In my quest to be the very best Zelda fan I can be, I try to play at least three to five Zelda titles per year in addition to everything else I want to play (and continue every day life as well). To kick off 2017, I decided I’d start with a classic: A Link To The Past. After playing and beating it though, I felt compelled to do something I’d never done, and that was play and beat it’s direct sequel A Link Between Worlds right after.

Playing them back to back really was an eye opener and made me appreciate just how good of a job A Link Between Worlds did at recreating the world of A Link To The Past. It got me thinking of how awesome it would be if we had more direct sequels like that for other Zelda titles.

I know games like Phantom Hourglass and even Majora’s Mask were sequels in their own right, but I’m talking same setting, same basic overworld. I would love to revisit the Kokiri Forest of Ocarina of Time in a new adventure or check back in the world of Skyloft a few years after the events of Skyward Sword.

What do you guys think? Should there be more direct sequels to classic games, or should the series keep it new and fresh instead? Hash it out in the comments below.

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  • Kasparius

    Link Between World is in my top 3, so sure.

  • Chris Jagucki

    Just wanted to make a small correction: A Link Between Worlds is not a direct sequel to A Link to the Past, and takes place sometime after Link’s Awakening (despite the fact it is called Triforce of the Gods II). Tri Force Heroes is the direct sequel to ALBW during the latter part of the Golden Era.

    I’m ALWAYS game for direct sequels of any kind, especially if there will be a direct sequel to BotW, which is coming out in 19 days. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got an expansion or some form of DLC by Christmas 2018.

  • Christian Beach

    I would love to see a direct sequel to Breath of the Wild in the near future.

  • TheMiddleClassTaxSlave


  • RiverDevil

    Yes, it’s pointless to spend so many hours with a character, investing in them, only to discard them after one journey. Not having direct sequels also limits your story to essentially one: a hero origin story, which gets stale. You can dress it up in different ways, sure, but it boils down to the main driver of the game’s action being the growth from a nobody to a hero. Contrast this with MM or LA, where, although you still need to gain items/abilities as your progress, etc, it’s more about navigating this strange new world and figuring out what’s going on

    • Sentinel

      I completely agree. That’s why Lorule was a complete letdown for me.

      Seriously, was a retooled Dark World the best they could think of? Giving Lorule more originality would have made it more memorable to me.

  • Alex

    Yes and No

    Direct sequel would work within context of Link’s continuing adventure in vein of Link’s Awakening, Majora’s Mask, Spirit Tracks, and A Link Between World.

    While ALBW works neatly within similar overworld, the story allows it to differ from the original. I can’t imagine the same might works again for next game that utilize the same overworld. I prefer to explore a whole new land/world/dimension.

  • Jesse Kwak

    Yes. I would like a “trilogy conclusion” to the hero of time’s story, taking place after MM when Link returns to Hyrule. Use the same overworld like ALBW did with ALTTP, but have it drastically changed while Link’s been away, new locations opened up, etc.

  • Vados

    Not interested. I’d prefer to see Link going on a new adventure into different lands. It just offers more new things, instead of making you explore hyrule again, in search for the Master Sword/Triforce/Zelda. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I just love how fresh games like the Oracle Series or Majora’s Mask feel.

    • Funnily enough both of those are direct sequels to some extent.
      If anything I think direct sequels offer MORE opportunities for games where Link explores different places, since he would already have saved Hyrule in the previous game.

      • Vados

        Yeah, but the article referred to direct sequels like ALBW, which take place in the same world as an earlier game. I like direct sequels in which Link ventures out in the world, instead of staying in Hyrule.

  • Theblueblur

    Hell to the yes.

  • Great_Scott

    Hmm, I think I would love more direct sequels so long as they are well thought out and stand on their own independent of their predecessors. Imagine playing Breath of the Wild’s world map, only to discover portals to the golden land/dark world, or twilight world. And the player has to travel between both… There’s a potential to reuse assets from past games to speed up development for an even bigger adventure.

  • Dylan

    everyone here summed it u best, so mixed for me as well. I would love to see some direct sequals to see where some of our favotie links have been up to. and some dserve a one off and go on.

  • TheHappyMask

    ALBW worked so well because it let us see a new perspective on an old map, including improving the visuals. For example, I’m sure on the flip side we would love OoT map 2D top down classic perspective.

  • Hylian Terrier

    Yes I would, if it is done right.

  • Sentinel

    That depends on your definition of a direct sequel. Both Majora’s Mask and Spirit Tracks are direct sequels but do different things to change things up.

    Then you get games like ALBW that just blatantly copy and paste with no ounce of originality. I could do with less of those and more of the former.

    • Become a wall painting + able to get all items at beginning of game
      A couple ounces of originality

    • Bacon Informer

      “games like ALBW that just blatantly copy and paste with no ounce of originality”
      How do I disown people in discord?

    • Great_Scott

      A Link Between Worlds was a completely different game. Different story, different game mechanics, different method of collecting items, and completing dungeons. Sure the world map and traversing between two separate worlds stayed the same, but A Link to the Past is a very highly game and a direct follow up is what fans had wanted for a long time.

      • Sentinel

        In other words, just a bunch of sheep who can’t let go of the past. The nostalgia-blind gave birth to ALBW.

        I’m just glad that both OoT 3D and MM 3D outsold ALBW. At least the REAL good Zelda games did better.

        • ben wills

          LOL WHAT?

          You’re criticizing a game that borrowed from a previous game but added in a wealth of new content, but are glad that literal remakes with nothing new outsold it? Who is nostalgia blind? What has no ounce of originality? Oh, and MM3D hasn’t outsold ALBW.

          Please put more thought into your posts.

          • Shado Cat

            They are not criticizing OoT. Sentinel felt like he needed to insult people who liked an older style game and Great Scott pointed out that there’s not much difference between OoT and the older style games. The point was that if Sentinel wants to try to make himself superior for liking OoT he’s failing because it wasn’t that different except for perspective. I agree with Great_Scott.

        • Great_Scott

          I love OoT, but lets be honest here, Link had to visit three temples before gaining access to the master sword, at which point her was swept away to an unfamiliar land (in OoT’s case, 7 years into the future), where he had to travel back and forth between the worlds to gain access to themed temples and finally fight the main villain which coincidentally took place in the dark world/future location of Hyrule castle. The difference between ALttP and OoT is the camera perspective so your argument is very flawed and hypocritical.

          And also what ben wills said… you are the “sheep who can’t let go of the past.”

  • It would be cool to get some ‘short tales’ type sequels to answer questions.
    like Rogue one: A star wars story
    you could have:
    Kasuto Town: A Hyrule Legend (story of Kasuto from L.A unfolds)
    Spy-rule (story of Sheik as a Spy on Ganondorf in OoT – needs a better name)

    Protagonist Link or even better other character’s in Hyrule. A young Sahasrahla in LTTP

  • ben wills


  • Ciel

    I want a Zelda game where you use the Ocarina of Time to mess with a previous Zelda game.

  • AndyKat

    I loved LBW because LttP was my absolute favorite, but I would also love to see more direct sequels, perhaps OoT, TP, and SS those seem like they could have amazing sequels.

  • K2L

    “In my quest to be the very best Zelda fan I can be”

    After the atrocious article you wrote the other way, you still have a long way to walk.

    Also, ALBW is not a strict “direct sequel” to ALTTP, as it stars a different Link in a distant age to that of the latter game. The actual direct sequels are Oracle of Ages and Seasons.

    As for whether I’d like to see more (REAL) direct sequels…. well, if thet can take less time to come out, then I’m all for it.

  • Tri

    I prefer new content rather than sequels. Even if that content is objectively bad, they at least will know they tried something new. That’s my take on it anyway. Same goes for movie sequels. I vastly prefer original content than reboots and sequels.

    • Shado Cat

      You typically get more original content with a new game then with expansions.

  • Seamus McGee

    I don’t see a need for direct sequels, especially with the series’ lore; but if they’re done right, they could be masterpieces.

  • dark.isatari

    I like it yes. It’s all about being done well, and LBW was awesome ^^