Whether you love it or hate it, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess certainly has its interesting characters. Ranging from the enigmatic Goron Elders to your companion Midna, Twilight Princess offers several characters with interesting quirks. However, the most mysterious one could also make an interesting feasible comeback: The Hero’s Shade.

The Hero’s Shade is a warrior who teaches Link several hidden skills throughout Twilight Princess, ranging from the Ending Blow, to the Back Slice, to the Great Spin. What is interesting to note is that Hyrule Historia confirmed that the Hero’s Shade is the incarnation of Link from Ocarina of Time (Child Link) and Majora’s Mask, who lamented the fact that he will not be remembered as the Hero of Hyrule. It is important to note that it is implied that he was remembered in Breath of the Wild due to the line “Whether skyward bound, adrift in time, or steeped in the glowing embers of twilight…”, which was stated by Princess Zelda during one of the memories and implies that she is aware of the events of Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess. This aspect of his character made him interesting as he was the first, and currently only, incarnation of Link to have returned during a new incarnation.

My question is, should the Hero’s Shade return in some form or another? One way could be similar to the (BOTW SPOILERS) champions in Breath of the Wild, where the incarnation is one who failed at his task and wants to see his mistakes corrected, in a sense helping to guide the current incarnation of Link. Another way could be similar to Twilight Princess, with another Link who wants to be remembered as a hero. What do you guys think? In what scenarios could you envision the Hero’s Shade coming back in? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Chris Jagucki

    I’m open to the idea, as long as it makes sense both lore and gameplay-wise.

    • Zithis

      Same here, the design is great and idea is good, but it needs to make sense and not just be there because

      • Dylan

        pretty much with these ^

  • Kabbij

    I’m open to it if it’s done right. Could be interesting is if a Hero’s Shade returned and was the Link from TP, so the moves get passed down further 🙂 but who knows!

  • Riley Marshall

    they should make another game in the adult timeline with WW Link as the Hero’s Shade, and he can teach the new Link all the cool moves he did in WW

  • Anonymous

    No. He’s served his purpose. His story is closed. His single greatest regret was not being able to pass on his knowledge, and that was remedied in Twilight Princess. He fulfilled his destiny as the Hero, and was finally able to pass on his legacy. Anything more is just unnecessary.

    One could always argue that a similar fate can befall another Link, but at that point, you’re just doing it again for fanservice.

  • I’d kinda like to play a game that leads up to Link being the Hero’s Shade, but I also would kinda prefer that that stay a mystery. Thus, no, unless they can come up with a really good reason why, then he shouldn’t come back.

    • Theblueblur

      Maybe we could get to see the Hero’s Shade in the Downfall Timeline. He died and wasn’t recognized as a hero there too, after all.

  • Zayzay

    I think it would be cool if all the past links were to come back as spirits and help the hero in some way.

  • hyrules

    I hope they put him in the next Hyrule Warriors game

  • richa
    • Red-tuniclink

      Where is that? I don’t remember seeing anything like it.
      Edit nvm I see now. It was cloudy when I went there so i didn’t recognise it at first.

    • Theblueblur

      Um… Where?

      • richa

        Basically anywere where the sun shines.

  • Xaragon

    Myself and others have wanted a game after Majora’s Mask set before Twilight Princess, because the Hero’s Shade’s design just kinda implies there was another story we haven’t heard yet. He didn’t lose his eye in Majora’s Mask.
    Or he could just be another playable character in Hyrule Warriors. (Well yes, he already is, but like, as the skeleton guy thing.) Would actually be funny if he was just Young Link’s character slot but you select the Hero’s Shade Sword as your weapon and you’re suddenly a skeleton and not a tiny kid.

    • Jo

      Yes, agreed! There is so many questions revolving around the Hero of Time after Majora’s Mask. Did he ever find Navi? How did he get that armor? How did he lose his eye? What other adventures did he have?

      There is some information of the adventures of the Hero of Time after Majora’s Mask from character quotes and items. For example, the Hero’s Bow found in the Goron Mines was said to have been left there by an ancient hero. We know this ancient hero was the Hero of Time because the Goron Mines weren’t around in Ocarina of Time, Link actually finds the a bow called the Hero’s Bow in Majora’s Mask, and in Hyrule Historia page 179 next to the picture of the Hero’s Shade, it is titled “ancient hero”.

      There’s also another quote from Renado in Kakiriko Village that says “In Hyrule, countless tales are told about the ancient hero, and your deeds bring them all to mind”. This is more evidence that the Hero of Time had more adventures in Hyrule after Majora’s Mask, considering he wasn’t remembered as a hero after Zelda sent him back to his own timeline.

      • Xaragon

        I also thought of the SpaceWorld 2000 trailer with Link fighting Ganondorf. I’ve always thought it was Link coming back to Hyrule after Majora’s Mask to fight Ganon on his own terms. (Majora’s Mask’s Hero’s Shield, different arena with Adult Link and N64 era Ganondorf.)

        • Jo

          Same actually! I showed to me that Nintendo were thinking about continuing the Hero of Time’s story. There should be a game of his 3rd adventure! Have you seen that fan-made project called Project 3rd quest? It’s made with the same engine in the original OoT/MM where Link is in a new land.


          • Xaragon

            I’ve always imagined a game based off of the 3DS remakes of OoT and MM but having it be an all new game that reuses some assets. Though I do see Twilight Princess as the closest thing to a Third N64 game we’ll probably ever get, at least in terms of gameplay and atmosphere.

  • Noooo….

    His role wasn’t even all that significant. Technically speaking you are only required to meet him once. After that you can go the entire game with out running into him (although the value of his abilities at least gives you a reason to find him). In the end he also fulfills his role, he has no other regrets to elaborate on in any future title.

    Very little in game lore even tells you about who he is and where he comes from. It honestly took Hyrule Historia to properly confirm that he is in fact the spirit of the hero from Ocarina of Time. An accompaniment book to the series released well after the games launch.

    I think that speaks volumes of his actual importance. We don’t need to see him again. He’s the remnants of an “age of glory” for Hyrule’s Knights (and also symbolic of how Twilight Princess is constantly trying to reference that age of glory which was literally Ocarina of Time which was the most successful Zelda title for the series). That’s it that’s all.

    We don’t need to see lingering spirits of pasts heroes in every Zelda title.