Welcome to the Cave of Trials. The premise is simple: Every week, two characters from The Legend of Zelda series will duke it out for the Zelda Informer Championship. Whoever has more votes at the end of the week, wins. This is strictly a popularity contest, not who you think would win in a fight; so vote for who you like better! The winner will then go on next week to defend the title against a new challenger, as decided by you guys! That’s right, leave a name in the comments of who you want to see step up next and the character with the most votes will get their chance to dethrone the champion next week! Be warned though – a character only has one shot, so choose wisely. If a champion is successful in defending their title for six weeks in a row, that champion will be retired and the title declared vacant!

Well… that was surprising.


Last week, we offered up series villain Ganondorf to challenge Midna, believing it would be a close fight. The end result though proved otherwise. After absolutely bludgeoning Ganondorf and defeating him by doubling up his vote count, it’s fair to say that Midna looks unstoppable heading into this, her final championship match. Is there anyone that can stop her from punching her ticket to destiny? There is one who’s going to try.


Tetra, the girl with the secret destiny will try and stop Midna. Can Midna become the first undisputed Champion? Let’s find out!


Cave of Trials: Week Fifteen

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Current Champion Record

Week Ten – Midna (52%) def. Hero’s Shade (48%)

Week Eleven – Midna (75%) def. Nabooru (25%)

Week Twelve – Midna (70%) def. The King of Red Lions  (30%)

Week Thirteen – Midna  (57%) def. Dark Link (43%)

Week Fourteen – Midna (65%) def. Ganondorf (35%)

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  • Christian Beach

    I’m really just voting for whoever’s going against the champion at this point. 😛

  • Jebradiah Drake

    Oh my gosh I’m so conflicted!

  • JasonBall

    This is so ****ing ********.

    • Jebradiah Drake

      I’m not sure what you mean? My first guess would be “annoying” but what did you mean?

      • JasonBall

        I’m insulting the contest because it’s an absolute joke.

        • Jebradiah Drake

          Ok but what were you actually saying?

          • JasonBall

            I wouldn’t censor it if I wanted to just say it. Use your imagination.

          • Jebradiah Drake

            What does it rhyme with?

          • JasonBall

            Special Ed

          • Jebradiah Drake

            Oh. That’s rude.

          • JasonBall

            This conversation isn’t very great either. Why do you think I would censor it if it weren’t rude. See what happens when you pry?

        • Rod Lloyd

          In what ways can the contest be improved?

          • JasonBall

            You can have it be an actual normal competition, with multiple separate brackets between totally different characters that eventually narrow it down to two finalists, like an actual contest instead of “Midna versus X character” every few days.

            Also, I still see people that don’t understand it’s about popularity, not actual fighting. So you could call it “most popular Zelda character 2017 competition” and do it every year to easily track trends, instead of naming it after the thing where lots of physical fighting takes place, confusing people.

            You could also make sure it stays bumped to the top of the homepage since they are weeklong polls. That way people who are avid sitegoers that see every post, a group of people maybe more likely to vote one way, won’t have an edge over semiregulars like me that possibly vote another way.

            Thanks for asking!

          • tabascoman

            Dude, it’s just a popularity contest.
            It literally says that in the description

          • Andy Spiteri

            Why are you so mad a character you don’t like is winning? It’s not a once a year tournament with brackets – if you want something like that, I’d recommend checking out Zelda VS. This is an ongoing series. It’s states at the front it’s a popularity contest, It’s pinned to the front site slider, and it posts at the same time every week. In other words, the format won’t be changing anytime soon.

            Try and have some fun with it. The great thing is, there’s always next week if you’re not a fan of a certain character.

          • JasonBall

            I’m not mad, I’m trying to make a fun thing funner. Right now, throwing everyone against Midna isn’t super fun to watch. Would it be so horrible to implement some changes? Are my suggestions really so bad?

          • Andy Spiteri

            The good thing is, this will be the last week you see Midna. Should she win this week, she’ll be retired and two guys next week will duke it out. Your ideas are cool, very GameFAQS-ish, but not really what Cave of Trials is about. Like I said, I think the Zelda VS concept is more what you’re looking for.

          • JasonBall

            Okay, so no changes on the grounds that the less than perfect thing was designed to be as such and so should stay that way?

          • Terminatwilisamieru98

            This is very strange. It’s like saying that Ocarina or Majora must retire from the best list of zelda games because both always win. I think Midna had to be left aside except in the finals, she is basically a game’s story and the best zelda companion so far. Putting her against every character and retire is not fair.

          • richa

            Or make it as battle contest instead of popularity 😀

            So we can write down the powers, people vote and tell why he or she would win the battle.

  • tabascoman

    Pirate bae for the win!

  • Dezel Seraphim

    Midna’s gonna win for sure. Tetra can suck it.