During Nintendo’s E3 Spotlight they finally gave us some more information on their upcoming DLC, along with a release date for pack 1. Titled The Master Trials, it will be available on June 30th, 2017. It includes awesome new gameplay modes and unlockable armor. The next DLC, which we have seen very little of so far will be released around Holiday 2017. Check out the embedded video to get the full idea of what you can specifically find in the DLC!

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  • Valwin Mediaz

    So thats the DLC ? mmmmmmmmm the champions one was the plot DLC ?

    • Christian Beach

      Yes the champions one was the story DLC.

      • Valwin Mediaz

        atleast is not Linkle i was worry they gona force her int othe game or something

        • Nick

          you are so insanely delusional, why you would even think there was a possibility of linkle is beyond me, and why you are so vindictive about that one particular character is just absolutely insane

          • Valwin Mediaz

            because a minority of people ask for her in a game and shitendo listen

          • Lord Lemmy

            Hm, yes, purely logical. Blame Nintendo for the inclusion of an optional character in a non-canon spin-off title developed by a third-party company…

          • Valwin Mediaz

            yes blame them you fanboy

          • Lord Lemmy

            Yep, that’s me, just a mindless fanboy drone, defending Nintendo over every huge mistake they make. In a non-canon game. That has no affect on the lore and history of the series. That they didn’t even develop. Because their actual Zelda dev team was hard at work at Breath of the Wild.

            Mhm! Yessiree-bob!

            It was all Nintendo.

            Despite literally not doing any of the development.
            Absolutely ignore Koei Tecmo, Team Ninja, and Omega Force. They didn’t do anything important, just the actual development! That doesn’t mean they designed the characters and made the story or anything, nope. 100% Nintendo. And that’s a rock fact!

          • Sir Linebeck

            eh, this reminds me of the pokemon company trying to buy all the rights of pokemon go from niantic

          • Sir Linebeck

            Hm? blaming a third party company are you? no this game was developed by nintendo with the mechanics used in a third party game. basicly just the engine even. SO the game itself was developed by nintendo. And I dont know where you got the idea that it’s non-canon.

          • Lord Lemmy

            Except no? It was developed by Koei Tecmo, Team Ninja, and Omega Force.

            Nintendo only supervised.

          • Sir Linebeck

            really, he said that?
            i never noticed.

          • Lord Lemmy

            I mean, Nintendo was too busy designing BotW to be working on Hyrule Warriors directly anyways, they even had to clarify this when the game was announced because a lot of people were mad that Nintendo wasn’t focusing on the “new Zelda” enough, and delaying it for Hyrule Warriors.

          • Sir Linebeck

            when they originally announced it as zelda u, i think they were planning for it to be a official game for the timeline, and it even gave off a completely different vibe.
            after that i didn’t pay much attention to it.
            but i was one of the people upset because they pushed it off for hyrule warriors. (even if i love the game itself)

            but just now i realized i got hyrule warriors and zelda u mixed up in this conversation. Yeah, hyrule warriors was completely third party and would be extremely hard to fit into a timeline.

          • movie_paul

            Because Valwin can do nothing but complain, about everything Zelda since the game has come out

  • Theroonco

    I wonder if they’ll bother to justify why Kass is at Zora’s Domain given how his side quest ended. I doubt it but hopefully the story pack gives us more of the Champions. (The amiibo announcement irked me more than I expected, as I mentioned in that article.)

    I had a feeling the first pack was coming out very soon and it’ll be interesting to see what people think of it and what the items do (again, if the new amiibos can only be used AFTER buying the DLC I’ll be very…displeased).

    • Christian Beach

      The new amiibos can be used in the main game without the DLC.

    • Oni Link 303

      Well since Kass stated that there is an ancient verse (Champion’s Ballad) and given that he offers to recite verses of certain regions as they relate to shrines in-game, he’s likely to be visiting the vantage point locations of where all the Divine Beasts are located.

  • Hero
  • Midnafan

    I am so psyched! The Master Trials kind of looks like a Silent Realm tone, but basically looks like more challenging versions of Eventide Island which I absolutely love. and omg GOLDEN LYNELS HELL YES. Hope they drop some good loot hehehehehe. I really can’t wait for DLC 2 as well, i wonder if it’s gonna be the better look at the past that we’ve been hoping for, it certainly looks like it! I really, just once, want a chance to explore Hyrule Castle when its not completely trashed. Can’t you give me that Nintendo, is it really so hard?

    • Cornuvia

      It does seem there is no Calamity ganon around Hyrule castle in the distance in the first (new!) scene with Kass…

      • Midnafan

        No, I can definitely see Calamity Ganon’s cloud, not to mention Vah Ruta is aiming at the castle, which means in that scene Ganon hasn’t been defeated yet. Not that that really says exactly when the Champions Ballad will be taking place, I figure it’s either gonna be a more in-depth look at the past or something more to do with the future of the Divine Beasts and the Champions’ spirits.

  • Squirrel on crack cocaine.

    Expected more but I think the Witcher 3 has spoiled me a little. For me that’s the new bar for how much content DLC should have. This is just, well, meh…

    • Redead Link

      Even if the Witcher 3 didn’t come out, the amount of content we’re getting is abysmal for the price.

      • Valwin Mediaz

        100% true

  • David García Abril

    So, are they FINALLY going to develop the four champions as characters beyond being expies?

    Can’t say I think it’s a bad idea.

  • Christian Beach

    I’ve actually been developing a neat theory as to how the Champions’ Ballad will play out.

    It’s a post-game quest that starts with the rise of a great dungeon from the ground (This is the new dungeon in the second DLC). It is impenetrable to pretty much anything except for the Divine Beasts. Meanwhile, Link and Zelda are on their way to deliver closure to each of the four tribes about the deaths of their Champions when they see the dungeon and realize they need the Divine Beasts’ help. But each Divine Beast is malfunctioning, and so they go off to fix them. As each Divine Beast is fixed, Link learns more about the Champions’ lives through key memories and flashback stories from the Champions themselves.

    Once all four of the Divine Beasts are repaired, they set their sights on the new dungeon and fire their lasers at it, disabling whatever forcefield was protecting it. Link and Zelda head to the fortress and enter, but Zelda is quickly snatched away by something, and Link is forced to traverse the dungeon alone. When he reaches the end of the dungeon, he reunites with Zelda and meets Ganon once more, who this time has returned to his more humanoid form of Ganondorf. Ganondorf, however, is still going through his transformation into a complete body, so parts of him are still Malice. Link and Ganondorf battle it out, and Ganondorf is defeated for good, bringing peace to Hyrule once more.

    Again, it’s just a theory, although honestly it sounds more like a fanfiction than anything. 😛

    • TUbEStAR

      I like this theory. I really wanted to keep playing the game post-Ganon, and this would be a good way to do that. I don’t think it will actually work out that way, though. I think Nintendo will keep it pre-endgame (i.e., can be accomplished any time during the story) so they don’t have to make up a reason for enemies still being around after Ganon is dead.

      Still, though, I would love to see something like what you’ve suggested. The lack of Ganon as a real character was one of my disappointments with the game. Great thought with how he could be part of it as Ganondorf! Maybe it could also be the Yiga clan as enemies? That’s one of my theories — they build an army bent on avenging their leader (kind of like they already have, but now with more strength and greater numbers).

      If anything, you ought to write a piece of fan fiction for what you came up with.

      • Sir Linebeck

        if anything, I think ganon isn’t dead, so monsters wont just dissapear. (it looks like the lizal had their own civilization going…)

        but i like both of your theories. I personally would also like them to expand a bit and have a post game that takes place when they are trying to rebuild hyrule.

        maybe the first blood moon would be the indicator triggering the story; as they realize ganon isn’t dead, or banished (or whatever the hell happened, he could have even been released by some external force for all I care)

        I just want a good solid ending for this story :/
        with a solid boss and dungeon worth the dlc price.

    • Juan Gabriel Martinez Rodrique

      That’ll be nice. To me the lack of Ganondorf kind of water down the expirience for me. hopefully they’ll rectify it with this DLC. If we get Ganondorf in one form or shape alongside a new platformyable character, that’ll fix almost everything wrong with the game and makes it a 10/10 in my opinion. Also hopefully with get more music. the music for BotW set the tone for nature but it kinda sucks (but that doesn’t bother me so much).

  • Sentinel

    If the Champion’s Ballad is actually an expansion to the main story, I’ll consider getting it.

    If it’s some prequel thing that’s disconnected from the main game, I’m not bothering.

  • randompissedoffchick

    I hope the champions ballad story is extensive and not something you can complete in a day. I also hope the new dungeon is something we haven’t seen before and not one of the divine beasts again. I hope zelda is playable :p
    Too many hopes I think Nintendo wont deliver but whatever.

    • Lord Lemmy

      Why would a “new dungeon” be one of divine beasts? There’s literally no reason to expect that as a possibility.

      • randompissedoffchick

        Because they made a hint of it. If you get the true ending they mention one of the divine beasts is not working *spoilers* vah ruta. That might not mean anything, but now we know that the story will be centered around the champions, and in the new trailer when they show Kass, in the background is vah ruta, and you can see the divine beast is aiming at the castle, hinting it will most likely be post end game. Again I hope I’m wrong, but it does seem like the new dungeon might be centered around a divine beast again, maybe with new puzzles or new internal lay out, or maybe it will just be a new bigger shrine. But I’m really hoping I’m wrong.

        • Jebradiah Drake

          I’d like something that ties in the Sheikah and Twili tribe, since they both reference “Divine Beasts”

          • randompissedoffchick

            That would be nice, but it seems that by focusing on the champions, the sheikah wont be a part of it, so I honestly doubt that will happen :/

          • Jebradiah Drake

            The Sheikah seem to play a very odd role in the end then. It almost seemed like the story would be focused more heavily on the Sheikah than ever before and yet it honestly raised more questions about them than it answered.

        • Lord Lemmy

          I mean, Vah Ruta can very well be a key component to the DLC quest… But they literally stated it’ll have a new dungeon and I can’t possibly see how that translates to re-imagined dungeon with new puzzles or whatever.

          it COULD be like a bigger shrine… which, honestly, some shrines were near small-sized, legit, classic dungeons in their design, so that wouldn’t be too big of an issue, as long as they come up with new types of puzzles and make it extensive.

          • randompissedoffchick

            Yea I hope it’s a big extensive dungeon even if it’s a shrine, and hope they have new enemies, but again I don’t think they will do that either.

    • rafael

      i doubt there will be anything post-game playable…if the ballad story is pre-100 years, maybe the new dungeon will be set in that time frame and you would have to beat portions of it with each character

      • randompissedoffchick

        That would be nice.

  • JoJo

    Am I the only one who found Lynel’s easy? I’m not expecting the golden one to be much of a challenge.

  • Sir Linebeck

    am i the only one that wants them to add caves around hyrule to explore?
    idk, just something… SOMETHING that is traditional for an rpg or zelda game.