The Zelda series, along with its canon storyline, has some pretty crazy theories surrounding it. From simple questions, such as what happened to Kakariko Village along the timelines, to elaborate and huge suggestions such as the Link Is Dead theory, there seems to be no end to the fan theories. But, which ones are the most interesting out there? To answer this question, YouTube group Top 10 Gaming made a video of the top ten Zelda theories.

The video covers theories such as Link Is Dead, The Zelda Inception, and even the Tetraforce. Sure, some of these theories have been proven wrong, mostly by Nintendo, but rejection of theories doesn’t stop the fans from speculating and saying “What if”. It is always fun to ask questions and raise speculations, so we can probably expect the theory factory to keep whirling hard.

What do you think? Did you find your favorite theory in this video? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Coral the Llama

    Jeez that thumbnail. I thought this site was family friendly.

    • Dylan

      and I thought Coralsola’s were Llama’s. but yeah, that is one strange thumbnail.

    • Dreamwalker

      What a prude.

    • Thomas Foolery

      It’s even funnier when you remember that ZI removed a video thumbnail because some guy cried about how it had Pepe the Frog on it lmao.

  • that video is trash. cuccos are invincible? thats a theory that nobody cares about

  • Parf McBarf

    Why did you change the thumbnail? Did you trigger someone?

  • Xaragon

    “nobody has yet found a way to kill [a cucco].”
    Link’s Awakening, magic powder.
    Favorite Zelda theory of mine is the Doom Guy is a reincarnation of Link.