What a wait it’s been for Metroid fans – 7 years since the last entry in the series (no, Federation Force does not count) with fans wondering when, or if, we were going to see the legendary bounty hunter again. If course, at E3 this year Nintendo revealed that they were working on not one but two Metroid games – with the first, the aptly named Samus Returns, being much closer to release than anyone had thought.

Yes, Samus is set to return next Friday, in an enhanced remake of her 1991 Game Boy adventure Metroid II: Return of Samus. This isn’t the first time that a classic Metroid game has gotten an enhanced remake either – 2004’s Metroid: Zero Mission was am amazing updated take on the original Metroid game for the NES. The Metroid fan is me can’t wait for next Friday, and the Zelda fan in me is curiously wondering about the future.

What if we got an enhanced remake of the NES Zelda titles? A chance to redeem Zelda II especially in people’s eyes would be welcome. Or how about a Zero Mission-style remake of Link’s Awakening? A Link Between Worlds was practically a enhanced remake, but what if they took it further with A Link to the Past? Would that be something you guys would want to see? And which games would you want? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • Christian Beach

    Short answer: ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY.

    Long answer: Yes, the 2D Zelda games need to be given remakes. To be more specific, they need full 3D, HD remakes in the style of games like Twilight Princess and Breath of the Wild, with animated cutscenes and, in the case of the original Zelda, a full story. I’m honesty hoping that one day, Nintendo will create a “Classic Collection”, which includes every 2D Zelda game ever made, remade in 3D and HD, for the Switch. That, to me, would be a load of fun to play.

  • RiverDevil

    No more remakes. Put efforts into new ideas, new games.

  • Riley Marshall

    We’ve kinda had that already with ALBW, but I’d like to see modern remakes of the first two NES Zelda’s

  • K2L





  • JessterK

    They did something similar with Fire Emblem Echoes, which I really enjoyed. From what so hear, the game it reimagines, Fire Emblem Gaiden, was sort of the black sheep of the series, like Zelda 2 and Metroid 2 were. I think it’s great that Nintendo is breathing new life into some of the less popular entries, so Zelda 2 would be great.

  • Dylan

    honestly it kind of depends. I think like as @JesstrK:disqus put it, FEG was the black sheep and was reimagine from the ground up as a much better game, so I can see this working for games like Adventures of Link,etc. for black sheeps of franchsies I’m for it.

  • Gooseph Fame

    100% yes, Zelda 2 plz

  • Shaun Hall

    They should release the dev that they used of the first Zelda to work on BotW. I would love that!

  • avalpsychicguy

    I feel like Zelda II is the game most in need of a remake, but I wouldn’t mind it coming in a sort of dual release on the same cartridge with Zelda I. Also, make it for the Switch, rather than the 3DS.

  • Qun Mang

    Yes. I loved playing through the first two games when they first came out, but today they are quite dated so in order to do a remake they would definitely need to refresh them like this Metroid game. They definitely need to leave enough of the originals in though that people will be constantly reminded of the original games. I don’t think they really need to become full 3D games like some suggest, but I would play them either way.

  • hii hehe

    #1- who cares?
    #2- what do you think OoT and MM 3D were? Exactly the type of remake you are asking should be made. Smh

  • Kaboom

    I don’t know why, but I’ve found myself really craving a Breath Of the Wild-style new “open air” remake of Link’s Awakening. Of all the games I can think of, it most has that same “untamed, mysterious new wilderness” feel to it. Koholint Island has a lot of variety in its environments, the fact that it’s an island could make for a more believable natural barrier around the whole place, and the fact that [spoilers for almost-25-year-old-game] the entire place is just a dream world could allow for the placement of a lot of easter-egg stuff that otherwise probably shouldn’t be there.