I know what you’re thinking. I mean I don’t, but I like cliche idioms. But if you are thinking what I am thinking, then you’re thinking how crazy this sounds. Trust me. It’s crazier. At a recent staff meeting, my fellow writer Molly and I wanted to give this whole shindig a go. Apparently, in a time long forgotten, there was a Fan Fiction Friday (FFF) on Zelda Informer. I’m not really sure about how it used to be, but we’re doing our own thing!

This post is to gain interest and to figure some things out. Currently, Molly and I are not sure what the core focus of FFF should be. That’s where you guys come in! After all, we’re doing this for the readers; if you guys don’t like it, then it’s all for naught. Now, there are three different ways that this could work and based off of the results from you guys, we’ll create another post next Friday accordingly.

  1. A long-running, concurrent story. This would involve Molly and I working on and crafting our own Fan Fiction, putting up an installment each week. We could decide for ourselves what to write, or we could get some input from you guys. We could go crazy with this. It could even be some sort of story where you, the readers, decide what happens next. It’d be like a community “Choose Your Own Adventure” game involving The Legend of Zelda. Of
  2. Molly and I alternate writing or team up to write a short story each week. They don’t have a connection and are just small stories about The Legend of Zelda (or sometimes the Zelda Informer staff) for your reading pleasure.
  3. Fan Submissions. This would be a rather arduous process, but we could do it. Each week, we’d have a prompt and you guys would submit a short story. Molly and I would choose which one wins based on a criteria we would come up with and we would post it on the site. Of course, there would be a rating limit. Preferably PG-13 at the highest. This is supposed to be a family, friendly site after all.

Please vote in the poll below to let us know which you like best and leave comments so that we can have your input!

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  • Kira – HylianKeyblade

    I think that short staff Zelda stories would likely be the easiest, but if you go for an longer adventure type story how long would that story last you think? Like 4 weeks as in a month or how long it takes to finish the story?

    I am up for a longer story, but it might make it harder for the reader to follow, so having URLs to the other entries in the story I think is important. I don’t really have a preference for what the longer story should be about, but are you thinking about making a Zelda game to say as in with dungeons and such?

    I know in most fanfictions Link speaks or at least a little bit even if he doesn’t do it a lot, so just wondering what you and Molly think about that aspect. I personally have no problem with Link speaking in fanfictions :-).

    In any case, I wish you two good luck and are curious about how all of this will turn out, so looking forward to see ^^.

  • Dylan

    interesting. I think option 1 would be fun, but option 2 and 3 sound awesome!!!

  • Anonymous

    For the love of Hylia, no. Not fan fiction. Anything but fan fiction…

    • Kira – HylianKeyblade

      I think it depends on the fanfiction or to say the story inspired by a series, but I do agree that some fanfiction types are better to not touch. Like I am not interested in shipping just to ship characters, I mean more so making up stories that involve Hylian life more so and be something interesting to read :-).

      Still yes, there are a lot of weird fanfictions it is better to not read ;^^.

  • Christian Beach

    Honestly I would love to see community submissions become a thing here. It’s almost like the Caption Contests, but instead of testing your meme skills, it tests your writing skills and can actually improve them.

  • AnonymousGX

    I’m against long-running story, since you can just direct us to a fanfiction site that has stories with them.
    Actually, pointing out good fanfics may be a better idea.

    CYOA is interesting. Staff Short Stories could be too.

    Community Submissions. I’ve got an idea about that… What if, like the Caption and Image contests, you had a FanFic Contest? You’d give a setting/timeline area/Zelda scene, then ask us for a fanfic on it.
    1) According to the Zelda Timeline, Vaati was released once between Minish Cap and Four Swords. During this time, he lost his memories of everything in/before Minish Cap. Write an overview for that game’s story.
    2) Fi was considered a bland character companion. Rewrite a scene(s) from Skyward Sword where she starts to develop a personality.
    3) Ganon from Wind Waker meets Demise. Write their conversation.

    • Kira – HylianKeyblade

      FanFic contest could be interesting too yeah and something I wouldn’t mind :-). I don’t think I will participate myself, but will be fun to see what others write and your suggestions are good/interesting ^^.

      • Lifeoflink

        I would recommend putting a limit on the submissions if this turns into a community contest. As much as I and others like to read, there is only so much one can read within a certain time.

        • Kira – HylianKeyblade

          Did you mean it to me?

          In any case, you probably have a good point that it might be good to have a limit on the submissions, or I suppose maybe a limit on the amount of words the fanfiction can have per entry.

          While I have read some fanfictions(or to say stories) even if I can’t call myself a fanfic person, but I do enjoy reading fanfictions now and then :-). Have you wrote some fanfictions if it is okey if I ask? ^^.

          • Lifeoflink

            My comment was really to Alfred and Molly. As for fanfics that I have written, no, I don’t have any online. I have written a couple of shorts in the past, but right now I have misplaced the notebook that contained them. I’ve been thinking about getting one put together, but at the current time I don’t have one.

          • Kira – HylianKeyblade

            Suspected so 🙂 You probably clicked reply on the wrong comment, but no worries.

            You could always post the fanfics here if they do the fan submission option or contest if you want. That way you might get more motivated to write fanfictions as well, and have a fun time reading other peoples stories.

            Also hope you find your notebook Lifeoflink ^^.

    • Alfred Tabaks

      I was actually thinking about something like a Fan Fiction Contest. That’s what I was thinking about for the community submissions. It’ll be interesting to see what everyone wants!

      • Christian Beach

        Yes do that. Another kind of contest would be great to have on here.

    • Lifeoflink

      FYI, your link doesn’t take us to your story, just to fanfiction.net’s main page.

      • AnonymousGX

        I know. I didn’t mean to make a link. I wasn’t sure this disqus would allow it…

        But if you want it, I edited.

        • Lifeoflink

          Thanks! I am always happy to read another story.

          • AnonymousGX

            You’re welcome!
            I have a few other stories on there. The only 2 Zelda-related ones are crossovers; one short story collection with Naruto, another near-complete crossed with Princess Mononoke.

            But my current more popular story is Naruto X Harry Potter: Sage Mode and Magic.

  • Andy Spiteri

    I think a mix of option 2 and 3 would work best, 2 for structure and 3 for fun, both in equal parts. Even then, if an author had a sequel or part 2 to a story the had written, they could submit that eventually, so you have the best of all 3 in there.

  • Kira – HylianKeyblade

    Alfred, when you are on do you think you could comment on the feedback even if not on all of the comments, but at least one comment about what you think about the feedback you have gotten? :-).

    A bit interesting that the people in the comments say short stories and fan stories the most, but the poll says long stories. I am up for either of those 3 if it becomes anything of this, which I hope ^^.

  • K2L

    I’m not sure if this is going to end well. But I wish you luck regardless

  • richa

    I like community submisions the most because that will add as a community in zelda former.

    Long running story sounds like fun asswell, butt there is too big of a chance that it will become one big chaos.

    Staff stories is a nope, doesn’t really add anything to the community, we have fanfiction websites for that.

    But to be honest I don’t know how much I would read of it, there is only one sort I read.

  • The Triforce of Shadow

    I’ve been writing Windwaker in the form of a novel. I felt the story had so much potential, as do all of Toon Link’s games, because the characters are actually interesting to me.

    • Lifeoflink

      Could I beta-read? I love to read a well written story and share my thoughts on it.

  • EsteemedAssociate

    How about a long running story you guys write, with input from us, paired with a weekly contest, with given prompts a la what AnonymousGX suggested? Best of both worlds.

  • A mix of two and three. Would be fun to see your guys stories, but that would be hard to maintain, sopointing us at some cool fanfics and letting us put some in would be cool too.

  • Zayzay

    I’m good with all of them

  • Lifeoflink

    Where is the “All of the above” button? I like reading a lot and I have found many good Zelda fanfics on fanfiction.net.

  • Thal

    I kind of liked it when you showcased some of the works from fanfiction.net or other Zelda fanfics (even if it was quite a while ago now). But, as to which option I’d choose, I think a mix of option 1 and 2 would be good? Or even just 2… that way you have more interaction with your users.

  • Ronnie_Krister

    I like the short staff – it can be absolutely everything)

  • You should definitely go for exploring the numerous zelda fanfics out there on the internet. I mean if you feel like writing yourselves then you could do like every other week you present a fanfic every other week you post a chapter of your own, then you get tow weeks to write each of your own chapter… and quite frankly considering the amount of work thta goes into writing even one chapter of a good fan fic you’ll need it.

  • Parf McBarf

    Fan fiction was a mistake…

  • thelinkmaster001

    I kind of like the idea of alternating between your fanfiction and “featured” fanfiction every week. Yes, this means that there will be only 2 chapters a month , but it gives you more time to work on, edit, and improve the chapters.

  • nickdaman6

    Do your own fic and possibly release a prompt with it. Then the following week you can post contest winners you receive over time, or one’s that you think deserve honorable mentions, and possibly point towards good fics that y’all would think we’d be interested in. The latter one will bring a fresh fic to us readers, while writers – like me – can possibly have our stuff showcased, always nice to get some press!

  • nickdaman6

    Do your own fic and possibly release a prompt with it. Then the following week you can post contest winners you receive over time, or one’s that you think deserve honorable mentions, and possibly point towards good fics that y’all would think we’d be interested in. The former one will bring a fresh fic to us readers, while the latter allows writers – like me – to possibly have our stuff showcased, always nice to get some press!