Nintendo’s foray into the mobile world has proven fruitful thus far. Spearheaded by the insane success of Pokémon Go (despite having nothing to do with it) Nintendo has released a solid line up of titles to keep the ball rolling. Miitomo and Fire Emblem Heroes both proved popular enough and Super Mario Run was a big hit. Nintendo doesn’t look to be slowing down either as Animal Crossing is just over the horizon as well.

It shouldn’t be a surprise then that Nintendo is looking to bring one of its other biggest franchises over to Androids and iPhones everywhere. According to a report, The Legend of Zelda will be heading to mobile devices soon.

My question is what kind of game do we as fans want this to be? With the 3DS (seemingly) coming to the end of its life cycle, there’s no place left for traditional handheld Zelda games to go. Do we want to see a game like that on mobile? With today’s technology, it’s certainly possible. Do we want to see a fun spin off, kinda like Fire Emblem Heroes, which kept the core gameplay but loaded it with fan service? Do we want to see a Mario Maker type game where you can create, share, and explore dungeons? Or do we want something else entirely?

Let’s hash it out in the comments below!

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  • I imagine, in a similar way to FEH, it will be a simplified Zelda game. I was envisioning a dungeon crawler. The levels are some dungeon rooms, with puzzles in each room. Maybe the puzzle style of FS. (Minus the four Links, of course.)

  • RiverDevil

    Something non-canon

  • Squirrel on crack cocaine.
  • Vance

    Probably a dungeon challenge a la Wind Waker and Twilight Princess HD. With enemies from every single Zelda game.

  • Sir Linebeck

    a full on 3d rpg.
    ever played Toram Online? Its an mmorpg and can run on my cheap android phone without lag- and it looks great.
    its possible. I just don’t want more oversimplified (and with it’s overpriced gems) crap like fire emblem heroes.

    and I also won’t play it much if it’s a top down dungeon crawler. i prefer the immersive 3d experience that shows you the world, it’s inhabitants and a shit ton more detail. It also makes dungeons more fun and challenging if the 3d is used right.

    The great thing about having a mobile 3d zelda game – the graphics don’t have to be perfect and it won’t take them years to make the game’s graphics over-the-top, like the recent titles: Skyward Sword (5 years have past, but still looks amazing) and Breath Of The Wild.

  • Christian Beach

    Umm…just because the 3DS is dying doesn’t mean traditional handheld Zelda games have nowhere to go. There’s always the Switch.

    Also, no mobile Zelda. Pokémon GO and Mario Run are proof Nintendo should have stayed off the mobile market, and I don’t want the same fate to come to Zelda.

  • The Working Dead

    Link’s Crossbow Training GO!

  • Hisomu

    I do not want to see it on mobile but i feel like it was a question of time until it happen$. Besides that i hope its not bad so that the “mobile gamers” do not connect “Zelda” with bad games or something like that. Also the switch is half a handheld so there the handheld games would have a place i think.

  • somebodynow

    Well that’s easy, none!

  • Marandahir

    Four Swords/Tri Force Hero style gauntlet stages, but for single-player.
    That is to say, small bite-sized dungeon-esque areas that I can play through on a 10 minute subway ride.

  • UFnuts

    Going to be hard to have traditional combat so I would love to see a true Zelda RPG…similar to Mario RPG. You could still have great puzzles, exploration, storyline, etc.

  • Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson

    I think it’s about friggin’ time we see a developer make a game that pushes the limits of mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are coming out now with hardware that easily outdoes that of the 3DS, but it is held back by a market of people who want to play a mindless jewel puzzle for five minutes while they take a dump. My new phone has a goddamn octacore processor and I want something worth using it for other than emulators. There is no reason they could not make a full 3D Zelda title on mobile, and I’d even take a port of Ocarina of Time 3D. The hardware these days is astounding, please somebody take advantage of it.

    • Max Savage

      I totally agree, I think what’s tough on all these touch screens though is coming up with good controls. Games that require quick button maneuvering are much better when you can feel the physical buttons, it’s a little tougher when it’s all on the screen. Still though, I’d definitely put up with it for a full 3D Zelda!

      • Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson

        That’s a good point, but touch interfaces mimicking controllers work okay, and there’s plenty of Bluetooth controllers on the market (like the Switch Pro controller which is natively compatible with Android) that players could easily figure out alternative methods if they so desired. Plus I believe these controllers would become more popular and thereby more accessible if they had something better to play with them. Hardware and software markets win.