Warning: Possible spoilers ahead.

If you have been playing Breath of the Wild nonstop since its release date, you may have noticed how this Princess Zelda is unique in her own special way. Not only is Zelda a little rebellious, but she is an intelligent young woman. She spends her time doing research and investigating the shrines and tries her best to live up to the expectations as the Princess of Hyrule. If you’re still not convinced, you need to check out Nintendo Life‘s video above on how awesome Breath of the Wild‘s princess is.

In the video, the host explains how far Zelda has come in Breath of the Wild, and that players can easily relate to her problems and flaws. The player can also see how Princess Zelda is a strong, intelligent woman and not a damsel in distress as the game’s story progresses. Before watching the video, there are some spoilers mentioned by Nintendo Life in case you would rather find out yourself why Breath of the Wild Zelda is one of the best gals.

Who do you think is the best Princess Zelda? From which game? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Sentinel

    Eh, my favorite is still the Zelda from Spirit Tracks.

    Likable personality, helps out on the adventure, probably one of the best (if not the best) companion characters in the series. Yeah, I like her the most.

    I don’t need this game’s teenage angst Zelda. Skyward Sword’s Zelda was even better in that regard.

  • Kurisu

    Wind Waker Zelda is still best Zelda. I found BOTW Zelda the worse one yet.

    • Dylan


  • Ixbran

    I’ll be honest while I can see where they’re coming from, BotW’s Zelda reminded me more of the renasance era Disney princesses, like Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine. The whole ‘there’s more to me than just my destiny’ thing just reminds me of how Ariel wanted more than just her life in the sea, how Belle wanted more than just the simple life, or how Jasmine wanted more than just her life in the palace. While it was still a nice reinvention of Zelda as a character, I felt Hyrule Warriors did it better.

    In Hyrule Warriors we see Zelda is not just the princess, but the active ruler of her country. She doesn’t run and hide at the first sign of danger but rather is capable of fighting on her own. She’s a capable war strategist who’s able to read the battlefield and change her tactics when the battle shifts. She still retains the Wisdom associated with her character, but also had the Courage and Power to fight alongside her subjects to defend her kingdom. HW may not be canon, but it does in my opinion have the best Zelda in the series.

    • Although as an active ruler she also disappeared and went into hiding immediately. Yeah we all know she’s Sheik, but she still disappeared and went into the same role she played in Ocarina of Time (cause you know that Sheik has to be a playable character).

      A lot of that other stuff like “she’s a capable strategist who is able to read the battlefield” that’s all traits pushed on her by the player, and that’s only if you choose to play as her. I mean I never touched her so I barely saw her in the story. So all that stuff you mention doesn’t exist in my experience of the game.

      Hell in most cases if she was there they were crying for my help cause they couldn’t keep up so I had to go and save them, and as AI, rarely contributed anything to the battles.

      • Ixbran

        She went into hiding because she knew that the enemy commander, Cia, was directly trying to kill her out of jealousy. She needed to go into hiding to keep her self safe, and she came back as sheik in order to continue contributing to her kingdoms forces till she felt it was safe for her to come out of hiding.

        that’s all traits pushed on her by the player

        And no, those are not traits pushed onto her by the player. In the first stage it was Zelda who suggests they go to the great fairy for aid, and as Sheik shes constantly coming up with battle strategies on how to progress a battle. playing as impa, or any other character, in Free mode in the OoT stages, sheik is the one who comes up with the plans needed to win. turning the Goron canons on Darunia while hes mind controlled, as well as pushing against the fake Zelda at lake hylia while impa and the other forces are doubting them selves from said fake Zeldas harsh rhetoric.

        during the battle to get the master sword, shes the one telling everyone what to do, and where to go. The battle against Cias forces in the temple has her instructing everyone to take down the enchanted keeps, and then during the final battle against Cia’s forces she is the one alerts everyone to the great fairies request to get into the fountain for the magic strike coming up, as well as trying to reason with Volga and snap him out of Cias control before he dies at the players hands.

        that’s only if you choose to play as her

        HAAA, you’ve either never played the game, or its been forever since you have. If you remembered correctly then youd know that when ever the player selects Zelda, or Shiek, in a story stage Ruto takes place as the leader of the Hylian army. Sure shes able to lead the armies as Zelda can, but you can tell shes not used to being a strategist like Zelda is, and she struggles to come up with plans, but for the sake of the story she is able to do so.

        • Princess Zelda had no idea that Cia was trying to kill her out of jealousy. Not sure where you got that Zelda knew this, sounds like a personal narrative you are weaving. : /

          It’s not until Lana finally reveals who she truly is, that Cia’s motivation comes to light, and it’s then that Zelda finally knows why Cia attacked Hyrule. That and if there was any doubt when they finally take Cia on in her castle it becomes painfully clear.

          Additionally… you kind of just proved my point;

          If you remembered correctly then you’d know that when ever the player selects Zelda, or Shiek

          Key word here. If the player selects them. Remember how I said “That’s only if you choose to play as her“.

          If you don’t choose her, you don’t get any little comments from other characters about how they feel towards Zelda. Also if you pick characters such as Link, she typically falls back into damsel role. Gotta save the fellow commander.

          Also if you play as another character someone else will give Link the suggestions and ideas to fight various forces and enemies. In fact it’s when other characters are giving the same sort of commands and tactical suggestions, that it makes it less a Zelda character trait, and more just the way that all the characters are.

          When Zelda isn’t there, there’s always someone saying “Take control of enemy fortress” or “take down the infiltrator” or ” get to said special location” or “take out that large enemy before it can reach our forces” It’s all just generic game reminders and isn’t exclusive to a single character in the game.

          In the end I don’t particularly see Zelda’s hiding as a sign of being a great tactical strategist. But more as just them creating an excuse for Sheik to be a playable character and pay tribute to OoT.

          Ultimately though there was nothing greatly tactical about Zelda’s choice to hide herself. I mean think about it. Your ruler and commander of the entire army just disappears? That would send citizens into a panic, armies into disarray and hopelessness at the thought that their ruler could in fact be kidnapped or worse dead. There’s strength in numbers, not in fracturing your forces.

          Also it would divide her troops on what course of action to take. Do they search for Zelda? Or fight against Cia’s forces to protect the land and people? Not to mention she even left her second in command in the dark. Impa didn’t know if she was alive or dead either. That is until Sheik emerges and says that she knows where Zelda is. Which in reality wouldn’t help anything. Soldiers wouldn’t just start following some random stranger. That would be incredibly hard to do. Their loyalty is to the princess, not a complete stranger.

          But they fall in line on the promise that she knows where Zelda is. Which again… they have no clue if she’s holding her hostage, lying, or something else… and why would she need to hide her identity to her closest servant/general. Even in Ocarina of Time, Impa knew that Sheik was in fact Princess Zelda. Also her hiding in OoT makes more sense because she disappeared as a little girl and the castle had already fallen under her fathers’ rule.

          Here in Hyrule Warriors it makes little sense other than as a service to the fans who love the character of Sheik.

  • Conker

    I think this is my favorite zelda, go to youtube and watch all the cut-scenes chronologically, if you are not moved by her struggles and the ending you are made of stone.

  • Anonymous

    She’s definitely the best developed Zelda, and probably the best developed character outside of Midna, but I wouldn’t say she’s the best Zelda, for me anyways. I still have to give that title to SS Zelda and Tetra. She’s tied for third with ST Zelda for me.

    I think she fell victim to having too much important development relegated to journal entries and memory captions. On screen, she came off incredibly mopey and whiny far too often. There was obviously more at play, but it never came across on screen. The biggest offender was when she lashed out at Link outside of a shrine. She was dealing with some serious insecurities about herself that Link’s presence only magnified, but the way it played out in the memory, she came off as a snobby princess who didn’t want anyone following her.

    Anyways, that’s just one example. Still a great character, but victim of some poor storytelling.

    • I would agree with you completely, but Tetra is always stoned. (PH jokes)

  • Dylan

    I think I’m the only one to actually really enjoy this Zelda and as much as I love tetra/Zelda, this one is rally well devotement in a bit off a Disney way, but Nintendo is pretty much Disney of the video game genre, so it makes sense. I Enjoy that we see a more complex Princess Zelda, we got Pixar Zelda in Skyward.

  • Odie Gaudin

    I agree that princess zelda in this breath of the wild has got to be the best zelda since skyward sword I love her human side of how she shows herself at needing her power and then how she uses those powers I love her I’d love to play her and see how she turns out

  • Ehh…she didn’t leave much of an impression on me. Like, I guess I can like what they tried to do, but it just wasn’t portrayed as well as it could have been, and she just came off as whiny. I like Tetra and ST Zelda better, but tbh, I weirdly don’t consider Tetra the same character as Zelda…

    …I can’t really explain why, I just don’t.

  • Ikewise

    Not wasting time thinking about “nerrrrrr, character development *snort* “, but I like that this version of Zelda somehow triggered feminists.
    Absolutely amazing, that gives her +100 points in my book, haha.

  • Dan0709

    Nothing about her butt? missing fifth reason right there 😉