Breath of the Wild‘s first DLC pack launches June 30th. Included in the pack is a new item called the Travel Medallion, which when placed anywhere on the map will allow Link to teleport to it. This new method of fast travel will let players easily return to areas far away from any other established fast travel points.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse

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  • Darkstar

    That will be very useful.

  • Tripp Dinger

    We kind of already knew it was going to do that. What we still don’t know is if you’ll be able to pick it back up after the first time you place it. Something that would be far more useful than a one time use only item. Granted, by the point this comes out, most people will have probably done all the shrines and side quests already. So, at this late in the release cycle of the game, I’m not really sure how useful it will be. And given the total fetch quest nature of many of the shrine quests and side quests, I kind of feel like this should have been included from the start. Especially, if you can pick the medallion back up after initially placing it. It will certainly be helpful to anyone that still has to do a certain blood moon related quest. Though the chances of people not having finished that quest by this point, seem kind of low to me.

    • llibertygamer

      Probably meant to streamline future playthroughs.

      • Tripp Dinger

        Yeah, but again, it will only do that if you can pick it up again after the first time you’ve used it and use it again. If it’s an item that once you’ve set it down that new warp point becomes permanent and you can’t change your mind, it becomes kind of useless, no matter what really. And everything we’ve read about the medallion has yet to really answer the question of if it’s a one time use item or a re-useable item. And that’s a very important question to answer, because it either means Nintendo added something that seems useful but ultimately isn’t to the game, or they added something useful that actually is, at least, as long as you’re starting from scratch. It may also become useful again once the new story DLC breaks, we’ll have to see. But again a re-usable medallion will be truly useful, a one time use one, not so much.

    • Wesley Gage

      It will also be useful for those playing through the game again in Master difficulty

    • Vados

      …I’m kinda curious how many people actually replay the game…because I do that quite frequently.

      • pedrobrvs

        I just started replaying it yesterday. I was holding ’til I got the Nintendo Switch but that seems so far off that I couldn’t wait anymore. This time around I’m scrubbing all the floors in Hyrule in search of every secret, rather than just the shrines.

  • Squirrel on crack cocaine.

    Can’t help but feel this should have been added to the game from the start.

    • Christian Beach

      To be honest the entirety of Pack 1 should’ve been added through patches and whatnot, not DLC. Pack 2 I can understand, though.

    • Jebradiah Drake

      Why is that?

  • Unsure how this works. Wouldn’t this potentially break the game? Previously you could only warp to places you’d been before, but if you’ve unlocked the map of the area, couldn’t you just warp to the edges of it? For example, would this make it possible for you to skip the road to zora’s domain the first time you get there by placing the medallion on rora’s domain?

    • Arianna Story

      I don’t remember where, but I remember them saying that the warp is placed where you’re currently standing. So a Farore’s Wind deal, yup. 🙂

    • Tripp Dinger

      If it’s only placed where you’re currently standing considering how many shrine quests there are, where you need to go off somewhere before you’re even able to activate the shrine and do something, so you don’t have a warp point to that location. The shrine quest that requires photos of guardians comes to mind. Before you activate that shrine, which you can’t do until after you’ve obtained all the various guardian photos, is no where near another warp point. So, getting back to the location after obtaining the photos is kind of a pain. The blood moon shrine is also kind of a pain to unlock, since you run the risk of missing your chance to unlock the shrine when getting there from the closest warp point. I can absolutely seeing this being useful for fetch quest type shrine quests or side quests. But it will only really be useful if you can reuse it. If it’s a one time use sort of thing, the ability to ad a new warp point, that’s permanent to the map is kind of pointless.

  • Valwin Mediaz

    Scam the DLC

    • Jesse

      No, it isn’t.