The North American manual for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past mentioned Ganondorf’s last name, “Dragmire,” back during the SNES era. A lot of fans are unaware of his surname, which isn’t mentioned in the games. The official Zelda website has been updated to introduce him with the following quote:

“Once known as the King of Thieves, Ganondorf Dragmire used the power of the Triforce to become the beast, Ganon.” — Zelda’s Official Website

While this technically isn’t news, a lot of people are just discovering Ganondorf’s Dragmire name for the first time. If you were unaware, now you know. If Ganondorf ever shows up in another Zelda game, I wonder if they’ll use his last name?


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  • toonlink101

    Wait. WHAT?!? Gannon had a last name. That I didn’t know. Nintendo is really good at keeping secrets

    • Ixbran

      Because his last name was never used again after that first instance many fans just didn’t accept it as canon and just promptly ignored it. However it’s reusage here on this modern site seems to indicate that it is indeed canon.

      • Marandahir

        Modern site? More like woefully out of date and notoriously inaccurate site.

    • Christian Beach

      Ganon’s had a last name since A Link to the Past. I think the only reason this is getting brought up now is so the newcomers to the franchise will know it.

      • Oni Link 303

        Yeah pretty much this. On a trivial note, the site has had a pretty infamous history on citing incorrect material to the point where it even caught Miyamoto’s attention back in the day.

        • Bacon Informer

          what do you mean? explain

          • Oni Link 303

            Its a while back before TP was ever released–up to the time when TWW was released– the sight had been regurgitating information from sources derived from localization, which at the time was largely underdeveloped (the then head-figure of the localization department back then had little-to-no true understanding/knowledge of the japanese language. irony personified).

            I had heard that this misinformation that just so happened to never had been endorsed by Miyamoto, continued for an extensive period of time until he eventually requested a good portion of it to be removed. If memory serves me correctly, I remember seeing a granule of misinformation a long time ago that stated that the Desert of Mystery from A Link to the Past was the same as the Gerudo Desert from Ocarina of Time

        • InfinityD4

          I know right! Zelda.Com may be an official site but it isn’t a credible source of information. Unless that’s changed since the last time.

  • Ikewise

    I could swear this has been known for years now.. I’m sure I’ve heard that name before.

  • Valwin Mediaz

    They should Bring back Zeldas brother is he not one of the msot important things in the series after all the name Zelda is his doing

    • BravestWarrior

      That’s in some seriously old canon that’s invalidated by Skyward Sword.

      • Theblueblur

        It’s still in both Hyrule Historia and Hyrule Encyclopedia though.

        I believe that, up until that point, the name “Zelda” wasn’t an official tradition yet, and that it was simply a common name for the princesses of Hyrule. Then the tragedy of Princess Zelda I comes along, and it becomes a royal decree that all maidens born into the Royal family shall be named Zelda.

        • BravestWarrior

          I know. Nintendo likes to write over older games though.

          That’s true, but it’s a horribly strange coincidence, along w/ Link. It also doesn’t explain why she’s named that in any other timeline (I’m assuming the story happened after the timeline split).

          • It does happen after the story split. It happens before Zelda 1, but after TFH/ALBW.

            Honestly, it was a cheap excuse back then to explain away all the Zeldas having the same name, but as with Link and other Zelda characters, there’s really no reason as to why the characters always look the same and have the same name.

    • Ixbran

      Honestly bringing back the Prince of Hyrule is something I’ve always wanted to see. but rather than having him be an antagonist, I always liked the idea of him being a playful jokester. someone who cant take things seriously until something really bad goes own, and he matures and learns to take things seriously.

      • Dreamwalker

        No, thanks.

      • I’d just like to see more to the Royal Family. It’s always just Zelda and maybe the King.

  • Lifeoflink

    I find it funny that the end of the description of Kaepora Gaebora it asks, “Did you get all that?” Thankfully, there were no N64 A or B buttons to spam on my computer trying to get past him. Fond memories…

  • Tri

    Mind blown.

  • Theblueblur

    The Dragmire surname wasn’t used in the original Japanese version, correct? And this is a Nintendo of America site? Then I think it’s safe to say that the Dragmire surname is still non-canon.

  • Daniel

    He’s also holding the sword of six sages. Two handed (for Link) sword I found the other day in BOTW!

    • Havardir

      Did you actually find it? Or was it an amiibo drop?

  • Marandahir

    This is from, which is notorious for mixing fanfiction with canon, and for straight out getting things wrong. If you want to believe this based on them alone, then you also have to believe that nearly every Link has been the Hero of Time, Daira enemies are called Daria enemies, that Koholint Island is off the eastern coast of Hyrule (rather than being a southern island and ultimately, a dream), that Death Mountain Crater is a location you can visit in Zelda 1, that Gleeoks never have more than 2 heads, that the Magical Shield and Sword from Zelda 1 and Adventure of Link are the Mirror Shield and the Master Sword from Ocarina of Time, that enemy-type Zora are called Zolas, and there there is only one Link – no split timeline folks!

    Take anything you read on with a grain of salt – if even that.