The first of two DLC for Breath of the Wild will be releasing in a little less than two weeks, and it’s jam-packed with several new features that will give Zelda fans hours and hours of new gameplay. Just to quickly recap what we’re expecting in this upcoming DLC, we’ll be getting a Master Mode that will make gameplay significantly more challenging, a trial to enhance the Master Sword known as the Trial of the Sword, the Hero’s Path tacking system and a handy Travel Medallion to custom make travel points, and lastly, a few new outfits and helpful items.

The new feature I’m most eager to try out is the Hero’s Path mode. I have about 85 hours of Breath of the Wild gameplay where I’ve been tediously combing through Hyrule’s every nook and cranny for Korok seeds. Needless to say, I’m very interested to see the path of my adventures, as well as get a laugh out of the few Korok seed locations I’ve had to attempt several times. I can tell you that I’ll be taking full advantage of that new Korok mask feature as well.

What about you? Are you ready to take on the new challenges of Master Mode or the Trial of the Sword? Or what about seeing you’re own crazy path throughout Hyrule? As always, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Happy Mask Collector

    Wearable Majoras Mask! 😀

    • JoJo

      You must be happy. >.>

      • Happy Mask Collector

        Uncontrollably happy. Majora’s Mask is my favorite thing ever, pretty much to the point of worshipping levels.

  • Vados

    The Trial of the sword.

  • Anonymous

    Any answer that isn’t the Tingle Suit is wrong

    • Dragonmaster 150

      lol XD

  • Dragonmaster 150

    Honestly? I’m looking forwards to Master mode. I was always going to replay BotW and since the summer DLC is coming out in the next few weeks I think that doing my second play through on Master mode is going to be a great challenge, Here’s to hoping that they buffed the blight ganons and made them much tougher.

    I’m also really looking forwards to the Trial of the sword. one of my fave challenges in BotW was Eventide Island, however I thought it was actually way to short, so I think that I’m really going to enjoy the trial of the sword, especially on master mode… wonder how many times I’m going to die in that trial.

  • Christian Beach

    The Trial of the Sword and Master Mode. Everything else is meh.

  • Chris Jagucki

    I’m looking forward to the Trial of the Sword, personally. I’m excited for this trial because it’s Eventide Island on steroids.

  • The Gamer of Legend

    It would have to be Master Mode for me. Crankin’ up the difficulty for the Trial of the Sword will actually be worth my time. I don’t enjoy everything about Breath of the Wild but a difficulty increase will give me more of a challenge compared to normal mode, which got really easy, very quickly. It might still be pretty easy though. I tend to charge in and manipulate the AI of enemies to give me the material that I need to survive, like arrows. Man, I miss that arrow gathering glitch that I didn’t know was a glitch at the time…Arrow hoarding and farming breaks the game’s combat and difficulty, especially in the beginning of the game. Some people out there may or may not know what that feels like.

  • Both Master Mode and the Trial of the Sword. Afterall I have logged more than 763 hours in this wonderful game, and all of the enemies even the silver ones are WAY too easy for me to beat.

    As for the Trial of the Sword I really enjoyed the Eventide Island Shrine Quest, so I really LOVE the idea of having an entire feature dealing with the Master Sword directly that is pretty much a longer form of the Eventide Island Shrine Quest with a lot more to risk and whatnot. Really looking forward to doing the Trial of the Sword in Master Mode at some point. ;3

    • Sean-Luc Shanahan

      763 hours… that means you would have had to spend roughly 6 hours on this game… daily since release…

    • Christian Beach

      763 HOURS? You must have 100% the game by now, surely.

      • Actually not really close to 100%ing the game. I don’t really play games for the sake of 100%ing games.

    • TUbEStAR

      Do you eat, sleep, crap, work, live?

      • I have no job (been applying to different places for over a year, but I can’t seem to get hired), and my YouTube channel is a major flop, so… all I have is Breath of the Wild to play for the most part.

  • JoJo

    Master Mode. I’m going to 100% it.

  • William Roark

    Definitely Master Mode and Hero’s Path.

  • avalpsychicguy

    Trial of the Sword for sure. That’s really the only thing in the first pack that’s going to bring me back to play more. The new armor and features are neat little presents, I guess, but they’re not worth coming back for if you’ve 100% completed the game.

  • skywardocarina1

    The korok mask! I’ve been putting off getting all 900 because of it!!!

  • Daren Fliflet

    Trial of the Sword.

  • A.McClellan

    Absolutely the Trial of the Sword. It’s an extended Eventide scenario with a huge reward.

  • TUbEStAR

    I’m really looking forward to the Trial of the Sword, but I’m really curious to see how legit the map feature is… I’ve got around 160 hours of exploration around Hyrule.

  • I’m looking forward to who’s gonna be the voice that introduces the trial of the sword to Link, as every shrine has a monk tell Link about it, but really there’s only one character who’s associated enough with the MS to really be the one to introduce something like this, and she does actually have a role in BOTW.

    • The Gamer of Legend

      From the feed that I saw of the Trial of the Sword, it was a Monk’s Shrine. I was thrown through a loop with this one. I was just utterly disappointed with this decision. The more I think about it, the more I’m inclined to believe that the Sheikah Monks are just stand-ins for the development team…Hmm. Unfortunately, people really hate Fi, so we most likely won’t see her again, just references to her…

      Here’s the image from the Treehouse event. Sorry for the spoiler.

      • >:(

        Why? The monks suck bad. Why! Seriously, the game makes several references to Fi, why couldn’t they just let there be one good thing about BOTWs story?

        God, I seriously am starting to hate everything about this game.

  • Marandahir

    I have over 255 hours of play in BotW and am frustrated that Hero’s Path won’t show me the full course of my journey.

    I am stoked for Korok Mask (still have over 3/4 of those little buggers out there), as well as Hard Mode and Trial of the Sword. I think I’ll make a second file for the sole purpose of Hard Mode from the start. That should give the game tremendous replay value, since I’ve barely played since getting the Tunic of the Wild and beating Ganon. I will enjoy doing the Trial of the Sword in my original file, though!

  • InfinityD4

    I’m excited for all of it… but I wish Master Mode didn’t just raise the tier of enemies and just raised the tier cap… I want there to still be Red tier enemies…

    • shakuvendell

      Reds drop no guts. Same for most critters.

      This means faster upgrades.

      Reds vs. Blues is of little concern.

      • InfinityD4

        Point taken.

    • Ian

      There are generally Red enemies hanging out around and on the Great Plateau and Eventide Island — areas where you’re expected to be very weak the first time you visit. That said, there’s no reason to bother with such small fry if you’re up to your second row of Hearts.

      • InfinityD4

        I get that, what I’m saying is I want them to not be gone entirely and just start you out with blue enemies, which is what it does from my understanding.

        • Ian

          Right, I learned that after commenting. Me and my big mouth. Yep I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to having enough Hearts to run into a mob of Silver Bokoblins led by a Gold one.

  • Kaytlin