Shrines are what make up the bulk of Breath of the Wild. I personally couldn’t believe there would be over one hundred, but there is certainly that many, and more. Since the game’s release, players have been spending hours trying to solve these tricky, often hidden puzzles throughout the game.

In a recent video, TwoGuysPlayingZelda have chosen their top ten shrines from the game. How is it possible, you may ask, to choose from such a large variety? Well, these two took the 120 shrines, cut it down to 73 by throwing out all the ones that were blessings or just tests of strength.  The leftover 73 were then ranked on play-ability and trickiness as well as overall aesthetics to find which ten were the best.

These self proclaimed “not experts” when it comes to Zelda give viewers good commentary and thoughtful opinions on what make the chosen shrines the best.  Be sure to check out this video, and when you are done, feel free to hop on over to their other Zelda related videos for a good time.

What were some of your favorite shrines? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • dark.isatari

    Am I missing something, or is there no link to video..?

  • Personally I don’t think it’s fair to cut the “blessing” shrines.

    Cause the “blessing” shrines are actually still shrines, it’s just that you do the puzzle outside of the shrine itself. For example Eventide Island. Or the Thunder Test. Or yeah you get the idea.

    There’s a lot of content or challenge to get some of those “blessing” shrines to appear. It’s just that the content is outside of the shrine itself. But still doesn’t mean that it’s a pointless shrine. The developers just didn’t feel it necessary to test the player twice over in order to reap the reward.

    • Vados

      That’s still no excuse to force you through two loading screens. A game developer should never think ”Meh let’s just not put any sort of content in here”. That’s incredibly lazy and kinda awful. Not to mention that it’s really inconsistent. Some shrine quests still have a shrine with a puzzle inside, and sometimes those blessing shrines just have nothing attached to them.

      • I’m sorry which blessing shrines don’t require you to do anything to reveal them?

        I don’t believe there are any like that. Still if you can name one though feel free to point them out to me. All blessing shrines I cam across were either hidden within a giant maze, or required you to pass a test or mini game to enter.

        I think the real rarity was having a full fledged puzzle or dungeon to complete after going through the trouble of revealing the shrine. Still I think I only encountered that maybe once… or twice in the game.

        In most cases the blessing shrines were there cause you did something in order to reveal them. Solved a riddle or completed a difficult task. To me that was a relatively consistent pattern.

        • Vados

          The one that’s west to the maritta exchange ruins for example. Or the one right next to the Hebra tower, where you just damage boost your way to the shrine….and then there are some blessings that have an insanely obvious way of unlocking them. Like the one in the gerudo highlands, where you just shoot an electric arrow at a wall for example.

          I don’t think there should ever be a point in the game, where the developer says ”Meh, there’s already enough content”. Shrines are there to offer a more focused puzzle for the player. Eventide Island was great, but it could’ve been even better, if your reward wasn’t two loading screens.

    • Dylan

      as the angry German man @HyperRinku:disqus does point out about the two loading screens. That seems to be the only point he can bring up. to me This is there list and what they want to do with it. I like Eventide Island challenge along with the other “blessing” type because they did felt different and had some more verity to a bunch of mainly the same shrine puzzles you get over and over and over again.

    • Joakim

      I agree. Some of my favorites were those.
      However, they’re different enough that they could make a seperate list for them, I guess.

      Oh, and for Vados’ “That’s still no excuse to force you through two loading screens.” thing. I asume they attempted to keep “champion” feeling of completing the shrine. I agree it’ could be better to just keep the statue, without the shrine for some of those. But that’s a really, really petty complaint. (Would be especially cool at the end of a cave for example.)