The Nintendo Switch is an interesting console, boasting two detachable controllers which can perform many different actions. From playing Just Dance 2017 to feeling like you’re holding something entirely different with the HD Rumble feature, the Joy-Con allow for many different styles of play. If Skyward Sword were to release on the Switch eShop, I’m sure they could be used instead of a Wii Remote and Nunchuk.

However, what if Nintendo decided to remaster the game in HD? Skyward Sword is a beautiful title to begin with, boasting an incredible sky and some pretty neat views on the surface. I believe it would benefit greatly from a visual update, and playing Skyward Sword on a plane in tabletop mode is a great way to pass the time. I remember doing something similar by propping my Wii U GamePad up and using it as a mini TV to play on.

However, there are those who dislike Skyward Sword with a passion, and would like to forget it exists. I don’t think the game is bad by any stretch, but I see it all over the Internet. Could the game benefit more on Nintendo’s next console if it supports 4K? Skyward Sword 4K, anyone?

Let us know what you think of this question in the comments. I hope we can have a civil debate without insulting someone’s taste in Zelda games.

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  • Sentinel

    I think the Joy-Con controls can really help a lot of older games.

    They might help Skyward Sword’s controls out a lot. Add in reducing Fi’s interference a bit and maybe add a little more to do in the sky and that takes care of many people’s problems with the game.

  • Theodore Homdrom

    I would love to see that happen! I don’t think Skyward Sword needs an HD remake – it looks great just playing the Wii disc on a Wii U – but I’d definitely love to see Skyward Sword get more love, and be available to a bunch of new people who may not have owned a Nintendo system since before the Wii. Skyward Sword’s one of my very favorite games, so I’m always up for it to get more love 🙂

    • Adrian Brown

      I’m replaying it via my Wii U, and yes, the game looks gorgeus.

  • Julien

    Could be great… I want to see if they can make the gameplay works better thanks to the Joy Con.

    Unlike TWW and TP, there are a lot of small things they really need to fix if they do an HD remake. Stop with the popup message each time you grab a ruby or a bug. Make the HUD 10 times lighter, or add more option (the original game already as a “pro” HUD but there was still so many things on the screen). Reduce Fi’s dialogues or make them more optionals.

    And yes like Sentinel said, add more stuff in the sky. Some mini-games, a “cave of trials” maybe, whatever… anything to make it feel less boring.

  • 1080p, HD Rumble, voice acting during cut scenes.

    • Lifeoflink

      I’m not sure if they would do voice acting because that could require a lot of work. In voice acting they typically split the voices into many little chunks that are programmed to be triggered at certain events. Debugging that often takes a while. Probably the biggest obstacle would be reworking the cut scenes so the voices match the movement of the characters’ mouths. Is it possible? Yes. Likely? I don’t think so.

      • Just record the voices and trigger them at specific moments during the cut scenes. I don’t see the problem. How would this be different from voicing an animated movie?

      • AnonymousGX

        Like how they trigger grunts and noises in scenes and interactions?

        Or like how they recorded Midna saying things like “I guess you aren’t stupid”, “I’ll take you there with my power”, “What do you think happened to those who tried to rule with sacred magic”, “Don’t go running off”, then split her voice into many little syllables and reordered them?

        Skyward Sword was so story-heavy, I’d actually like voice acting in it. Especially if they fix Fi’s singing jaw.

  • Chris Jagucki

    I’ve talked about this same subject before in the comments after the January 12th event, and I believe that the Joy Cons will offer tighter and more accurate controls. Eliminating the handholding will also be optimal. They could get the Tantalus team to work on the remaster.

  • Tri

    Yeah sure. I won’t play it, but many people will.

  • Great_Scott

    That’s the one Zelda game I played that I never finished. I just never really cared for the combat controls, I felt like I died too many times simply because the sword would not do was I was trying to get it to do. That’s the thing about a Zelda title, the controls are super tight, and your control over Link is superb, but if you are having to fight with the controls itself then it really takes away from the whole experience. I think that I will eventually pick the game back up and complete it because it’s bothering me that I haven’t yet, but I still have the Wii, and the game so I don’t need a remake of it…

    • AnonymousGX

      I only fought against my controller once over years of playing SS. When I mounted my Loftwing, I held the Wiimote in the diving position before the screen loaded. When it did, the controls treated that ‘downward’ position as the ‘straight ahead’ position. I entered another loading screen, righted my Wiimote, and my controls were back to near normal.

      Maybe those complaining about controls were either having “light interference” (if that exists), or they weren’t holding their Wiimote’s steady between screens like they should.

  • Reillyington86

    Nope. Too soon.

  • tabascoman


  • Rodolink

    Not only that but I’m pretty sure this is going to be the next Zelda between BOTW and a “portable” Zelda, I thought about it since they announced the Joy Cons, making this totally feasible (and I really want to properly replay this game as an HD remaster since I didn’t complete it 100% when it came out, and can’t cope with the low res graphics nowadays)

  • yes, and hopefully they can remove all of Fi’s redundant dialogue

  • hyrules

    Yes, but I also think it should include new content, like Islands in the sky. I remember hoping that it would be alot like Wind Waker and getting to fly around to different islands to see what they have in store… only to be sorely disappointed about it. And the low res visuals hurt my eyes beyond belief. I couldn’t understand why WW on gamecube looked better

  • Yes, 100 times yes. It’s the last Zelda game to get a much needed resolution update. It would be nice to see that Monet art style the way it was supposed to be intended.

    There’s also an opportunity to tone down Fi and remove half of her mandatory guidance interruptions. This is such an easy aspect of the game to tweak and it would shut up all the hand holding complaints about the game (leave dowsing in for those incapable of finding items and objects though).

    If they are feeling generous they should flesh out the sky with more unique floating land masses cause it was the only thing that really felt lacking. The world below the clouds though was pretty fleshed out and I have no complaints there.

    • EsteemedAssociate

      ^. They could do greatly improve the game just by removing a lot of the pointless filler and Fi dialogue.

  • Dragonmaster 150

    I know that there are a lot of people who dislike SS because of the motion controls and Fi’s “annoying” dialogue. Honestly though I never really had problems with the motion controls or Fi’s dialogue, I actually kind of enjoyed them.

    Honestly the most annoying thing in this game, in my opinion, is the unoriginal boss fight vs. Tantalus on the Sandship. Yes it does begin with a cool concept of having to dodge the leviathan’s tentacles as it attacks the ship, but the actual boss fight is the standard “shoot an arrow into the giant glowing eye and the hit it with your sword.”

    I also love the SS art style, whenever I play SS I always feel as though I’m playing inside of a watercolour painting. the colours are very vibrant and beautiful with a huge variety of tones and shades.

    The characters have interesting backstories, and I’m constantly surprised by who I run into and where when I’m floating around the sky.

  • Anonymous

    Yes. The second best Zelda game of all time absolutely deserves an HD Remake, especially if the worst 3D Zelda got one

    • Sanic11

      Which is?

      • EsteemedAssociate

        Click bait

        • Sanic11

          Facebook and You Tube called. They want their “original comment” back.

          • Linkchu

            Your dignity called. It said it would come back to you if you stopped liking your own comments.

          • Sanic11

            I was wondering when someone was gonna bring that up. Don’t care though.

          • Linkchu


          • Sanic11

            I’ve been dead inside for many years now

      • Vados

        Wind Waker.

      • Anonymous


        • Peace Boy

          There is no ‘worst’ 3D Zelda game, the least good one however is OoT. 🙂

          • Anonymous

            I actually agree. Lol. I love WW. I just think all of the others are better.

  • K2L

    I’d say no, because I’m sick and tired of Nintendo overfocusing on remakes, but my opinion has never mattered.

    • Peace Boy

      Remakes, or rather remasters, aren’t done directly by Nintendo. TP HD was done by Tantalus in Austraila for example.
      So, Nintendo could practically release a remaster of a game every year and still make new games in the same amount of time as it would without releasing remasters.

  • Sanic11

    Yes. Why? Being able to play Skyward Sword wherever you want, whenever you want. Just think about it. (unless you hate SS).

  • Aaron Lackey

    yes and motion should be optional this time around,, personally i would also like the eshop to port over the entire zelda library.

  • Ikewise

    Can we just continue to deny this game even exists?

    • Vados

      We should rather do that with Wind Waker tbh. It was far worse.

      • Peace Boy

        What’s wrong with Wind Waker? I’m enjoying it right now actually.

        • Vados

          The better question would be, what’s right with Wind Waker.
          I dunno, I think everything about that game is just boring, rushed or not well-conceived. The overworld is boring and unrewarding, the combat got worse compared to OoT, there are only 5 dungeons (none of which are really good), sailing is probably the worst thing in this entire franchise etc..

          Personally, I think Wind Waker is the worst game of this franchise.

          • Peace Boy

            Nothing’s perfect. While the overworld could certainly be better, I find it better than SS. I definitely wouldn’t call it boring. SS’s overworld however is close to boring.
            Combat: OoT’s was simple, WW added some much needed depth to it but failed because it made it way too easy and has 1 major flaw being that there’s too much knockback in fighting. I didn’t come close to getting a game over in it, not even in the pit of trials.
            Now, about the dungeons, I’d say they’re decent. The Tower was too short though. Earth Temple wasn’t that good though, but I love Medli.
            How is sailing worse than flying??? At least with sailing you can find treasure. Flying didn’t really have depth in SS besides having a relationship with a bird.

            Now, to answer your question: “what’s right with Wind Waker?”, the story and characters are good. The visuals are pretty and nice to look at too.

          • Vados

            I think if you directly compare the great sea to the sky, then yes Wind Waker is better. But there’s far more to Skyward Sword’s world and compared to the boring mess that is the great sea, I always look forward to each region of the game, because I know that the gameplay has more variety than ”Look into a direction -> press A -> wait”. Skyloft itself was also better than any island in Wind Waker imo. The best Island of WW is probably Windfall Island, which is much smaller than Skyloft.

            The worst thing about WW’s combat is the simple fact that enemies constantly land on their back, forcing you to wait until they get up.
            I also really don’t like the aesthetics of the combat. Toon Link isn’t animated very well, he barely has any reach and the soundeffects aren’t nearly as satisfying as the ones in other Zelda games.

            I think the Wind Waker dungeons are among the worst ones of the franchise. They are incredibly basic, lack puzzles and even in terms of their structure they are really linear. The song of the puppeteer also kinda got annoying, due to it being used in more than half of the dungeons in this game.

            I think sailing is worse than flying because you have to spend WAY more time with it. In Skyward Sword the islands are all close to each other and the loftwing moves quite fast. On top of that it’s much more dynamic, since you can just drop off or get on the loftwing whenever you want to. I also think it’s slightly more engaging. In Wind Waker I can literally just set the course and leave the room for a minute. People say Hyrule Field in OoT is boring…well Wind Waker literally has a Hyrule Field between each island.

            Even in terms of story and characters it’s kinda meh. I mean just look at how stupidly they introduced Medli. ”Oh Link, we can’t help you with your problem right now. My son is being a little b*tch and I have to deal with him first. I can’t talk to him right now, even though he’s like 5m away from me in his room. Please give him this letter that I wrote…oh btw, I don’t have the letter. You have to meet this other girl that has my letter for some reason.”
            Storywise they were just as lazy. I mean did they really need to reuse the whole ”I’m actually Zelda in disguise” thing again?

            Sure, nothing is perfect, but Wind Waker is just…crap. It feels like an alpha version of a Zelda game.

          • Peace Boy

            The sky is a LOT smaller and has a lot smaller islands and the only one that matters is Skyloft and maybe that pumpkin restaurant place. More islands in the great sea matter than the islands in the sky, because you actually visit most of them more than once or twice. Sure, Windfall is smaller than Skyloft but does that matter? No. Skyloft was a hub and you mostly visited that place and nowhere else. While you certainly visit Windfall more than the other islands, you at least have to go to other islands unlike in the sky. At least side quests are in more than just Windfall unlike in SS where you ONLY get side quests in Skyloft and maybe a couple other places.

            Speaking of side quests, the ones in WW are much better than SS’s, but not saying those are particularly that bad either.

            I definitely wouldn’t leave the room while waiting for my destination, because in WWHD, you get the Swift Sail which drastically decreases the amount of time you spend sailing meaning that Link would be waiting a while before you even get back. Then there’s the Ballad of Gales so you can teleport to the major places or close to them.
            Another reason would be the fact that there could be unexpected treasure. Also, discovering new islands and filling the the sea chart takes a while and by the time you’re done you would’ve got the Swift Sail and definitely got the arrows so you can get the Ballad of Gales.

            Personally, flying was boring and was a chore to get from one island to another. Those speed boost portals weren’t exactly efficient. There was also no depth to anywhere you go. The sky wasn’t exactly pretty either, clouds everywhere… maybe an HD remaster will fix that but who knows. Flying is slow, not fast, it definitely felt slow to me, that’s why it was so boring and a chore. There were barely any threats too, besides that thundercloud area. There was also depth to flying. With sailing, you could fight back and blow up rocks with a cannon and find treasure with the grappling hook. There’s a lot more depth to sailing than flying. Sailing is better than flying and that’s a fact.

            Another point I’d like to make about sailing is that it makes you feel like you’re on a journey, an adventure even.

            Moving on from sailing and stuff… the combat: That’s what I meant by lots of knockback in WW’s combat. Those other other points you mention though I don’t understand at all, seemed quite smooth to me both visually and sound.

            I suppose I’d have to agree with you on the dungeons, but aren’t all dungeons linear?
            Also, what do you mean by ‘song of the puppeteer’?

            Every game has that sort of issue with introducing characters, why single WW out? Do you have some sort of bias?
            I just like Medli’s personality, in fact, I ship Link and Medli. Also, throwing her into walls was hilarious.
            Other characters are great too. I could list a bunch if you want.
            Storywise, I couldn’t be surprised by Tetra being Zelda because I played PH first so I was spoiled, but I can imagine it being a surprise because it’s handled differently. Tetra appears at the beginning, her personality is way different and you would have no evidence to suggest that she’s Zelda. A first time player who hasn’t seen anything would think she’s a fearsome pirate, only up until they maybe either see her room when getting the bombs or when she appears during your meeting with Ganondorf. Tetra didn’t even know about her being Zelda either.

            Of course, if they’d have done that thing a third time, then that WOULD be ridiculous.

          • Vados

            I disagree about the sidequests. The ones in SS worked far better for building the world of that game. Wind Waker has more awful sidequests than good ones tbh. The Nintendo Gallery in particular is probably the worst sidequest in any game I ever played. The korok sidequest is also kinda boring…I don’t know a single person who actually looks forward to having to sail even more. Heck even the typical combat cave, the savage labyrinth just dragged on and sucked because of Wind Waker’s slow combat mechanics.

            Yeah, the Swift Sail definitely improved traveling in this game…it also kinda goes to show how bad sailing is, if all you want is for it to be over as soon as possible. The ”unexpected treasure” you’re talking about is more often than not just a bunch of rupees that you don’t really need.

            I think flying was overall much less of a pain than the sailing though. Like I said, you won’t be doing it nearly as much and even when you do, you move quicker and the distances aren’t long (it takes like 10 seconds from Skyloft to get to any of the 3 areas on the surface). If you actually take a closer look, you’ll also notice that the speed boosters form a sort of belt across the entire sky, enabling you to get from one end to the other quite fast. And as long as you are nosediving, you won’t lose the speed of the speed booster either.
            Speaking of threats, Wind Waker wasn’t better either. You only had a few very stupid enemies that sometimes don’t even attack…seriously there was this one shark that followed me all the way from Greatfish Isle, to Windfall Island without attacking me. That’s okay though, because sea fights are even worse than the actual combat of WW. Clunky, slow and not at all satisfying.
            Sailing might have slightly more depth to it, but since it’s still WAY too boring and shallow for it to be that big of a part of the game, it’s definitely worse than flying. While it could’ve felt adventurous, I think the boring nature of it kinda blew any sort of adventurous atmosphere it could’ve had….it almost feels like sitting in a train tbh.

            I dunno, but I think due to Toon Link’s crippled proportions, none of his moves look really natural. Just look at his helm splitter. It looks really stiff and awkward. It’s the same reason why he doesn’t have any sort of kicks in Smash. His weird limbs can’t pull of good looking animation.
            And the thing about the sounddesign that just bothers me, are the cartoony soundeffects. OoT for example had these really satisfying soundeffects, that had more oomph compared to Wind Waker’s silly soundeffects. Attacks felt far more devastating in games like OoT, TP or SS.

            Well any dungeon has an optimal route, that you’ll probably figure out on repeated playthroughs. But compared to WW, other Zelda games are far better at hiding this route. I was literally never lost in any of WW’s dungeons…and to make matters worse, WW also has probably the most boring, unoriginal and easiest puzzles outside of Zelda 1.
            I meant the command melody with the song of the puppeteer. That’s how this song is called in other versions of the game 😛

            I can’t remember any other Zelda game that introduced characters as badly though. Maybe TP did it just as bad, considering how some characters just had unexplained motivations and came out of nowhere. But looking at OoT, MM and Skyward Sword, they were all far superior in that regard. I also don’t think I’m biased against WW. I grew up with that game, but after repeated playthroughs, I just think it is nowhere near as good as people claim it to be. And due to the Zelda cycle, the Wind Waker gen is REALLY vocal right now about how WW is the best Zelda game ever made.

            Eh I dunno about Tetra. I mean sure, nobody would think about her being Zelda, but that’s exactly why this sudden reveal was so stupid. Why did she even need to be Zelda? Why does Zelda actually need to be a separate form of Tetra? It just felt really forced compared to her reveal in OoT.

    • Peace Boy

      No, the game is amazing.
      I mean, if you want to deny the existence of something, try the CDi games. 😛

  • TotesMcGotes

    If they took out much of Fi’s handholding and those stupid trips to the menu every time you collect a crafting item or Gratitude Crystals when you turn the game on, I’d totally buy it. I like the game quite a bit, but that stuff was pretty annoying on the first playthrough, and it’s just downright grating on repeats. I know it sounds nitpicky, but that really adds up on the long run. Those are not the game’s only faults, but I’d be a lot more inclined to play it again with those things corrected. Judging by TP HD, where they took out the completely unnecessary “Hey! You got a Blue/Yellow Rupee! I’m pretty sure you know how much these are worth, but here it is just in case you forgot!” messages that showed up every time you turned the game on, I think they would do away with some of those nuisances.

  • Michael Philliber

    id love for it to be remade, honestly with the same, if not more accurate, controls. and hd rumble. so maybe not only 1:1 sword play, but 1:1 rumble. like your sword hits something, and you feel it in the controler. same if something hits your shield. the main thing id like ot see added is a left hand mode though, cause that is a thing.

  • Nathan

    I would love it but only if they remade it and fixed a lot of the annoying problems. I don’t need Fi to hold my hand the entire time. I don’t want to do those annoying imprisoned battles, I’d like to see them altered so you have to use items you get to take the imprisoned down. Something has to be done about all those Silent Realms, they are more than a bit annoying; I’d call them the worst part of the game.

    • Michael Philliber

      there are 3 silent realms and all 4 of them are different. thats one of the best parts of SS. like Fir ye i get why people dislike here. 3 imprisoned fights, with the last two being right next to eachother ye thats annoying. 4 different silent realms nah those are fun imo

    • Vados

      People don’t use items when fighting the imprisoned? How the hell do you even fight his third form with just the sword?

      • By items, I think he meant not just the sword. Like using the whip to pull the head down, or using bombs on the toes.

        • Michael Philliber

          “How the hell do you even fight his third form with just the sword?” he knew he meant not jsut thw sword. what the comment you repplied to issaying is you can use other items to beat him

          • Oh, I saw that but glossed over it. When I read “items” in this thread I thought people meant stuff like potions, not combat items like bombs, the whip, etc. I never used any combat items except Groose’s cannon thing to beat the 2nd and 3rd Imprisoned.

          • Michael Philliber

            i just always jumped down from the upper level onto his head so i didnt have to fight him lol. just go up a level, throw a groose bomb to stun, drop down on him. done and over

          • That’s what I did too, made it way easier

    • Kasparius

      I agree with everything except Silent realms, one of the few genuinely challenging aspects of any modern Zelda.

      • Peace Boy

        Agreed 100%.

  • Adrian Brown

    If there’s ever an HD remake of SS please keep the motion controls. Many dislike them, but propably because they dislike motion controls in general. SS has a great feeling of inmersion thanks to it’s unique gameplay.

  • Nathan Hendrix

    It needs some changes. Just make Fi less handholdy. Take off the treasure descriptions every time you reload the game. Improve the motion controls. Add sidequests that aren’t fetch quests.

    • Michael Philliber

      i forgot the item description thing, pls if they remove anything let it be that. let it be that x1000. that was so bad every time i loaded my save

  • Nowhere Man

    Well, I liked it more than TP, and I bought TPHD, so I’d definitely get this.

  • Vados

    Definitely. Just remove all of its annoyances (Fi constantly erupting out of your butt/ item messages), make the motion controls even better (joy cons are more precise than Wii Motion+ from what I’ve heard) and add a few things, like more and bigger islands in the sky.

  • I think the game itself is perfect the way it is, however, the low display resolution hurts my eyes on my new TV.
    And maybe stop Link from relearning about treasure each time you resume the game.

  • Definitely. Like everyone else said:

    1. Remove the item messages
    2. Remove the Fi handholding
    3. Remove some of the annoying-for-annoying’s-sake stuff (fetch quests, Imprisoned x3 etc)
    4. Replace the deleted content with some serious new content (not this Cave Of Ordeals But You Can Only Do It As The Wolf nonsense), islands in the sky, etc
    5. Update the art

    The story in SS was magical, the game just had some undercooked mechanics.

    • Dylan

      and don’t forget if they want to go the voice acting route take a cue and maybe just hire the actors who did plotline plus’s skyward sword. also more islands and collectables.

  • Jesiah Grant

    If it was remade I don’t want to be swinging joycons…

    • Peace Boy

      Sorry dude, but Nintendo put motion controls in those things for a reason.

      • Jesiah Grant

        Sometimes i wanna be a vegetable and use buttons and sticks to control my characters. I cannot imagine the hassle of playing skyward sword in portable mode :/ all in all I’d still buy it if they sold it on the switch. I really hope nintendo will tell us some news about virtual console…I want all my classic zelda games on one device

        • Peace Boy

          Some games can be locked to just playing on the TV and tabletop mode. You’ll see that on the back of 1-2 Switch’s box art. So Skyward Sword HD might not be playable in handheld mode.

  • Valter Kittler

    no. the graphics and art style just fit the wii. motion controls as well. wanna bring it to the switch? keep motion controls, dont make it only HD, it would be a downgrade. make it better.

  • Kasparius

    It would need more than a facelift. Motion controls should be optional and a ton of Fi’s interfering would need to be toned way down. Easily the most unbearable Zelda companion.

    • Shado Cat

      Wow. I never got to play Skyward Sword but I can’t imagine a companion more irritating than Navi.

      • Peace Boy

        Fi comes out by herself unnecessarily which is annoying, she also talks a LOT more, text scrolling slower in SS makes that worse, and her signal is worse than Navi’s I think if I remember correctly.

      • Kasparius

        No, really. In Star Wars term, Navi is an Ewok, Fi is Jar-Jar Binks

  • AJK

    I’m just replaying this now. A HD remake would be great. Keep the motion controls and improve them with the higher fidelity of the Joycons. Remove the irritating item messages and make Fi shut up, and add a few new islands in the sky and I would rebuy this in a heartbeat.

  • It’s a little early to be remaking this game, don’t you think? I mean, it’s not really outdated. I love remakes and all that, but I think it’s a little excessive. Remakes are meant to either add content, or else to make an obsolete game modern again. I thought Twilight Princess was pushing it, but we certainly don’t need one for Skyward Sword.

  • Hylian Terrier

    Sure why not? It’s the only 3D Zelda that hasn’t been remade in HD/3D yet so might as well. It could use a lot of improvements though.

  • Xaragon

    -Upscale to 1080p
    -Remove those damn messages when you recollect items!
    -Have motion controls with the joycons and a standard control scheme for portable mode, Pro Controller, etc. No, this will not ruin the game in any way, yes it is possible to have this game with standard controls, there is nothing in this game that cannot be done with normal controls. Also include a third-person camera if possible.
    -Speed up the text, like OoT3D, in fact, outright remove several pages of Fi’s text.
    -Eliminate all or most interruptions.
    -Hero Mode unlocked by default.
    -This might require extra programming, but restore Twilight Princess’ ability to swing the sword while moving.
    -Adjust random drop rates, make materials drop more frequently in Hero Mode.

    I’m not going to expect voice acting or added islands, but I would like to see more islands in the sky so you’re not just jerking it as you move through a vast void of nothing.

    • Peace Boy

      Yes, there is something in the game that can’t be done with normal controls. If an enemy is blocking and you have to swing your sword in a specific way, then you’re screwed.
      Everything else I agree with though, but why do you want more frequent drop rates in Hero Mode?

      • Xaragon

        “If an enemy is blocking and you have to swing your sword in a specific way, then you’re screwed.”
        Nope, Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Metal Gear Rising all had workarounds for situations like this even if they didn’t exist in the N64 and Gamecube games. Holding Z/L would make Link use vertical slashes. Even without it, you could still change the direction he swung in with the control stick.
        Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance gives you Blade Mode, which allows instant 360 degrees of sword slashes which often required more precision than anything Skyward Sword demanded, and it was all done with the 360 controller, Dualshock3, or Mouse+Keyboard. It could be done with the Switch Controllers with no issues.

        “but why do you want more frequent drop rates in Hero Mode?” because those claws would never drop for me and it got on my nerves when I was trying to grind for materials. Since Hero Mode doesn’t drop hearts, I think it would be a nice reward for playing on the harder difficulty. Just drop supplies instead of hearts.

        • Peace Boy

          Wouldn’t programming 2 completely different control schemes take a lot of work and resources?
          Something I forgot: You said “third-person camera”, now unless I’m misunderstanding something, you want something that’s already in 3D Zelda gamea , including SS. Zelda isn’t a first person game…

          • Xaragon

            I don’t think it would take too much time or resources. All the stuff is there, it would be a matter of deciding which button does what; if they’re porting it to Switch, it’s going to have a new control scheme anyway because you have more buttons on the R Joycon than the Wii remote. Probably map C to the right stick button, add a psuedo-blade-mode to the L button (holding it would disable the third-person camera and let the R analog stick control how the sword moves), have B swing the sword horizontally [vertically while targetting like the N64 games], have Y and X do something else, I dunno.

            ‘Third-Person Camera’ in this context means the camera controls you have in Wind Waker, Twilight Princess (GC & HD) and Majora’s Mask 3D that’s controlled with the Right analog / C stick. Complete control over the third-person camera, to be more specific. This feature is currently absent in Skyward Sword.

          • Peace Boy

            I think that would complicate the sword combat. Moving the sword with the stick may sound okay in theory but I can imagine it not feeling very good. You need to do fast sword slashes a lot of the time and trying to do that with a stick would probably be very uncomfortable.

          • Xaragon

            Have you ever played Metal Gear Rising? It has a lot of Skyward Sword’s 360 degree sword mechanics and playing it would give you a clear idea on what I mean. It’s about as simple as holding a button and tapping the stick.
            Having actually done this, I can say it’s more comfortable than you’d believe. The game lets you do several slashes in rapid succession, you can dice enemies up into tiny pieces, and the game often makes you use it to cut very specific parts of enemies, like you need to split them down the middle to get their energy cells, or cut off their arm just right so you can get the enemy’s information details.
            Skyward Sword didn’t demand as much precision as MGR, and people have already played the game using a 360 controller in the past anyway.

          • Peace Boy

            Okay, I’ll take your word for it then I suppose, but we’ll see what Nintendo does.
            I never played any Metal Gear game, never been interested in that series.

  • Madison

    Skyward sword was my least favorite Zelda in recent memory. Wonky controls, annoying collect-a-thons, the same message prompts appearing over and over and replying the same bosses again and again. Pass

    • Peace Boy

      The controls were great, they made the game feel more immersive and I didn’t mind collecting, And while the repeated messages is an issue, a minor one at that, it can be fixed in an HD remaster.
      Where are you getting same bosses over and over again from? If we’re talking about main bosses then there’s 6 unique bosses and 3 repeated ones, but 2 of those repeated ones (Ghirahim, The Imprisoned) at least had some differences unlike Bowser in nearly every Mario game.

      The fact that you’re listing a few false and only a couple minor negatives is stupid. I enjoyed the game because of its great immersive controls, epic bosses, excellent story and great characters. It has one of the best Zeldas and one of the best stories in Zelda. That makes it one of my favourites, despite a few negatives I had with the game.
      It’s actually tying number 1 in my favourites Zelda games with TP. 😛

      • disqus_tl4ykEDyOz

        Totally cool. I respect your opinion

        • Peace Boy

          This is called “Daily Debate” for a reason, I was merely arguing your points, some of which were false if you even notice.

  • Armyghy

    No. It’s the weakest in the series.

    • Peace Boy

      No, that title belongs to OoT. 😉

    • Daniel Rasmussen

      Disagree, I feel it is one of, if not the stongest.

  • Peace Boy

    Definitely, one of the best Zelda games. They could improve the motion controls because of the Joy Cons having better motion.
    And all the other obvious problems which people have mentioned already…

  • •december

    100%. I don’t even understand why anyone would disagree!
    I might’ve played Ocarina of Time and MM in the 90s when it first came out but Skyward Sword was my favourite Zelda after those two since, then Twilight Princess and (looks at smudged writing beneath hand) Loz Waker Wind

  • veronica sjögren

    IF they make a HD Remake of Skyward Sword, I sincerely hope they let us get the choice to turn off Fi’s endless talking(or help) that bothered me all throughout the game…

  • Ciel

    To be honest, I think Skyward Sword 3D on the NN3DS, using the new C-stick to replace motion controls, could be very interesting.

    • Peace Boy

      Then you lose the camera and the prettyness of the game.

  • Linkchu

    What I think they should do is make SSHD, but also add in a completely new game where you play as Impa, and take Zelda through her journey to remember who she really is. I just felt so much power coming from their goodbyes, so there must have been an amazing journey to lead up to that sad farewell.

  • Dark Exsphere

    this game SHOULD get a remake. two reasons. #1. tonnes of people would buy it because it came out when wii was pretty much dying (similar to how BoTW is coming when the wii u is dead – wow talk about horrible timing). #2. this game is by far one of the most beautiful looking zelda games on a PC. Would love to see it like that on the switch. not sure how portable it’d be though.