On a recent episode of the Zelda Informer podcast, host Alfred Tabaks posed the question of Ganondorf’s place in the Zelda series following the events of Breath of the Wild. Namely, if this might be it for Ganon, and should he finally be defeated once and for all at the hands of Link and Zelda, where would the series go from there in terms of villains?

We’ve seen several spinoff games outside of the main story games that have starred different dastardly figures (Vaati, Majora, etc.), and we’ve seen games rely on villains to get us through most of the story until Ganondorf / Ganon shows up (Zant, Agahnim), but we’ve always had the safety net of Ganon to fall back on.

The question I’ll now pose to you is: would you like to see the Zelda series move on from Ganondorf, to give that story some closure and focus on a new villain? Or do you think Ganondorf is too iconic to leave behind? Let’s get to the bottom of it in the comments below!

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  • Redead Link

    Nah, I’d prefer to have Ganon as the main villain. I mean, it’s kinda the point of the whole story, Link, Zelda and Ganon’s spirits reincarnating endlessly.

  • AnonymousGX

    Keep Ganon. Maybe side villains or henchmen, as long as we know Ganon is behind it from the start rather than the henchmen. Twilight Princess almost failed in this regard.

  • Alex

    I don’t mind Ganon being the main villain, but I do would like to see more of different villain taking the lead role.

    Zant came so close to earning that role with greatly scary and creepy characterizations, but Nintendo blew it with him in the end. I hope they would give new villains better treatment like they almost did with Zant.

  • RiverDevil

    Yes, and we don’t even need traditional “villains” per se, look at LA.

    Link should have adventures all over the land, and that means encountering other villains, ones that aren’t necessarily an incarnate of something

    • Dylan

      indeed, like a bunch of angry giant kittens in mittens.

  • Sanic11


  • Jesse Kwak

    No. I don’t mind getting a new villain every now and then (Onox and Vaati are my favorite non-Ganon villains), but I think that Ganondorf, like Bowser, should remain the overall main villain of the series as a whole. I do not want him to ever get the King K. Rool treatment.


    We had Ghirahim in Skyward Sword, and he was pretty fun. And, yes, I know Debbie turned out to be servant of Demise but he didn’t show up until the end; Ghirahim had more of a presence and was the real antagonist. We had to fight Demise (I wish I could have had the idea to give a villain that name) because of Ghirahim.

    Basically, whenever there is an idea for a different villain who is at least fun if not super complex. I’m down for it.

  • Reillyington86

    I don’t mind Ganon being the villain but I do hate it when he is thrown in for the sake of it like in Twilight Princess.

  • Happy Mask Collector

    I wish they’d stop rehashing Ganon in the main zeldas for once, and re-use someone else cool like majora. Would be a nice breath of fresh air. It’s Getting too predictable imo

  • Uhm… what? Three last Zelda games hasn’t Ganon as main villain. SS=>Demise/Ghirahim, ALBW => Yuga (even his last form still was him), TFH => dat woman

    • Dadertrix

      Gannon/Gannondorf was created by Demise, of Demise, and therefore Demise counts as Gannon’s original.

      • Yes but he’s still different character with different point, aim, mind, etc.

      • Calven

        But he is not Ganon, so he doesn’t count.

        • Dadertrix

          He is not Gannon, but Gannon is He. Argument invalid.

          • Theblueblur

            Whom is this “Gannon” you speak of? I only know of Ganon.

          • From the first game, obviously

          • Theblueblur

            Oh, pssht! You count translations errors? You silly goose! ; -)

    • Dragonmaster 150

      Also while Yuga was the main Villain in ALBW he merged himself with Ganon. While he was still the final boss, at the same time he was also Ganon because the two of them had merged. But that’s just a nitpick don’t mind me.

      • Being Ganon isn’t just have his power or every holder of TFoP (if there was but Ganondorf) would be Ganon

        • Theblueblur

          But that wasn’t just Yuga obtaining the Triforce of Power. That was Yuga fusing with the resurrected Demon King, Ganon, himself.

          • But there was no Ganon’s persnality

          • Hylian Terrier

            I agree. It just felt like Yuga was possessing Ganon’s body and using his power.

  • hyrules

    They will have to break the reincarnation cycle to get rid of Ganon/ganondorf, or at least pass it on to another villain. As long as it is canon and makes sense, I don’t mind retiring Ganon. If you think about it, the only two constant reincarnating souls are Zelda and Link, (or in other words, Hylia and the Hero). Ganon actually only first appears several hundred years later in OOT as a reincarnation of Demise.

    I like what river devil says, I think some games could be more about the adventure of exploring a mysterious place like in Link’s Awakening, without an overall bad guy.

  • Supporter

    I think they can take a break from Ganondorf and even bring back a different recurring villain like Zaati, but removing Ganondorf completely seems like too much, especially in regards to the Triforce.

    • Dylan

      Vaati, not Zaati unless you can merdge Zant and Vaati.

      • yunku2002

        Merge, not merdge, unless you can merge merge and… um… fudge?

        • Dylan

          lol, maybe you can do that?

      • Supporter

        Sorry. Spelling mistake. I tend to make those a lot as much as I try to avoid them. I have since I was a child and it’s hard for me to get spelling right sometimes, even with spell check. :

        • Dylan

          I know the feel my friend, lol.

  • Dylan

    as long as its another incarnation of demises hatred to make sense, i’d be fine with it. also would like to see ganon/gannon/a bunch of angry kittens living in a canon, would be fun to see every once in a while,but the big G also derserves a break.

  • Calven

    I don’t mind Ganondorf, I actually prefer him over the other villains. And maybe I’m the only one who actually enjoyed the twist in TP – I thought it was awesome that G exploited Zant. In the end, I’ve alwasy considered Ganondorf to be the prime evil. None of the others even come close to his power and intellect – in fact, they all have a glaring character flaw that reduces their ‘evilness’. But not Ganondorf, imo – He’s a wholly evil.

  • K2L

    I think Ganon and new vllans can fit well in the series. Just make sure the ultimate villain of each game has enough weight so players can feel motivated to give it a lesson. In Twilight Princess, even after Ganon was foreshadowed frequently, all characters were caring only after Zant, who felt like a truee final boss and left Ganondorf as a mere bonus presence.

  • Great_Scott

    I think It would be great if Link/Zelda managed to somehow break the cycle of Gannon reincarnations, and open the door for more villains to take center stage. Gannon is a great villain, but for the sake of story diversity, it gets a bit repetitive dealing with him time and time again.

  • Dragonmaster 150

    While I do like Ganondorf as a villain I would like to see some other original villains, (such as Zant), or recurring villains (such as Vaati) every now and again. On the other hand I wonder whatever happened to Girahim. After the battle with demise did he just get left in his demon sword form lying on the ground somewhere never to return?

  • yeah of course!

  • Tri

    My answer to this will always be: yes. Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes. I think there have been a lot of great villains in the series that, ultimately, are a red herring in the grand plot of the series. Ghirahim, Agahnim, Zant just to name a few. You spend the whole game encountering them, waiting for a chance to destroy them and then… HEY GUESS WHAT? GANON WAS THE TRUE VILLAIN. LOL.

    yeah, I have some feelings about this.

  • Ehh…I don’t care one way or the other. I like that they switch it up. Ganon is obviously the most important villain, but there are other villains and I like it that way. Truthfully, I don’t think it’d be possible to create a new villain who’s as popular among fans as Ganon, so I’d rather they keep him as the prominent one and explore different ones every now and then.

    • Dylan

      especially someone that’s deeply tied into the mythos already. still, new villains can work and add onto it as well.

  • Cintratton

    I’d like a new villain, mostly because I don’t really like Ganondorf.
    Yeah it’s an unpopular opinion, but I don’t really like his purposes nor his fighting style. I didn’t like battling him in Wind Waker, neither
    in Twilight Princess, neither in Skyward Sword (Demise, in this case).
    Can’t say about his fight in Ocarina of Time because I’ve not beat this
    game yet (but I also didn’t like battling him in Forest Temple though).
    Heck I don’t even remember battling yuganon in Link between worlds.

    So yeah a new villain would be cool, especially if he has a more interesting objective and a more singular battling style.

  • Oscar Yasser Garcia Juallek

    Well. So far, Ganon has been the best villain for the most part(He’s also central to the mythos, and anyone wanting to scrap him for good…will have to deal with that). HOWEVER, many villains have had enough potential and charm to actually justify to have more new villains. Maybe if they went full fledged creepy like they initially did with Zant, for instance.

  • Juan Blanco

    at the end of skyward sword when you defeat demise, he seems to imply that the hero, the princess and demise/ganon are kind of linked (no pun intended) by some sort of curse that repeats throughout time. i’m cool with a non-ganon villain, as long as the villain has some ties to ganon or perhaps strong ties to other elements of the zelda universe. ganon is not in skyward sword, but the villain demise is like proto-ganon. zant is tied to ganon and i think he technically killed him at the end of twilight princess.

  • Juan Blanco

    also, without ganon is there a no tri-force? ganon is always the one entrusted with the triforce of power.

  • Hylian Terrier

    I wouldn’t mind it, but I’m glad they’re going with Ganon this time around. We haven’t had a proper appearance from him since TP which was ten years ago. And yes I know Yuga merges with him in ALBW, but I’ve always thought that Yuga was merely possessing Ganon’s body and using his power, as Ganon’s mind seemed to be completely gone; so I don’t really count this appearance. I don’t count Demise in SS either.

  • Xaragon

    I don’t think every Zelda game needs Ganondorf and I’ve enjoyed every other villain. I like Ganon, mind you, but using him over and over again will get stagnated. Give him a break every now and then and make some more creative villains.

  • Donnie R. Haid

    I have a mixed opinion here.. on one hand, as Demise states in SS, Link and Zelda are sort of doomed to encounter some incarnation of Ganon throughout generations. I feel that without Ganon, the need for descendants of link and Zelda to continue being born as heroes would cease. On the other hand, as another commenter mentioned, it would be interesting to see Link and Zelda break this cycle, and to see what new villains would arise after Ganon was finally defeated

  • JasonBall

    Yes, Zelda games needs Ganon. Not every single one, but keep him around. He’s the ultimate evil. It’s not Zelda without Ganon, or the thought of him looming in the background.

  • dark.isatari

    Gannon every time is trite. Series needs variety with Him as the “ultimate” but not appearing all the time. Any good legend involves multiple adventures and trials – King Arthur doesn’t only fight one enemy.

    Bring back Onox and Veran!!! ^^

    And I like Vaati’s sorcer/anthropomorphic form.

  • Andrew Defty

    I would like to see Gannondorf hunt out Link and Zelda to join forces aiming to defeat another major evil power, just to have Gannondorf betray them and take control of that power. Thus leaving Link and Zelda to go at him for the rest of the game, amidst countless twists of plot. Until the ultimate ending of good verses evil.