overly quick, though. Again, early on, I came across a mini boss I wanted to fight. I ended up breaking all my weapons before I could get the job done, despite not getting hit. The stalemate, or the length things get dragged to bothered me. Now, as a counter point, for future playthroughs I know where to go if I need stronger gear so it won’t bother me again probably. And I could still rune him to death, but as a theme of my complains have been, I value my time a lot. But the first one was still a little frustrating in that regard.

        Thanks for the correction. I meant “full climbing set” and wrote “fully upgraded”. Ah I’m a goof. I think my big issue is that by the time you get to the point with the upgrade that allows you to use the dash, you’ve done a decent portion of the game. Of course on future playthroughs there are ways to rush it, but I also don’t get excited about the thought of rushing it everytime I start the game either (because it’s pretty much a necessity for me).

        Thanks for the reply! I’m glad there’s some willing to have this discussion. Sorry for the the long post, I’m always trying to counterpoint myself (to challenge myself and keep myself honest) but sometimes it comes off as mindless rambling.

        • UnHylian

          I went back to the Great Plateau and got a Bokoblin to hit me 24 times with a standard boko club, which is twice the number of hits that should be allowed for the weapon. I then killed him, took the weapon, and used it against another Bokoblin. The weapon took 12 hits to break, as it should be.

          When enemies use it, it doesn’t degrade the weapon. However, if a enemy’s weapon is on fire, it will eventually turn to ash in their hand.

          • ben wills

            Interesting. Did I select the wrong weapon thinking it was the new one? My entire world has been turned upside down right now lol. Gotta go have an existential crisis in the shower now.

            Thanks for doing the test! Good information to know.

          • Bacon Informer

            What if you give a weapon to an enemy… will it not be damaged anymore?
            And yes I know throwing weapons inside octrocks will make them nice, new, and shiny

          • UnHylian

            If you give a damaged weapon to an enemy, it will retain the same durability is had when it was dropped. It will not increase OR decrease in durability while it not equipped by Link until he uses the weapon again.

          • Michael Philliber

            i believe when killed the weapon is spawned in place of the weapon the enemy is holding. like an enemy is technically a different one then the one you get

      • Valwin Mediaz

        >Not a single weapon in this game breaks in “2-3 hits”

        O YES THEY DO

        • Only if you’re hitting five enemies at once. Seriously. Some weapons I’ve been able to hold onto for days.

          • TheDrTelos

            Does anybody know if hitting stronger enemies with your weapons decreases your durability faster than hitting weaker enemies? I’ve seen in the guide that hitting the gem boulders with weapons designed for mining does reduced durability damage, so I was wondering if there was a similar mechanic for enemies.

          • From what I can tell just from hands on time, certain weapons get more durability if they are used for their designed purpose. For example torches can burn as far as I can tell forever… or at the very least a lot longer than than say a lit club, or boko stick or something. And if you use it for fighting it on the other hand will break pretty instantly.

            The Hammer, the Cobble Crusher and Stone Breaker also seem to last a lot longer than any other weapon for using to do Stasis on to launch, or for breaking Ore deposits. Mind they also just might have more durability because they are long sword class weapons (which overall I find have fairly good durability and longevity).

            Axes much the same… between the wood cutters axe and the double sided axe. Seems to last longer when used to cut wood.

            That said I don’t think the strength of an enemy affects durability.

            Mind you this is done naturally… cause a stronger enemy has more health and takes a lot more hits from a weapon in order to defeat (white variants especially). So you are going to waste more of a weapons life on a harder enemy that takes more hits. Where as using a strong weapon to take out weaker ones will mean less hits, and longer weapon life.

          • I don’t think so. I’ve managed to beat around silver moblins with a club, and while it didn’t do any damage, it did take the right amount of time to break.

        • UnHylian

          Congratz, welcome to the conversation. We’ve been waiting for you oh so diligently. BTW, off topic, but is Persona 5 any good?

          • Not really 2-3 hits, but there are some swords that have extremely low durability.

    • Oscar Yasser Garcia Juallek

      And I totally agree that criticism is key to improve. Thing is, many of the claims here are either trolling or outright stupid. Like, no voice acting on the journals? What the f**k is up with that complaint!?

      • Dylan

        I think it would of been interesting to here them, but it does sound rather stupid.

      • ben wills

        Absolutely. The problem is that I’ve almost exclusively seen extremes on the matter, which is why I made my post. I either see people giving it a 0, saying its overrated, complaining about things that aren’t representative of the game, and spouting that paid review BS. But then I see the fanboy side, who say the game is absolutely perfect and anyone who says otherwise can’t be trusted, is just a hater, or hasn’t played it. Hey, it’s fine if you find it perfect, but that doesn’t mean everyone does and it doesn’t mean things can’t be made “more perfect” so to speak.

    • These are more personal opinion gripes than actual flaws. And certainly aren’t a sign of broken or unbalanced design.

      1. Weapon durability. Lets talk about that. You talk about weapons breaking in 2-3 hits. There is only one item in the game that breaks after 2-3 hits. A twig. Literally the weakest weapon in the game. The average weapon is closer to 40-60 hits and the highest durability ones being closer to 100 hits. The fact that weaker weapons break and fall apart makes it a thrill as a player when you do finally get more durable weapons and shields. It adds value to those better quality weapons and the reward of earning them or finding them.

      2. Climbing is an interesting mechanic. For starters there are very few areas in the game that actually require that you climb. Reaching the top of most mountains and high ground can be done so through taking paths and even other obscure travelling abilities (rocket logs anyone). Let alone once you’re at the top you can typically fly from a high point to another high point. Overall though climbing is a bit of a short cut mechanic. You can by pass hard enemies, or skip whole areas and enemies by climbing over or around them. Get up high, and just fly over. So it is balanced that it takes time for a player to climb… basically it’s a bit less exciting, but it may be the easier route compared to fighting off difficult enemies or trying to get past difficult obstacles…. , and realistically not many humans can climb a surface like a monkey. This also encourages players to be strategic about how they climb as well. Finding shorter walls, or walls with ledges as resting places so you can recoup stamina to use the quick climb with out falling from the wall. As opposed to say just running up a wall like it’s nothing no matter where in the game.

      3. Stamina meter, oh boy. I know people like to rag on this one. But again it’s there for the very reason of BALANCE. Why? So you can’t simply run away from every enemy in the game (especially since the game still requires enemies to land hits for you to take damage). Cause they have limits. In regards to their speed, and to how far they will follow you. So if you had an endless running ability, Guardians wouldn’t be a threat. Why? Cause you could easily out dodge any of their attacks. You could easily run fast enough to say make them give up. Right now the penalty of the stamina gauge is that if you are careless and encounter a guardian you can’t simply out run it, you either gotta hide, or out maneuver it. To give Link the ability to run endlessly would basically greatly diminish the threat and danger of a guardian, as well as other enemies (actually even with two full circles on my stamina gauge I now find it incredibly easy to get out of trouble quickly… and again the game gives you the ability to increase this). As for travelling across the world faster… what about all the way points? There’s 120+ of those… there’s also horses to get around faster. If you want to outrun something get on one.

      4. Shrines. There’s 120 in order to give enough to properly fill the world. So that you don’t go much longer than 10-20 minutes with out finding one. This is the epitome of balance. They are making sure that players don’t go for long periods of time with out a substantial discovery or and making sure to give players a change of pace. Going from exploring to say doing a puzzle. Shrines also very interesting because sometimes the puzzles aren’t in the shrine at all, but in fact the lead up or the path to the shrine itself is the puzzle or the path. For example the Lost woods has 3 special shrines, where getting to them is the challenge and follows a theme. In other cases it involves solving riddles to unlock or unearth.

      Of course more bigger dungeons would also be great. There’s nothing like having more. Mind you between the choice of an emptier world with less to discover just for a few more bigger dungeons, I don’t think it would be worth it, and would diminish the joy I feel travelling the world they created. It will be interesting to see what they do with the DLC dungeon and new area.

      Again most of those things listed are personal gripes and not actual imbalances.

      • ben wills

        1) You probably shouldn’t try to BS someone with the guide. The highest durability is 80 (lmao close to 100), and average is more 20-40, MAYBE 30-50. Upwards of 50 is a few outliers, as is lower than 20. Also I think the value to higher quality weapons is…you know… them doing more damage.

        2) Not sure what you were rambling about here. The climbing is too slow. How would the game be worse for speeding it up? At the absolute worst, it would be the same and you’d save some time. Also Link is Hylian. Also you probably shouldn’t start arguing realism in Zelda… that’s a very very poor argument and ignores the actual problem.

        3) Not sure what game you played, but you can outrun every enemy in the game as it is. You can still get by Guardians running as well. Dude.

        4) Re-read 4 man. Again, you didn’t really grasp what I was getting at.

        The funny thing is that my entire post was to point out, at least arguable criticisms about the game. I never said everyone would have them, simply these are points of contention that should be recognized as valid criticisms. Why? Because there’s people who didn’t play the game giving it a zero, and people being fanboys and completely disregarding any criticism as being valid. You just did the latter. You just did everything I’m working against. Read my post again, seriously. The sooner we can talk about these things as adults, and not resort to lying and shunning off anyone elses opinion, the better the community will be and the better chance we have at better games in the future. The fanboyism has to stop. It isn’t good for anyone.

        Your reply honestly read like comments the video above was replying to. You flat out tried to give me incorrect facts (100 hits lmao) to “prove” your point. Grow up, and let’s discuss this like adults.

        • yunku2002

          I honestly thought TheMaverickk was doing what you expected, accepting different opinions, so I was baffled by your comment. He even said he’s playing devil’s advocate; he’s doing it for the sake of debate. I myself have not played the game, so I can’t talk about any facts, but it doesn’t look like “lying” or “false” at all.
          Yes, he did say “gripe”, and maybe that’s why you took it… emotionally? You’re the one throwing out words like “BS” and “rambling”. I just think he understood you in the first place.

          • ben wills

            He used the term devil’s advocate wrong

            “These are more personal opinion gripes than actual flaws. And certainly
            aren’t a sign of broken or unbalanced design. So I’m willing to bite and
            play devils advocate on these issues.”

            Willing to bite, and play devils advocate, are very different things. Willing to bite means he’s going to argue what he thinks, devil’s advocate means he’s looking at things from a different perspective to test the argument. Based on the paragraph as a whole, he was biting because he wanted to shoot down anything I had to say. Devil’s advocate isn’t saying “certainly”. Saying “certainly” is the exact opposite.

            The values he provided for weapon durability were off. I referenced with the official walkthrough. Nothing has a durability of 100. The closest thing is a single weapon a whopping 20% less. You don’t round up by 20%.

          • yunku2002

            Yes, I do believe what he’s saying is his genuine opinion, so it’s not just for the sake of debate. And he did say “closer to” 100.

          • ben wills

            By no definition is 20% off “close”.

            Just imagine if you came from from school. Your dad asks you what you got on your test. You say “close to 100!” when you actually got 80. That doesn’t cut it. It’s misrepresentation.

        • What part of playing devils advocate do you not understand.

          you are a special breed of something I’ll tell you. Either take part in the discussion or not. I feel no need to discuss anything with someone who takes offense to a reply and gets nasty like that up front.

          • ben wills

            From the guy complaining about not understanding, you’ve done a very poor job of reading my post. If it’s not your opinion it’s wrong. That’s how you work, and that’s all you’ve demonstrated. I did participate in the discussion, you just decided to skip over it. If you want to discuss, then discuss. You’ve done nothing but attack me from the start. All I have done is defend. Take a look in the mirror. The hypocrisy that comes off you is disgusting.

          • I’m sorry but why am I going to discuss something with someone who straight up starts with calling a person a fanboy and a liar? In contrast where did I attack you right off the start? Anyhow why waste my time on a response. No matter what I say you will just claim I’m lying.

            I get that your post was about showing that you can both like something and be critical of it. At the same time you went into great length about your criticisms, and that said the minute you make those criticisms a part of the discussion it’s absolutely and totally relevant to discuss those criticisms. They area part of your post.

            Anyhow you can continue being rude all you like though calling me a hypocrite and what not… also what has been hypocritical about what I’ve said for that matter.

          • ben wills

            I proved you were lying. The fanboy comments are pretty self explanatory.

            Point is, don’t tell someone to continue the discussion when you are the very person who refuses to discuss, and stopped it in the first place.

    • Optimist

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I disagree that these are flaws. I personally hope they retain everything mentioned here in the next game.

    • TheMiddleClassTaxSlave

      The game is not perfect, I don’t think you can truly have a perfect game… not with haters out there. I Will say the people who give it a 0-3 score… obviously are haters. Anything at 7 or below rating, is an obvious red flag. IMO, they are either a) looking for attention (Sorry your mom doesn’t love you Valwin Mediaz) or b) are trying to simply lower the games overall metacritic score to protect a game “they” like more. Examples? Watch the video. Anyone can criticize a piece of entertainment, fine you don’t like it, but you “Should” be able to back it up, with specifics. The game is what it is, it is not a “Modern Zelda” game. It is The original Zelda, with increased difficulty, more elaborate story, with an added “survival” game element to it. Many of the complaints or critiques envolve elements that make the game…. a survival game. Obviously it is not real life, but the game can be fairly realistic in many regards. YOu need certain food, clothing, and weapons to advance in certains areas of the world. Yes… you can not sprint forever… like in many games. Makes sense to me. If you don’t like it, you can fast travel to a nearby shrine or tower and glide to where you want to go… or you can beat a divine beast and use its ability to help you. For the most part, Nintendo has already addressed your complaints, in one way or another.

      If the game is so terrible.. you can always go and play a different one or better yet… sack up, and make the “perfect” game you crave… Be sure to let us know, I’d like to review it.

      • ben wills

        “If the game is so terrible.. you can always go and play a different one
        or better yet… sack up, and make the “perfect” game you crave… Be
        sure to let us know, I’d like to review it.”

        …You did see the part where I said the game is a 10/10 in many areas and is one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had in a long time, right?

        Also the ability to make a game has nothing to do with a people critiquing a game. Games are made for everyone’s enjoyment, it’s not like it’s some party of only people who develop.

        • TheMiddleClassTaxSlave

          Ben, the whole comment was not directed at you, specifically that part. It was directed to those who truly believe the game is a 0/10-3/10 range. To clarify, but sure anyone can critique, but having to go through the development process would give the true haters “perspective”

  • Reillyington86

    I’ve got an idea…how about people who like the game play it and those who don’t play something else. I don’t like Skyward Sword but I wouldn’t go out of my way to write a pointless review giving it 1/10 for no reason (I’d give it a 5/10 btw). I’d just move on and play something else.

    • tabascoman

      Yeah, but that kind of defeats the purpose of a review

      • Reillyington86

        Oh, I’ve got no problem with giving it a bad review if they genuinely didn’t like the game but there are too many 1,2 and 3’s out of 10 with comments like “Zelda sucks”. or my favorite of Amazon was a 1 star because Zelda is a kids game.

        These aren’t really reviews but more like trolling. If someone gave it a low score but had some valid and well thought out points, then the review is valid. But if the review simply gave it a low score because it got too high on Metacritic (yes, this actually happened) then that is completely wrong.

        Like the other day when Jim Sterling gave it 7/10 and the Zelda fan base went ape sh*t insane. That not only makes the Zelda fans look like little children who throw a tempter tantrum but his review made valid points that he believed in. It was a review.

        I’ve sort of gone off topic here a little as well 😛

  • The Gamer of Legend

    Man…it sure has been a while, hasn’t it? To be honest I thought these were going to be ACTUAL reviews from those like Game Informer, but these are just everyday people who can say what they want without having much basis to their disgruntled claims. I have A LOT to say about the game but to sum it all into one word or phrase, I would have to say disappointing and/or a bunch of missed opportunities. The voice acting isn’t terrible, but Impa is droning to listen to when I go back to hear the backstory because of how monotone the performance is. She sounded…hollow and, uh scripted(?). The lack of emotion was driving back the delivery, so to speak. And I don’t know if I’m the only one (I think I might be), but when important characters from the game are introduced for the first time, a little cutscene plays showing that character’s name and their given title which seems like it was pulled directly from Hyrule Warriors’ character intro cutscenes with the character’s name and title and weird intro animations that make so sense in context when I think about it. They’re eerily similar to one another…it’s just jarring to me.

    Anyway, the game isn’t horrible by any means but does it deserve the hype and perfect scores it’s been getting? No. The game is great in areas, has flaws in some and fails in others, to the point where I question, “What the hell happened during this game’s development?” and, “Is that all there is to it?” When going back to earlier topics posted on this site about the interviews for Breath of the Wild, I shake my head in disappointment and disbelief at the fact that I was lied to about the things that were going to happen in the game. Epona being “hidden” in the game? Technically yes, only if you use the Smash Bros. Series Link amiibo to do so though. Zelda being able to scold the player? Another lie. It’s just Zelda being a bi-,er jerk, yeah that’s what I meant to say, jerk… Breath of the Wild’s story “Works” and will make you cry? To me, I haven’t finished the game yet, but I know how the story goes. It feels like Ocarina of Time and The Wind Waker (I’m not going to spoil the story for those that haven’t gotten the game yet) but to a somewhat lesser extent. This game was so over hyped, the backlash is strong. The last time I’ve seen a Zelda game scrutinized this hard was during The Wind Waker art style debacle.

    I also am not fond of the overuse of references from “all” of the zelda titles because they annoy and confuse the hell out of me and at worst, irritate me. most of them I like, others I don’t.

    Again there’s more to it but I would take all day and I don’t want to do that for this topic.

  • spacefan1993

    I’ve played quite a few hours with the game, and I can say it is probably the greatest game in the whole series. That being said, there are some flaws.

    1. Glitches: Glitches in a Nintendo game!? HOW!? I found a few glitches in BotW, mostly aesthetic, but nothing game-breaking:
    –What I call the Floating Grass Glitch, when you enter an area on the overworld, and the grass is up in the air before teleporting down to the ground.
    –Objects, such as weapons and body parts, will pass through clothing and walls.
    –I killed a Treasure Octorock in the North Lomei Maze, only for the treasure chest to disappear into the wall that the Octorock fell into.

    2. Dungeons: The dungeons, even the Divine Beasts, are too short. I can understand the shrines being short, but the Divine Beasts, I was able to complete in less than 30 minutes. The dungeons were very basic and followed the same style of gameplay with activating terminals and operating the mechanism of east beast. Including the boss, only four types of enemies appeared in the dungeons (the other three being the Guardian Scouts and the Malice Eyeballs, plus the floating skulls that the Malice goo spit out. I expected something a bit more in depth, like in the older Zelda games, where each dungeon was an adventure in and of itself, not a brief foray.

    3. Upgrades: Going along with the subject of the shrines, the fact that there are 120 shrines in the game means you can only get 30 upgrades, despite the fact that the maximum amount of upgrades is 33 (meaning, 30 heart containers and three full stamina wheels). So, you cannot have both a completely upgraded heart and stamina meter at the same time. Yes, Nintendo got around this with the ability to trade heart containers for a stamina vessel, and vice versa, but I personally think it is sloppy and lazy programming to not have the ability to have both upgraded to their max levels, especially later in the game. Trading one for the other may be useful early in the game, but later on, it’s unnecessary. I would hope that Nintendo releases another DLC pack with more shrines and the ability to fully upgrade your heart and stamina meters.

    4. Inventory: When it comes to the inventory slot upgrades, the fact that there are 900 KOROK SEEDS to be found within the game means that you will be spending a lot of time looking around Hyrule for them. And when you go to upgrade your inventory slots, you need a progressively larger amount of Korok Seeds in order to do so. Some people do not have the patience to scour every nook and cranny of Hyrule looking for these things, and the final gift you get once collecting all 900 seeds is a bit of a letdown. You would pretty much need a game guide book in order to find them all (thank God I have one).

    5. Difficulty: This game is up there with Zelda II in terms of difficulty. In some cases, the difficulty is too great. To quote AVGN, “Challenge is a good thing, but it should be given to the player in increments.” I find myself avoiding monsters because I don’t want to get killed or have my weapons break. Some enemies are just too OP, like the Lynels. I had greater difficulty killing a single Lynel than it took me to kill all of the five dungeon bosses combined (the Divine Beasts plus the Yiga Hideout). Fortunately, the deaths are not cheap like they were in Zelda II (like when you jump over a pit, only for an enemy to knock you back into it), but they are no less frustrating, especially when fighting a powerful enemy that you are not prepared for.

    However, despite these flaws, I am enjoying my time playing the game, and cannot wait to complete it 100%, as I did with pretty much every other Zelda game I have ever played. I think, based on its own merits, it is a natural evolution for the series, and quite frankly, couldn’t come soon enough, if not sooner. It is definitely a contender for best game in the series, if people are willing to put nostalgia aside for a few minutes and give any Zelda game other than Ocarina of Time a chance in the limelight.

  • Purple Plaster

    The bosses suck, that’s true :/

    • Taipan

      I do kinda agree with this. The Rito dungeon final boss I absolutely smashed in 30 seconds with the master sword. Didn’t hit me once or stand a chance. However I really struggled with Shockblight because my MS went into cooldown after only 3-4 hits -____- (Thought the master sword didn’t go into cooldown against the bosses :(). I struggled getting that perfect dodge particularly in the 3rd phase when he combo’s. Lynels on the other hand are OP as hell.

      • TheDrTelos

        Just play for 17 days straight and then, like me, you’ll farm those two Lyonels in Hyrule castle every bloodmoon so that you can get that sick lvl 4 barbarian armor.

      • Purple Plaster

        Calamity Ganon “the most OP monster” out there… i was hoping for him that even when you’re decent on stats he would able to wreck you in 5-6 hits (Or even hit you lots of times), but neh, he weak as hell.

    • Nowhere Man

      The regional bosses and Lynels are better, so it more than makes up for it.

      • Purple Plaster

        meeh, true true, but still xD

  • Kazeris

    Psh who wants to get their moneys worth in this day and age?

  • Taipan

    My biggest gripe about the game is the 4 main dungeons. Each have the exact same mechanics (terminals and moving the beasts positions). They are ridiculously easy and incredibly short where it only takes 30-45min to finish each. I know there are 120 shrines, but wish the main dungeons were on par with the likes of Water Temple (OoT), Stone Tower Temple (MM), Great Bay Temple (MM), Sky Keep (SS) and Sandship (SS) where it takes you 2+ hours and often really makes you think of wtf to do.

    • Jacob Lee Thompson

      OoT temples can take about the same amount of time- first time on Water Temple as a kid was an hour or two maybe- but Deku Tree, Dodongo- Shadow Temple were all under an hour. Anything that took longer was a horrible pain in the behind. Lord JabuJabu anyone? Does anyone really ENJOY being stuck in there longer than 30 minutes? We just want it to be over with so we can get the master sword.

      On the other hand, I loved the music and aesthetic of the Forest Temple and enjoyed being lost in there, but even on a more recent playthrough I got a little turned around and started getting frustrated with it’s length. Shorter dungeons with more focus on other aspects of the game are welcome in my eyes.

      Plus, there are a few shrines that I fell asleep on they were taking so long, some push 30-40 minutes. Some of the ones that could be done in 3 minutes took me 15-20 before the simple solution dawned on me. The one where you count the constellations was completely lost on me, and after 20-30 minutes of staring and thinking I had to google it- so I’ve got very little to complain about.

  • Yunu Yei

    First of all, I love BotW, but there are some things that are going on my nerves.
    I dislike the Weapon System. It’s okay for me that some weapons break, but there should be more than one weapon which is unbreakable. I’m missing the variety of different weapon types and shields too. Other Zelda games had great Weapons/Shields like the hook(this would be such an useful Item in BotW), wind wand and mirror shield.
    Magnet is nice, but there are far too less special items which can do awesome things. That makes the puzzles so easy.
    Side quests are 90% lame too e.g. in ocarina of time you had awesome side quests with gorgeous rewards like the Biggoron sword.
    Now you can do really tough shit for a diamond. no thanks.

    And it’s the Zelda game with the WORST Soundtrack ever. Really, I can’t stand it. Zelda had iconic songs and music was quite important in the games but BoTW doesn’t care about music. Such a pity.

    • TheDrTelos

      I like all of your points.

      But I think Breath of the Wild has gorgeous music, it’s just really subdued, which fits the theme of the game. Just Link out in a wild, destroyed Hyrule. They really emphasized the sounds of the animals, and the wind, etc… The music really only kicks in when you’re around other people/things, which again, fits that theme.

    • Jacob Lee Thompson

      I kind of prefer a game where if you slam the sword into the ground 15-20 times, it breaks. Not only does it make sense, it keeps you from using the same weapon over and over- even though the important weapons you can find or remake- and the flameswords and thunderswords can be found again. I was sad when I broke my first flame sword, but I currently have 4 in my inventory that I almost want to throw off a cliff when I find new weapons.

  • TheDrTelos

    Like everybody else and their mother, I wish there was a way to preserve weapons and shields you particularly like. I’m afraid of breaking my Hylian shield, so it just sits on the wall in my house… 🙁

    I would have liked to see more traditional dungeons as well, but I enjoy the shrines and divine beasts well enough.

    My biggest complaint is that everybody I actually care about is either a dead champion, a disembodied voice in my head. or Sidon. All the side characters just don’t feel like the Mailman, or the Happy Mask Salesman, or Mido, or Groose, or Medli. They’re all really just quest signposts with faces, and that’s kinda sad to me.

    Hetsu has some character, but after learning what you get from him for all 900 Korok Seeds, I think he’s his own gift.

    Oh, but, favorite game of all time. 10/10.

    • Michael Philliber

      since you can reflect gaurdian shots with you shield i can tell you the durability of the hylian shield. the royal gaurd shield, about the strongest you can find, was destroyed in 2 shots of failed reflected beams. the hylian shield lasted hundreds of those. dont be afraid to use it, itll almost never break, and if it doesn you can buy it for 3,000

      • Tequiero1491

        Omg where?!

        • Slurmps

          There’s a guy in Tarrey Town that sells special armor sets and the Hylian shield if you’ve lost it.

        • Michael Philliber

          a guy in tarry town a quest place. but you cannot have more than one hylian shield at any time, and you must have one from an amiibo/stalnox before its for sale. even if its at your house he wont let you buy it.

  • Bree Frost

    On the flip side, an acquaintance said he hated it and it was boring…. but he had spent 4 hours not getting off the plateu. I wonder if some people are ready for some games…

  • Kim Endri Dokmo

    Item Breaking is the only downside, that and it is too easy. Otherwise it is a decent Zelda game.

    • CrozzStorm

      yea but even that makes the game even better! the fact that items break makes finding new items even better, even if its just an item to fill an empty slot

      • hyrules

        Some break so easy that it is extremely frustrating though. I wish you could see how much durability is left, and also a way to take your favorite to a smithy and get it fixed before it breaks. (yes, I know there are certain special weapons that you can do that). I don’t think the game is too easy though. I die alot. But more enemy variety in such a huge world would be really great. Ones that are specific to certain areas.

        • CrozzStorm

          there are a few that only pop up in ceartain areas, but thsts only 1 or 2
          and the few weapons that break quickly say they will break quickly , and are normally ones that you find early on that are also very stro from the area they are found in, and the game lets you find weapons with increased durability more often after you beat all the bosses/the game, or if you uses amiibo

  • Tequiero1491

    I ran into a glitch yesterday that made me sad. (But still love this game). K found a lonely that had a savage crusher as a weapon. That is 78 damaged plus a attack +25. I thought it was so amazing I went to my house and displayed it on my wall. Left for a bit then a friend came over and wanted to show them my 103 damage weapon and the bonus was erased from it. Worked so hard to kill that thing and the bonus died.

    Other then that glitch this game is amazing!

  • Tequiero1491

    I ran into a glitch yesterday that made me sad. (But still love this game). I found a lynel that had a savage crusher as a weapon. That is 78 damaged plus a attack +25. I thought it was so amazing I went to my house and displayed it on my wall. Left for a bit then a friend came over and wanted to show them my 103 damage weapon and the bonus was erased from it. Worked so hard to kill that thing and the bonus died.

    Other then that glitch this game is amazing!

    • CrozzStorm

      wow, i think that makes a total of what 2 bugs this game has xD nintendo did a nice job with this game for it to have so few a number of bugs, other one is horses can derp when it comes to being near walls without link