As with many popular AAA games today, Nintendo has announced a $20 season pass for Breath of the Wild, including two DLC packs to be released this year and a few bonus chests available day one for purchasers. As is typical with these types of DLC announcements, the reaction was divisive at best. Many Zelda fans are upset, especially over details like a ‘new hard mode’ included in the first DLC pack, seemingly appearing as content taken out of the main game to sell as DLC. Other fans, however, are overjoyed that Breath of the Wild is getting new content over the course of the year for a comparatively fair price.

Taking a look on the positive side, it seems a number of fans are okay with Breath of the Wild having a season pass, but are more concerned by the timing of the announcement and vague terms used to describe the DLC packs. As with a lot of details surrounding the Nintendo Switch launch, Nintendo has just not shared enough specifics with fans to explain what’s going on. As such, fans are questioning a number of different things regarding this DLC, such as the following:

  • Is ‘new hard mode’ just a difficulty setting, or more akin to Ocarina of Time’s Master Quest?
  • Does the base game include standard difficulty settings or a typical hero mode?
  • Do the bonus items granted for purchasing the DLC unbalance the beginning of the game?
  • Was this DLC developed for the full game, then cut out to make a quick buck?
  • How will they add a new dungeon and side story to the game?
  • What kinds of challenges are they adding, and how?
  • Why aren’t they selling the DLC piecemeal, and why doesn’t it come with the Special/Master editions?
  • Why not just delay the game again? It’s been delayed 2 years already, I can wait another 8 months for a full experience. (HA!)

The issue with a number of these questions is simple. While there’s evidence to support that publishers do make more money by having DLC to purchase on day one (guilty as charged with Star Wars Battlefront), communication is a serious issue. As many of us know, Nintendo can be both the best and the worst at communication. Taking a look at one of Nintendo’s previous season pass announcements, that of Mario Kart 8, the reaction was significantly different. The game had been out for a few months, reviewed very well, and besides battle mode, was seen as a fully-developed and complete game. The DLC was announced with specific details, including the number of new courses, characters, and vehicles one would receive in each pack, and that buyers would get multi-colored Yoshi and Shy Guy as a bonus immediately. Due to the cheaper $11.99 price for essentially half a Mario Kart’s worth of new courses, many saw this as a great value for more Mario Kart and were happy to buy it.

The issue with Breath of the Wild’s DLC, however, is that we don’t know yet if this game is as complete a Zelda game as Mario Kart 8 was complete as a Mario Kart game. All we can do at this point is speculate. Perhaps Nintendo did have a lot of this DLC done, but decided to push it back to recoup development costs on what is likely one of, if not the, most expensive Nintendo game ever made. Or, on the other hand, Nintendo wished to have the best year possible for their new console-handheld hybrid and thought supplementing its release schedule with more reasons to play Zelda as a good idea for both players and their business.

Regardless the reason, the core issue remains. Was it a mistake for Nintendo to announce this DLC before the launch of Breath of the Wild? Everyone will likely give a different take on the answer to this question. Perhaps they should have waited to announce this season pass, even if only until launch day. At that point, fans would certainly have more clarity on what features are in the base game, especially regarding the number of dungeons and difficulty settings, from reading widely available impressions and reviews. Along with this, Nintendo would still be able to rake in an extra $20 a pop from a number of core Zelda fans eager to have more Zelda to play later this year. Even waiting a month or two after launch wouldn’t hurt sales of the DLC much, and would even better improve the optics and reception of the announcement. Either way, Nintendo seems to understand the value proposition of DLC better than most and it’s likely they’ll deliver $20 worth of Zelda in this season pass. Announcing it at this point in time, however, hasn’t given fans confidence that this is the case and appears to some as just an attempt to take advantage of fans eager to play Breath of the Wild.

So when do you think Nintendo should have announced Breath of the Wild’s Expansion Pass? Do you plan on buying it? Sound off below!

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  • Ducky

    If your argument is that Nintendo is giving off the impression they removed a pre-existing mode, you have a decent argument.

    If your argument is that Nintendo definitely cut out content from this game specifically for cash, then you are a f***ing fool. Wait another 2 weeks before you blindly attack what might be the most complete game in Nintendo history.

    For all the talk against SJWs, we have many entitled anti-capatalism SJWs on this site.

    • RiverDevil

      It’s entirely capitalistic (or more precisely, the hallmark of a free, market-based economy) that people can vote with their wallet (and voice). Capitalism only means those who control the means of production are profit-seeking, but it doesn’t mean they are “entitled” to profit. They have to sell goods in a market, and compete for buyers’ dollars. Part of that competition is proving their value to customers. For a lot of people, Nintendo has shown that the DLC is worth $20. That’s fine. But for those who are expressing some skepticism, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel Nintendo doesn’t have a right to set whatever price Nintendo wants, but rather, that the complainers feel there isn’t a good enough value for $20, and are suggesting that, in the long-run, it may be more productive and profitable to produce more valuable DLC (either lower price or more content) to win more sales and long-term consumer goodwill, rather than just trying to maximize short-term gains

      • Ducky

        My capitalism argument wasn’t based on valid criticisms such as the ones you seem to have. It is based on the Nintendo haters who get extremely angry any time Nintendo tries to sell anything to them. And given the Zelda team’s history of delivering for fans despite the many obstacles they face? Entitled bullshit from the consumer side, that’s what that is.

  • Alex

    Nintendo made the right move here letting the gamers know exactly what to expect for BotW.

    Since the DLC will be available on DAY 1 and with hypes already in place, there will be bit more sales and profits.

    • Sanic11

      The DLC isn’t available on Day 1. Only a couple of things.

  • UnHylian

    I don’t think it was wrong, but there’s a stigma in the west about DLC that I don’t think they were fully aware of. The first instinct of western gamers is “the content was stripped and now they’re going to sell it back to us like all the other companies have been doing for the past decade”.

    • Greenbeans

      Like when they sold characters, stages, and cosmetics for a price that eventually exceeded the total of the base game itself in Smash.

      Or when they sold a Day One Season Pass for Hyrule Warriors that contained cosmetics and cheap content.

      Or selling Hard Mode and a Cave of Ordeals in Breath of the Wild, not even individually, because then people would only buy the 2nd DLC pack, but forcing people to buy it as a whole.

      Or selling premium priced figurines that offer nothing but a physical version of DLC/micro-transactions.

      Literally the only good DLC they’ve done was Mario Kart 8, and people have been clinging to that as if that’s how they always do DLC since 2014.

      • Sanic11

        Omg, are you THE Greenbeans? Or just an imitator?

        • Greenbeans

          If I say I’m legit, it’s commonplace for people to just call me a fraud anyway, lol. I know the drill after a good half dozen times reclaiming my title. But basically:

          I can’t log into my Xenon account. Is it just a me glitch or is Disqus and ZI accounts no longer connected.

          The good news is I don’t need my Xenon account anymore because for whatever reason my Greenbeans username seems to have been unbanned yet again, which means guess who’s back, back again, Beans is back, tell a friend.

          • Sanic11

            Well, you certainly sound like Greenbeans.

  • Knight of Hyrule

    Yes it’s fine. We are too entitled. People have to leave their families and work to make games for us. They have to feed their families somehow. But we aren’t just satisfied with them working on the largest Zelda game in history. We want more and more and more for free.

    It’s not like it’s half of the entire game behind a pay wall. *It’s 3 f**kin chests*…..2 of which contain items that you can find later in the game.

    To all the people that complained, Nintendo should just ban them from DLC and give them the 3 chest lol.

    • hyrules

      haha i wish I could upvote this like 10 times

    • Fabrizio Silveri

      I complain for the timing. I was hoping for a story DLC for the holiday season, but locking hard mode and gave of trials behind a season pass is just bad, and the first day content is always nasty if you said the week before that you won’t do anything like that, even if it’s nothing important.
      It’s not the thing in itself, it’s the way they did it that’s annoying. And the question is exactly on the way they advertised it!

    • RiverDevil

      Oh FFS, I don’t have a problem with anyone who likes this DLC, but the devs get paid to work on Zelda. And while I am sure there are long hours and nights (show me a salaried job that doesn’t have this, I’ve been there), away from their families, they get compensated for it, and they chose this line of work. I’m not saying we shouldn’t appreciate them, but you’re painting this as if they are some exploited Dickensian workforce, and having people pay for DLC is the only way for them to be rewarded for their effort

      Moreover just cause Nintendo will make a boatload of $$ with DLC, it doesn’t mean they’re gonna start handing out bonuses to all those devs who put their soul into BOTW. Yes, in the long run, more revenue for Nintendo does help ensure they can continue to employ their devs (contingent on sound management of such revenue), but this whole “the devs deserve to get paid for their work” is a false argument. They already do. Unless someone can show me some incentive-based employee agreements to the contrary, where the devs would actually get a slice of DLC profits, not having DLC wouldn’t have hurt people’s salaries — the people who most benefit from DLC are the shareholders and top execs.

      And of course, we again have the false claim people expect something for “free”. I’m more than willing to pay $20 for a separate new/expanded story, in fact,I would be eager to get more content. But for my $20, which is one third of the price of BOTW, I reasonably expect to get one-third of the experience. While it remains to be seen if the DLC will provide one-third of the experience, Nintendo has not shown anything to support the idea that it will

    • Greenbeans

      It’s no secret that Nintendo treats their developers like gods, they’re living like kings, and they get paid considerably well to do it. They’re not hard done by by any means whatsoever.

    • Sanic11

      Bruh, the thing that’s bothering people is the bs excuse of putting something that should come form the game at launch such as hard mode and the cave of trials as DLC.

      • Although not every Zelda game has had a hard mode, or a Cave of Trials, so to expect it as a standard is silly.

        Also Twilight Princess HD had both it’s hardest mode and a Cave of Trials locked behind Amiibo. Which are basically physical form DLC. With each figure being $15, for a grand total of $30 to unlock both.

        In comparison to a $20 fee for these features plus a lot more content is a pretty fair price.

        • Sanic11

          But that still doesn’t excuse the BS excuse. Just because not every Zelda game has had those two things doesn’t mean it should become excusable for it to become DLC. Also, I saw many people that complained abut the Amiibo stuff for twilight princess.

  • Alex

    I think it was a mistake simply because it seems to imply content was removed from the game before its even released. I rather have DLC announced later on then before the game even releases. It feels to me like your getting short changed.

    I’m holding judgement until we know details, because its either exciting or irritating. I’m not enthused or pissed off. Map features seems like stuff we should just have in an update if they didn’t make a good enough interactive map to begin with. But how am I supposed to know that what’s given is necessary? I don’t. We know nothing. The ”added bonus story” could be something stripped from the game or an entirely different unrelated to BOTW story story.

    It could for all we know be an alternate storyline with playable Zelda. Which I would love as DLC and to pay for and it in no way is stripping content from the game. But once again – we have no idea. I think it was dumb to announce it before launch, so close to launch, you could have done it a week after and people wouldn’t have been nearly upset. But that’s just from my standpoint. I don’t think the DLC is dumb because we don’t know what it is, but its not a great decision to post a list of DLC before you even launch the game.

    yes I know ”so many games do this people complain because its nintendo” as an fyi, no not everyone. I hate day 1 dlc in any shape normally because companies are cheap and most games I get have no day 1 dlc and most I play have dlc added in later for free as updates. So no not all games do this, some games that do add genuine new and great content some people (square enix in FF13-2) strip leagues of content out of a game (like the entire ending of a game) and tack it on as day 1 dlc. We have no idea of knowing which situation this is until we know more. Since its Nintendo, I want to say it’ll be nice addition and not a rip off but who knows.

    • Coqui421

      But this isn’t day one dlc. Yes it was announced before day one but the only things you actually get on day one are the chests, which are more of an instant gratification/reason to buy the dlc on day one when nothing actually comes out until the summer

      • Greenbeans

        Cut content doesn’t automatically equal day one DLC. Nor does features that should be in the game already, such as a Hard Mode.

      • Alex

        I know, I’m more or less saying its a feeling it gives fans. It isn’t day one but to tell us about it now right before the game even comes out just puts some people in the mind set of being short changed even if they’re not. I wouldn’t be one to announce DLC ahead of time right before launch, it just doesn’t set a great taste in your fans mouths and creates tension.

  • I think it would have been better to wait too, although I do like most of the features being added. If they waited a little while they would then be able to add in any little patches to fix problems highlighted by players over the first 6 months. I also find the fact they are including a ‘hard mode’ a bit strange. That to me says that some of the feedback they have had says portions of the game are too easy.

  • pbrvs

    I don’t think it’s fine, but it’s definitely the industry standard so I’m not gonna complain to Nintendo about it.

    Even ignoring the whole “should the content be on disk” debate, there’s the problem of the company already making ways to take even more money from a single product, before the product was even released.

    I’m personally fine with the DLC itself. I was hoping for this game to have DLC as proportionally good as Skyrim’s DLC packs, and I think at least Pack 3 will deliver that. Nintendo still hasn’t disappointed me with DLCs for me to have that “it should be there from the start” fear.

    The problem is just them announcing it before the game is out. They should at least pretend that those were an after-thought, a response to the game selling so well and a “reward” so that players could get extra mileage out of it.

    Instead it comes off as a cocky “I know everyone will buy this game so i’ll monetize on it because I can hold everyone’s wallets hostage”.

  • Invisible Opinion

    I hope I’m not the only one that’s accidentally seeing Zelda’s hands clasped together as her chest when the artwork is zoomed out.

    • Coqui421

      Yes. You are

      • Greenbeans

        I’d like to see it as her chest, does that count?…

      • Invisible Opinion

        ^^ v

    • Linkstorm

      Don’t worry, it took me a solid 10 minutes to realize they were her hands.

  • Sanic11

    No. I mean, at least have the game out for a couple of days and announce DLC. Because if they do it prematurely it seems like they cut content to sell it as DLC. I’m not saying they did, I’m just saying it give the impression.

    • Dylan

      so damn if you do, damn if you don’t situation.

  • Hylian Terrier

    I’m on the fence about this. Personally I don’t care, but you get more people complaining about it than if they would have announced it after the game came out, because now you get people complaining about how they’re withholding content even though BOTW has been complete for almost a year.

    • Greenbeans

      Complete for almost a year? Development finished two weeks ago. Lol

      “Hey, let’s delay a complete game for a year!”

      “Good idea! While we’re at it, let’s spend that time developing DLC that should be in the game anyways!”

      • Snizzy

        Im not saying i care either way, but why wouldnt they delay it for an entire year to boost the switch launch? You say it like they would never do that, which in a business sense, its the only logical option.

        • Greenbeans

          The only logical option is derailing a hype train that had no guarantee of getting back on the tracks, and possibly pissing off a substantial amount of your fanbase? It made no logical sense, and considering the game only went gold two weeks ago, didn’t happen. They were lucky they got away with a legit delay as it is.

      • Hylian Terrier

        Sorry I forgot about that. I was thinking of some news that happened almost a year ago, which is completely irrelevant now. Totally got mixed up, been super stressed lately.

        • Greenbeans

          Hope things pick up for you, random stranger.

  • wolfie2017

    Other than a few people who complain about everything, I think for true fans of the series, this was a great announcement.

    • Greenbeans

      Yep, because only “true” fans would be happy to throw money at Nintendo for cut content and features that should be in the game on launch day. I’m not a real fan unless I buy DLC being advertised before the game even releases.

    • Sanic11

      That was such an ignorant comment. No offense. I usually accept DLC, as long as it adds content worth playing. But having “Hard Mode” locked behind a paywall is stupid. It’s something that should come default with the game! Same with the Cave of Trials. That’s something that has come standard with any Zelda game.

  • Meliusd

    I hardly ever buy DLC on any platform but this is Zelda, so i have to.
    The only thing i’m a bit disappointed about is hard/hero mode, i would have preferred to start it straight after i finish the game for the first time.

  • Fabrizio Silveri

    Easy: NO.
    I was expecting DLC, I was actually HOPING for DLCs, but a hard mode and a Cave of Trials are a joke, as they should be in the game already, and the first day content is the worst thing you can do to gamers.
    I might still buy the season pass if the winter content proves worth my money, but Nintendo is taking SSB path with Zelda, and that’s no good

  • Dylan

    this is fantastic!! I mean all of this stuff for a total of 19.99 and that we can get it on day 1 if we wanted to. t’s a surprise that I welcome with open arms and I think they did it alright.

    • Bacon Informer

      We cant get all of it on day 1, just the pass bonus chests.

      • Dylan

        sure but its also seems to guarantee that you’ll get everything else once it becomes available. so all of it for 20 bucks, is really good.

  • The Gamer of Legend

    To be honest, no. The Expansion Pass seems misleading because of all of the talk about it from both ends of the spectrum though. The March 3, 2017 content should not have been labeled “Expansion Pass Bonus” and should have just said, “Bonus Upon Purchase of Expansion Pass” and should have been a “hidden reward” or “gift” upon purchase of the DLC Packs. After buying the DLC, you could receive a notification, in-game, that you have some presents waiting for you at The Shrine of Resurrection. The three treasure chests would still have the same description on the artwork above (that being called “useful items”), except the in-game exclusive costume, which should have been labeled as a Nintendo Switch themed T-Shirt because a T-shirt is not a costume. The other two DLC Packs and the announcement in general should have been mentioned after the game’s launch so that way people gotten time to restock on cash and enjoy the game a little bit more than from screenshots and videos of other people playing the game. Also, it gives the illusion that the content is being expanded upon rather than giving the feeling that it was cut from the game for a quick buck. It is a stigma that was created from companies like Capcom and Activision for literally locking content behind pay wall.

    At this point though, I don’t think it’s really the fact there is DLC but the fact of what is being “offered” for Breath of The Wild altogether, the time of which the DLC is revealed to the public, and, like I have been saying before, how much it will cost to have the full Breath of The Wild experience. Yes, $20 dollars is an okay price depending on the amount of content and what that content is. However, looking back at past games from the franchise, why isn’t the Cave of Trials already in the game? I may not know what it is, but if it is like the Savage Labyrinth from The Wind Waker, why isn’t one of the Shrines of Trials a Savage Labyrinth?Aonuma did say that some Trials were dedicated to combat, right? And then there’s the “New Hard Mode” which does sound like a new difficulty at first glance, but it could be like Ocarina of Time: Master Quest with new dungeon puzzles, obstacles, enemy placements, and collectible(s) re-placements. If it is a Hero Mode type of “Hard Mode”, then I will question why it wasn’t added into the game like The Wind Waker HD, Skyward Sword, and A Link Between Worlds (and hopefully the entire game isn’t flipped like in Twilight Princess HD). I’m not sure what the “Additional Map feature” is, but depending on what it is, I will ask why was it not implemented before the game’s launch Some of these things may be in the game already, I don’t know, I’m speculating, which last time I checked, is just fine. We’ll have to wait for more information, I guess.

    I am very skeptical about Nintendo’s advertisement of the Amiibo for this game though; we only know what half of them do. I stated in another post that the Breath of The Wild series Amiibo could alleviate some of the issues people have with the DLC, like adding a “New Hard Mode” (if it is difficulty damage-wise) for the Guardian Amiibo, “Cave of Trials” (enter and save progress upon exiting like Wolf Link Amiibo) for the Bokoblin Amiibo and ” Additional Map Feature” could have been for like the Link (Rider) Amiibo, I don’t know, just something to justify purchasing them is all that I’m asking for at this point because I’m not going to blindly buy something I know nothing about. Again, the full experience (no hypotheticals or options of purchase because there are people who play for the full experience of something, so they will have to force themselves to buy everything for that said “full” experience) for this game varies from $211 dollars to $255 dollars (standard edition of Breath of The Wild) excluding DLC and a new system, which is a lot of money for a game we’ve been waiting four to five years for.

    In a sense, Nintendo did not handle this the way I know they could have (Criticism is important since Breath of The Wild is founded upon criticism). They should have waited until launch day or after, gave thorough information about what they are offering and what people will receive upon purchase, and told us what those money-munching Amiibo do already. Other than that, it seems fine.

    • Sanic11
      • The Gamer of Legend

        Oh, uh, I’m sorry my comment was too long or whatever the case may be. I didn’t mean for it to, I just put down what was on my mind at the time. It tends to be the case for most of my comments unfortunately….

        • Sanic11

          No problem dude. It’s probably a masterpiece of a comment. I just really wanted to use that GIF 🙂

          • The Gamer of Legend

            Oh, thank you, and I’m glad that I was able to be the one for you to use your GIF on. It’s pretty funny.

    • TUbEStAR

      Upvote for your passion — based on the length of your comment. Almost through the first paragraph now.

  • Lifeoflink

    I am refraining from judgment because we simply do not have enough information to judge. We still are unaware of what the new amiibos will do and I think it is likely that either the bokoblin, the Guardian, or maybe the old Ganondorf one from Super Smash Bros. will do something like double damage. To be honest, I am slightly questioning the choice of double damage. Anyone remember how hard that Lizafos enemy hit in Nintendo’s Let’s Play video from December? It took out 7 hearts in one blow!! I think that the Hard Mode would be something different, something “new” as the announcement described it. Mr. Aonuma’s explanation of the DLC also leads me to believe that this is something they have started developing after the game went gold.

    • Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson

      I think it’s going to be something different because they say “Hard Mode” and not “Hero Mode.” The Hero Mode has been their standard difficulty increase since Skyward Sword, and it’s simple enough that they could easily have programmed it in. The fact that they are waiting to release it, and consider it worth adding to a list of paid DLC (admittedly with other stuff) AND they changed the name, I think we are looking at something different.
      Some people are suggesting a dungeon change like in Ocarina Master Quest. I’m hoping for AI that are enhanced even further than we’ve already seen that they are, possibly finding more difficult enemies earlier in the game, and other difficulty increasing things of that nature, rather than simply taking more damage. I’ve always felt that just made it artificially difficult because it gave the enemies the advantage. Of course it’s harder if it’s not fair. If they legitimately outsmart you, though, that’s something I’d welcome in a heartbeat.

  • Thomas Foolery


  • randompissedoffchick

    I think they should have waited to announce the dlc.
    It would have been better recieved if they announced the dlc packs at e3 this year or something. Knowing that after you beat the game it’s not over would have been a pleasant surprise.
    I think it makes sense that Nintendo doesn’t want their most ambitious game to date to become irrelevant after release. This way it can give those who wish for more something to look forward to.
    I won’t give an opinion on what the dlc actually will be since assuming is stupid, but for me the new story and dungeon that will go with it is worth it.
    I honestly believe this isn’t cut content but it’s content that they came up with closer to release but it was too late to incorporate so they will release it as dlc.
    I also wouldn’t mind if they kept adding new challenges, story arcs, islands or dungeons or even sidequest in the form of dlc as time goes by until the next big zelda game.

    $20 seems reasonable for the amount of stuff you’re getting for this particular dlc. Idk maybe if it was cheaper like $12 people wouldn’t mind so much?
    But again I can’t judge cuz idk how extensive this new story is or how big the dungeon will be and what this cave of trails looks like or this new hard mode is.
    If it’s pretty big and fleshed out then $20 sounds good but if it’s not then idk.

    Either way because of this lack of info and the wrong timing to receive such a surprise is why I think it was stupid of Nintendo to announce it now.

  • Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson

    I don’t see any harm in it, other than the inevitable backlash of a particular group of fans who flips their shit every time Nintendo does anything new. Or old. Or middle-aged. Anyways, there’s no reason not to that I can think of. If they say there’s more Breath of the Wild, quite frankly that just gets me excited. If they say I get bonus swag just for preordering (more or less) the expansion packs, that’s instant gratification for what would otherwise be spending money on something I wouldn’t get anything out of for a few months. Is there really a down side?

    • Oscar Yasser Garcia Juallek

      I don’t think you see the entire panorama. The way they’re handling DLC HERE(hello, they handled it right in other games) reminds people of how Capcom have handled it in their darkest hours(which to say the least, earned them full ham backlash RIGHTFULLY).

      • Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson

        Could you elaborate? I love Street Fighter and the Zelda titles they worked on, but other than that I know very little about Capcom. The only reason I can tell that it’s different from other Nintendo DLC is that it’s basically a big pack instead of a collection of smaller packs, but the pack is broken up kind of like smaller packs.

        • Oscar Yasser Garcia Juallek

          Simple. Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 6 both had DLC of content that was part of the main game if not already on disc…yet you had to pay for it. And of course, it was announced close to release. The similarity in timing here makes it look like something BAD we’ve already seen in the world of gaming

  • Sentinel

    I think you kind of hit the nail on the head when comparing it to Mario Kart 8. The game had been out for a while, allowing people to really get a hang on it before Nintendo announced DLC.

    This is taking the opposite approach. We don’t even know what kind of game this is going to be, so the idea of DLC already being a thing will raise eyebrows. Not to mention the common stigma that DLC announced before the game even comes out meaning cut content to be sold to make more money.

    I don’t think Nintendo is really doing that though (cutting content to sell as DLC) but it’s definitely poor timing. They honestly should have waited until the Summer to announce it, when people are more familiar with the game.

  • K2L

    Yes, very clearly.

    It shows that, even after five years, this 4-dungeon game is still baltantly incomplete.

    • Christian Beach

      Oh, piss off with your negative BS. We all know you hate the game – you don’t have to stay here and keep proving that.

      • Oscar Yasser Garcia Juallek

        You’re talking to deaf ears. Or clinical insanity.

        • Dylan


        • Christian Beach

          Or both.

  • Tri

    I mean, it’s something they are working on and is a good way to entice more people to purchase the game. I don’t have a problem with it.

  • burchdude65

    I’m pretty positive the game will feel complete at launch, so I’m fine with additional content later this year. The timing of the announcement was horrible, though. Some people are convinced that Nintendo has deliberately removed major content to sell it separately.

    • Atrimis

      I do think they should have just said “Hey we’re working on some stuff to release after the game drops. We’re going to offer a season pass. Hit us up later.”
      I mean, I know I personally bought season passes for DragonBall Xenoverse 1 and 2, as well as Fire Emblem Birthright. A season pass for Smash Bros would have been nice, as getting each piece at a time was more than I wanted to spend (so I don’t have them all) and I play to get the season pass for South Park; Fractured but Whole.

  • Lifeoflink

    For those of you who claim that the DLC is cut content from the game or is already done but being withheld from us, Bill Trinen confirms in an interview today (Feb. 17) that the content for the DLC is in development and was created after BotW finished its development. This is NEW content. Please see the video in the link below at about 41:20 into the video.

    • ben wills

      I’m sure Trinen would come out say if the DLC was cut content to make a quick buck!!!!! /s

      Gotta learn to question your sources. Critical thinking is essential.

      • Lets talk about critical thinking.

        There are no other sources to go on other than just your average joes on the internet who are disgruntled and claim other wise. That this content could’ve been put in, and was cut to make a quick buck. Based on what? Nothing other than their own personal opinion.

        Yet on the flip… if this content was cut and is in fact already to go… why make people wait 5 months… or even more so… 9 months. That’s a pretty long wait. Most companies that have purposefully cut content to be released as DLC, that content releases as “Day 1” DLC or within a short time frame after game launch… a week, maybe a month after. Not 5 months and 9 months down the line.

        That to me is critical thinking and saying “hmmm… maybe that content isn’t ready to go”. Especially when you factor in that the game just went gold 2 weeks ago and was finally ready to be copied to carts.

        • ben wills

          His words can’t carry more weight. He won’t come out and say the other thing, end of story. He’s trying to sell you something. If you don’t take that information with a grain of salt, then you’re nothing but an apologist fanboy. Not surprising on a fan site, but I’d hoped we’d evolved beyond this. Sadly, it appears we have not. Quality content comes with a quality fanbase. We’re struggling on the latter.

          Smoke & mirrors answers your question. Making some appear different than it is. Let’s go over some reasons (you know, think for once) that Nintendo would release it later
          – The entire implication behind the season pass term is giving a stream of content over different points of a games life cycle. Oh look, a definition disproved everything you just said. You didn’t think hard enough.
          – What does a season pass do? It gives you game content late in the life cycle. So, by delaying it, people are less likely to try and resell the game.
          – Releasing the content later would appear more acceptable to people (like you) instead of releasing it day one. You know, appearing more acceptable to people who can’t think. Again, smoke & mirrors.

          What you did is the farthest thing from critical thinking. You regurgitated information provided to you by an extremely bias source (who would literally never say anything different under any circumstances) and didn’t even take a moment to consider the other side. The difference between me and you is that I considered your side and I went beyond it. You only comprehend what was told to you. What you’ve done is the farthest thing from intelligent and critical thinking. Nice try, but you have a long way to go.

  • Calven

    DLC announcements should always come after the game’s release – Even if it isn’t cut content, the idea of having people work on extra content outside the original game while the latter is still in development is simply distasteful. Release the game THEN announce plans for DLC and people will be much more acceptable of it

    • Atrimis

      But it’s a season pass. Countless games have said ‘Hey we had this idea for more stuff, but we wanted people to get the game, especially since there’s already been delays, so we’re gonna release it later, but given the extra time we’re taking to make this, we’re asking a small amount of extra money for the effort.”

      • Calven

        I think that is a good approach, but they should announce this after the game’s release. It’s all about how and when you present it, and though I do believe that Nintendo is done with BotW development at this point, presenting new content before the game is released inevitably comes across as if they have content out. So to reiterate, I’m not against DLC – but announce it after the game’s released. That way you don’t come across as a greedy company but rather someone who wants to keep the game going.

  • Reillyington86

    No company should. It just comes across as greedy and anti consumer.

    • Atrimis

      No company should develop more content for their game, after doing what they can to get it out on a set release date, and then ask for a paltry amount of money that can be paid at any time to give you extra reasons to play the game again, extra content, and freebies?

      • Reillyington86

        I never said that at all. No company should advertise or sell extra content for a game that has not even been released. It doesn’t matter who the developer is.

        • Atrimis

          So companies shouldn’t advertise their season pass?

          • Reillyington86

            Not until the game has been released, no. Don’t like it when Capcom, EA, Activision or any other third party do it so Nintendo shouldn’t get a pass from me either.

            Look at the mess that was Aliens Colonial Marines. They advertised their season pass before the game came out, people pre order it, game was a disaster.

          • Atrimis

            I guess that’s fair. Personally I like knowing there’s a season pass, because it means the company that made the game will keep supporting it with the new content. In my experience, Aliens Colonial Marines is the exception… then again you get what you pay for thinking a game based loosely off of a 20 year old movie is going to be any good.

  • Creative Alias

    Really, I’d much rather they spend the time up until release working on patches than DLC. Of course there’s also a stigma surrounding day one patches, but I’d rather a day one patch than day one DLC (and though that’s not the exact situation at the moment, you get the point). I just want the game to run at a stable 30fps throughout, and it disappoints me that rather than devoting a bunch of resources to getting that done, they’re instead developing DLC. The content itself seems fine if the optimistic assumptions are correct, but if the pessimistic assumptions are correct, then that’s gonna really piss me off. If we’re getting a full on Master Quest, along with extra story and a full new dungeon for $20, then yeah that’s pretty good. That’s worth $20. But they’d best not be locking Hero Mode behind a paywall, a mode that could theoretically be programmed with a single line of code.

  • James Todd

    I think its fair, its greedy that gamer want everything for free.
    If all DLCs was free then nobody would be kicking off about them getting made.

  • My only issue is still the lack of info. If they made things a little less muddy and not just give us a few bulletin points. I think it would have been better for the grand scheme of things.

  • AuroraSpark

    Let’s put it like this…
    This game was delayed for 2 years and people were getting increasingly frustrated with said delays.
    Would you rather the game be delayed again and NOT be a Switch Launch title but have a slightly more complete game which could potentially hurt the console’s launch sales.
    OR, would you rather have this game release with the switch and have more content down the line and have the switch have a potentially stronger launch?

    personally i’m fine with this season pass, i mean for the price it’s fine in comparison to many other game’s season passes which usually range from $30+ minimum

  • The Hero of Rhyme

    It would have been better if they announced the DLC a month after launch to keep up the hype.

  • It’s not a season pass and a minute long youtube video isn’t advertising.