The Legend of Zelda series is known for its many items throughout the series, ranging from classics such as the Boomerang and Bow to more unique weapons such as the Gust Bellows from Skyward Sword and the Spinner from Twilight Princess. However, while it would be amazing to see a Zelda game where every item in the series was implemented, that would be incredibly hard to achieve.

However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t see items from previous games brought into future ones from time to time. For example, I personally want to see Twilight Princess‘s Gale Boomerang come back in a future installment, mostly because I think it’s a great utility item and made for some interesting puzzle mechanics.

My question today is this: What items would you bring back in future Zelda games? How would you implement them? Let us know in the comments below!

Jarrod Raine is an Original Content Editor and News Writer for Zelda Informer. He’s currently trying to build a real-life spinner and praying that it one day be useful. To support him, check out his Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube!

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  • Jebradiah Drake

    The Beetle would have been great even in BotW, they could have introduced a new version made of Sheikah tech that you created with your slate just like the bombs. But anyway, I’d love to see the Beetle return in any future 3D Zelda game (not 2D).

    • that is genius I can’t believe they didn’t do that. it would make so much sense for checking around corners, or over steep cliffs, or inspecting a camp before barging in etc..

      • Jebradiah Drake

        Yea I wish we had gotten more Sheikah Runes along the way even if we only needed the original four to complete the game. Instead we only added the Camera Rune and that was it. Although the radar ability was cool, it made me feel like Jack Sparrow from PotC lol

  • Jebradiah Drake

    I’d like to see the Gale Boomerang return someday.

  • Vinquoi

    Hands down: The magnetic gloves from Oracle of Season. It was so fun to use in this game and it made the puzzles pretty unique.
    I don’t know if it would work as well in a 3d zelda game though, but definitely again in 2d.

    • Jebradiah Drake

      Haha, hands down, I get it

    • yeah it would easily work. Just make it work like magnesis from BotW except instead you’re wearing the gloves

  • K2L

    Spinner, Sand Wand and Beetle. I know the second one returned in ALBW (as the Sand Rod), but I would like to see it in a home console 3D Zelda game

    • Jebradiah Drake

      I think the appearance of the Sand Wand was awesome (both forms) in ALBW, but I prefer when they make use of our stylus so that we can make sand pillars appear everywhere we hover over instead of in a straight path.

  • Cintratton

    The whip >:3

    • Jebradiah Drake

      I’d one day like to see a fusion of the Hookshot and Whip/Grappling Claw. They just seem so similar yet fill two inventory spots in the same game. Both in Wind Waker and Skyward Sword.

      • yeah kind of like the clawshot in TP, you could hookshot but also hang from the chain.
        They would only have to throw in some kind of a swinging mechanism and wallah, Hookshot+Whip combined. I mean really it doesn’t have to have a claw for it to be a thing. You could just do it with the hookshot too right if they made it that way

  • I’d like to see the rings from og LoZ return.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    Do you guys prefer a Zelda game where we get lots of items (TP, OoT, ALBW) each one used mostly in their respective area/dungeon and then from time to time afterwards.

    Or games where we get a handful of items (ST, SS, BotW Runes) that are extremely versatile and all fit together very nicely. Even if you don’t get a lot of items you get some very unique items and you use them a lot throughout the rest of the game.

    Personally each type of inventory has its ups and downs, but I like how the inventory in ST and SS never gives you an item that becomes almost useless later like the Slingshot in TP or the Boomerang in ALBW.

    My final conclusion is that I prefer big inventory in the next big 3D Zelda game for the series, and I prefer small and versatile inventories for the 2D games like ST.

    I also love how most the items in ST makes good use of your DS functions, like being able to draw your boomerang’s path with the stylus, or actually blowing into the microphone to make the Whirlwind blow.

  • Vados

    Everything from BotW…seriously if I ever see bombs with a fuse again, I’ll lose my mind…

    The hookshot/clawshot would be amazing though.

  • Dylan

    Dual Clawshot is one item I Would take with me back.

  • Hookshot/clawshot, magic spells, magic wands, a boomerang that works as a permanent item.

    That’s all I can think of right now.