Breath of the Wild is a game as deep as it is broad. Hyrule isn’t just massive, it hides a wealth of secrets, Easter eggs and features that continue to surprise players hours beyond their departure from The Great Plateau. Massive, snaking, elemental dragons that soar through the sky, skeletal Stalhorses that can be ridden until they crumble at the break of day and even the emergence of the rupee-snatching Great Fairys, Breath of the Wild offers a plethora of features and spectacles to keep you wayfaring.

My favourite encounter was the unassuming Fairy Fountain across the Lake of the Horse God, which unleashed the bizarre, frightful yet oddly endearing Malanya. Discovering that I could resurrect my noble steed, Brian, from his untimely demise dispelled the guilt I carried from riding his noble successor, ElFuego. But what was your stand out discovery from Breath of the Wild? Which Easter egg surprised you the most? Are you irritated you can’t lodge the ethereal Lord of the Mountain? Tell us all in the comments below!

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  • Kids Daniell

    I really liked the part when I beat Vah Medoh because after that dungeon when you nee to get some where you can fly!

  • Happy Mask Collector

    Kilton for sure. Really the only creepy vibe part of the game. Wish there were more shadow temple and the well moments in BOTW.
    I love BOTW regardless though

  • Darkstar

    The Labyrinths were a surprise. The one in Lanayru was a little tricky with the hidden second floor and that guardians in the middle, but it was really fun. The guardian graveyard beneath it was a real surprise too (and one hell of a test to sneak past them) This game really does have lots of secrets and Easter eggs. I also like discovering areas that reference previous games (there are so many of those).

  • Chris Jagucki

    Eventide Island and the ruins covered in eternal darkness.

  • asmith

    Happening upon Naydra and freeing him/her from the malice.

  • Christian Beach

    Discovering the buried remains of Arbiter’s Grounds. That was a serious nostalgia punch for me, as the Grounds is one of my favorite dungeons from Twilight Princess.

  • Riley Marshall

    probably the Hebra and Tabantha regions

  • The Working Dead

    The Forgotten Temple. A complete surprise for me.

    • And terrifying. X3

      • Sir Linebeck

        *Walks into temple*
        Me: “oh this is pretty neat.”
        *sees 5 guardian sentries turn around*
        Me: “well…”

        Its actually pretty neat to actually climb up on top of it too see how expansive the place is too. I was actually kinda surprised. (but dissapointed at the lack of guardians)

        But its not as bad as the lower room in that one maze (after you open the chest). that shit was terrifying.

  • dark.isatari

    So far…
    1. Encountering Naydra all forboding and wrapped around the mountain.
    2. First scaling the mountains to get a view of the desert and seeing huge Vah Naboris churning up sandstorms in the distance.
    3. First discovering that Lynels are in the game and intimidating as ever.
    4. Climbing to the very top of the steeple spire on the temple of time, and finding a korok there. Realizing “wow, this game really does reward this kind of extensive exploration!”

  • TheMiddleClassTaxSlave

    Boblin kicking my rolling bomb back at me like a soccer ball … killing me in the process … and being excited the game wasn’t easy as pie

  • Alexius Wall

    riding a bear into town

  • Amy King

    Walking into the Rito Village and hearing the music that went back to Wind waker. Loved. It. Thanks

  • pedrobrvs

    For me the most memorable discovery was that you could buy a house.
    It was something I never expected to be doing in a Zelda game.

    I figured that even though it’d give us freedom to explore, it’d still keep us completely stuck in the role of Link the Hero, in the sense that all you’d ever do was regarding the main story or your role as the hero.

    For it to give us the option, as barebones as it was, to settle and pretend you’re as much of a villager and inhabitant of Hyrule (and of Hateno village) as the people surrounding you, to make a living from your hunt or your gathering or your cooking, rather than being forced into constantly moving forward and saving people.

    This freedom to “just live” in the world is something that I feel is missing from most Open-World games after Skyrim and GTAV, preventing them to be true open-world games. And it was finally present in Zelda BoTW.

  • Kabbij

    Not quite a discovery in the same sense, but when I first controlled Link and discovered that he could jump! I think I spent the first ten minutes just bouncing around like a bunny hahahaha.

    But also seeing the dragons rise up out of water and float around for a bit was really cool 🙂

  • Liva Niquidet

    I couldn’t seem to find the Spring of Courage, despite having found the other two with relative ease, and having loads of Farosh’s scales in my equipment.

    I’d nearly lost hope that it existed, and then one day, I was having a terrible day, and I just glided over a hill top with something glowing below.

    It was the statue of Hylia that I had been looking for, and it gave me an instant pick-me-up for the rest of the day.

  • Lucas Simon

    uncovering the ruined remains of Lon Lon Ranch. What a sight

  • Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson

    Doing the lost memories quest. Even if most people don’t think it was a top notch story, I think the execution of this story was stellar since it presented itself through the number one most important mechanic in a Zelda game, (to me) exploration. Having you track down particular areas felt so satisfying, and when you get down to it, the story was not bad, so I think this mechanic, or something akin to it, shouId be standard going forward.

    • Lucas Simon

      My issue was that since they were flashbacks they felt disconnected from what was happening in the present. But yes, actually discovering the memories was very exciting.

      • Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson

        They were disconnected because they happened in the past, but those things that happened in the past are the reasons for why the world is the way it is in the present. It is only by discovering each that you gain total under standing of how the world was basically wiped out by Guardians except a few big villages that were strong enough to defend themselves, or just so remote like Lurelin that they were missed. I thought this idea of discovering one piece of info at a time was so great because for the first few memories you collect, you are left with more questions than answers, so you are driven forward to discover more.

  • Sir Linebeck

    the most memorable discovery?
    that koroks know the *glowy blue things* go BOOM

  • Lucas Simon

    Or when I first saw a Moblin pick up a Bokoblin and hurl him at me. Or how about the shrine quest where you discover the “beast that wears a crown of bone” is a deer! Plus all the stuff everyone else is listing!!! God this game is great

  • Lucas Simon

    Also the huge mazes, and that one super dark area above Death Mountain. Speaking of Death Mountain, riding the mine carts was fun

  • Tri

    Finding the bloopees and Lord of the Mountain was truly incredible. So was the first time I saw a dragon! Holy heck!

  • Great_Scott

    Talking to some random stranger on the side of a trail, and asking me if I wanted to join the Yiga clan… hmm, the Yiga clan, I swear I had heard something about them from another character that they were bad… “No thank you, Oh CRAP! the girl’s a ninja, I’m going to die! RUUUUN!!!” lol that was still early in the game and I was still dying fairly regularly, and I continued to run every time I came across someone from the Yiga clan until after I had at least a dozen hearts… only to discover, they’re all pushovers.

  • zelduck

    The moment I’ve understand it’s not a Zelda game…