The other day, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma raised our hopes for another 2D Zelda game on the Nintendo Switch. I think we can all agree the 2D titles possess an amount of charm the larger main console titles do not have. However, there’s a bit of confusion as to what 2D could mean.

There’s the 2D pixel style, like The Minish Cap and Link’s Awakening. Then there’s the technically 3D but referred to as 2D top-down games like A Link Between Worlds and Spirit Tracks (we’ll call these 2.5D). Which style would you like to see on the Switch? I would personally like to see the original Zelda game for NES remade in an A Link Between Worlds style, but perhaps others would like to see a brand new pixelated game.

Let us know your answer in the comments below, and remember to keep the debate civil.

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  • AnonymousGX

    I think Zelda was always about pushing the consoles to their limits, and hence has outgrown 2D. Unless there’s a new console who can only handle Pixels…

    • Jaxad0127

      So you’d rather see the 2.5D (like ALBW)?

      • AnonymousGX

        Over 2D? Yes.

        Over 3D? If,
        1) it’s still pushing the hardware as far as it could go.
        2) if it’s either following the gameplay of a 2(.5)D Zelda, or the top-down is a defining feature of gameplay mechanics.

  • Chris Jagucki

    To be completely honest, I’m fine with both.

  • Sanic11


  • Dadertrix

    I’d personally prefer a zelda II remake 2 or 2.5d

  • pbrvs

    Maybe as an eShop game, for half the price of a full game at most.

  • Dylan

    maybe it depends would it be soemthign like ALBW? or soemhign that could eb easily digestible nd fun like an eshop exclusive.

  • Redead Link

    I’m not really into 2D Zelda games but I really enjoyed ALBW (and Link’s Awakening although i never finished it). So if Nintendo decided to release a new one then I wouldn’t mind at all.

  • Bacon Informer

    Pixels are bettur

  • Xaragon

    I’ve considered maybe try a vector style. Have the game use 2D vectors for the art so it will look good no matter what resolution you play on.
    If you don’t know what I mean, vectors are like 2D polygons so they can look good in any resolution. Making a top-down Zelda game like this would technically make it closer to the 3D games while preserving the 2D art and animation. Maybe even make more important objects 3D like the Pokemon and Paper Mario games. I’d probably call it 2.25D. It wouldn’t be sprites but it would look like sprites.

  • RiverDevil

    “Then there’s the technically 3D but referred to as 2D top-down games like A Link Between Worlds and Spirit Tracks ”


    • JasonBall

      Lol which part?

      • Jonathan Vega

        OoT has stealth when you sneak to the castle in order to meet Zelda for the first time.

        As for MM, I don’t remember. But yeah, saying that PH or ST are 3D because of a couple of boss battles is like saying OoT is a Stealth game because of that mission.

        • JasonBall

          I think they mean that the graphics are 3D models.

          • Jonathan Vega

            And that’s exactly the sarcasm implied in the original comment: discussing gameplay styles and then calling Phantom Hourglass and A Link Between Worlds as 3D games because the graphics are 3D models is as valid as classifying OoT as a stealth game because it has exactly one 5 minute stealth mission.

    • Darrin W. Harr
      • RiverDevil

        Of course, it isn’t. But saying these titles are not “technically”
        2D because they have a few minutes of boss battles with a 3d perspective is like saying OoT and MM are stealth games

        • Darrin W. Harr

          Camera perspective has nothing to do with 2D/3D. This video explicitly shows the game is 3D. Most of it is top down, but that doesn’t mean it’s 2D.

  • Kasparius

    As long as it’s a great game, I don’t care

  • Paper Zelda

    • Seconding Paper Zelda.

      Thirding through infinitying Paper Zelda.

    • tabascoman

      Yarn Zelda,
      starring tetra

  • wolfie2017

    I’d love a new 2D top-down Zelda. Especially if it was done in a new art style. ALttP is still my favorite Zelda game, and ABW was a worthy successor. Nintendo could really experiment with a new 2D Zelda’s look.

  • I asume Nintendo went with the 2.5D style for ALBW specifically because of the 3D effect, so if we are talking about a top down zelda for switch having 3D models kind of loses its meaning. I think I’d rather see something that looks more hand-painted personally.

  • dark.isatari

    Big fan of the 2D games!! But I think the LBW style of 3D from a mostly 2D perspective may be the way forward

  • Tri

    I mean, I’m a sucker for good pixel art. I’m game for that. I’m also game for another new art style that hasn’t been done yet! 3D or otherwise, I don’t have any real strong opinions about this.

  • Hylian Terrier

    Eh, I don’t really care honestly. As long as it’s a good game.

  • JasonBall

    Aka sprites.

  • LittleGreen

    Another Zelda II style game just because

    • Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson

      I’d prefer a Halo style shooter Zelda. Or just to be shot in the head. XD

  • John Malletman

    An official Zelda Maker with the following tilesets:

    Original Legend of Zelda.

    Link to the Past/Four Swords Adventures.

    Link’s Awakening/Oracle

    Minish Cap/Four Swords GBA.

    Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks

    Link Between Worlds.

    Triforce Heroes (might be included with PH and ST).

    • Fabrizio Silveri

      It’d hard to find proper “makers”, though, Zelda is so vast… Maybe with the possibility of joining others in a team of builders, though, it’d be Nintendo’s Minecraft!

  • avalpsychicguy

    2.5D, please. A Link Between Worlds is easily my favorite top-down Zelda game, graphicswise. I’ve also really enjoyed the graphical styles of other 2.5D games, like Ittle Dew 2.

  • Kevin Adonay Rosales

    I’m begging for a 2D Zelda title Luke Minish Cap or Alttp. It’s been a long while since a 2D Zelda came, so I’d like to see one again.

  • Fabrizio Silveri

    I’d like to see Nintendo try a 2D pixel art or, even better, a 2D cell shaded art, something on the UbiArt style, but on a close-to-topdown view.
    It would suit a game like Zelda so well, and it would also match the feel of BotW 3D graphics!
    Also, I’d love to see a Zelda and Zelda II remake, the Switch is definitely the right console to do it!

  • Nowhere Man

    2D. I prefer the visuals to MC and ALTTP than the four 2.5D games. Also, get Capcom to develop it. Their games are my favorite 2D titles.

  • Taipan

    2.5D. I rather liked how A Link Between Worlds looked

  • DapperNathaniel

    I love top down titles, especially when they’re true 2-d, but I feel like they’re much better suited to handhelds than consoles. Maybe that’s just because you’re already looking down at a handheld so it feels natural?
    I know the Switch can be both, but I’ll likely treat it more like a console unless I’m traveling. Either way I still prefer pixel based or at least sprite based in some way for top-down style. 2.5D worked for Link Between Worlds because it added elements like the wall movement that worked better in 3d.

  • Creative Alias

    I think it would be interesting to see a game done with an art style like the Project Octopath Traveler thing has. Taking the beautiful simplicity of tradtitional sprites, and adding beautiful modern lighting and shading techniques to that. I’d say that would be the best looking way to go, since honestly, I think ALBW looked rather ugly. I get that part of it had to do with the fact that the 3DS hardware is low key high key trash, so to achieve a stable 60fps they couldn’t push the visuals very far at all, but the art style looked more like plastic toys than a 3D interpretation of ALttP’s art style. I’d rather see them make a really beautiful 2D game than another visually uninteresting, plastic 2.5D game.

  • hmm… I say make it challenging… go daring Other M style. make a top down zelda/ 4 swords game, but once you enter caves or dungeons have it go console zelda style. Make a name for the switch.

  • MusubiKazesaru

    It depends on the game, but generally pure 2D games have been better looking with aLttP and Minish Cap actually looking better than stuff in the DS games and aLBW overall, but in the case of aLBW a 2.5D style is perfect because of how the game works and it’s brilliant because of that so both are fine in my book.

  • Peace Boy

    I don’t mind honestly.
    I still call ALBW, PH, and ST 3D, they’re just not 3rd person. They’re 3D top down.
    I would like to see a new 2D artstyle in a Zelda game though, all shiny in HD and stuff.