We’ve gotten loads of new footage for Breath of the Wild recently, and with comes updates to the projected size of the world based on known information from prior games and the various demos and maps shown for Breath of the Wild. What do we learn? Well, it’s a bigger world than Skyrim, and it absolutely dwarfs the biggest of worlds from prior Zelda titles. In fact, believe it or not, the entire world of Twilight Princess can almost fit inside The Great Plateau.

This was all compiled by various users on Reddit. Are you pleased with the size of the world?

Source: Reddit

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  • Marandahir

    Huh. I was under the assumption from previous estimate measurements that it was actually 5x the size of Skyrim. This makes it look like it’s only a little bit less than 2x the size of Skyrim. Oh well. It’s still huge!

    • tabascoman

      We don’t need a map that is 5x the size of skyrim. In fact, I’d say this is a good size

      • Marandahir

        No we don’t. This is a great size, and there’s good evidence that it won’t be empty really at all. I always prefer a bigger sandbox, and perhaps a future Switch-only title will be much bigger, unconstrained by the limits of the Wii U. But I’m quite happy with this. Just surprised that the past estimates were so off in reference to Skyrim (though the past TP reference seems spot-on).

    • ArynCrinn

      Because previous estimates were complete nonsense which assumed every map square was 1 square kilometer. Once people actually started looking at how that translated to the dimensions of the Temple of Time, and Link’s movement speed, it became clear that they were a good deal smaller.

  • ADHD_Link

    The only thing I’m afraid of in the face of such a big map is the indecision for my actions. Left? Right? Field? Forest? Mountains? Plot? Treasure? Massacre? Run? Horse? I want it all at once! I will follow my instincts and see where they lead me. But all I know is:
    Objective 1: Greet All Dogs (and cats if I see any).
    Objevtive 2: Leave No Horse Behind

    • Majerah

      Yes I plan to tame horses for a good bit of the play through LOL. Most likely over 100 hours of doing so :p

    • Christian Beach

      That’s gonna be a lot of horse stables to fill. I don’t know if there are enough to take in every horse in the overworld.

      • ADHD_Link

        It’s like my objective to reach peace of mind in this lifetime: the beauty in trying the impossible.

        • TechTinker11

          Thats a interesting idea.. Keep us updated.

          • ADHD_Link

            I’ll try keeping a log. Try.

    • Marandahir

      You’ve got a lot of time to play. You can try out all those options, just not at once. It’ll give a shelf time to the game like no previous Zelda title.

    • Will Harvey

      That’s why I love these games! My first time playing Skyrim I had no idea what to do first so I simply started walking up the first road I saw, eventually ending up in Solitude after the long walk.

  • Ciel

    999 Skulltulla confirmed!?

  • Christian Beach

    In Skyrim, it took forever for me to get from one side of the map to the other. If Breath of the Wild is bigger…yowza. I just hope the world of Breath of the Wild will be filled with plenty of stuff to do.

  • Schelm of the Realm
    • ArynCrinn

      It’s very close to what I had calculated shortly after E3 as well.

  • Behemoth #InterimBoolshitBelt

    Lets just expect the game is not fill with boring and repetitive sidequest, i´m not asking deep sidequest like the ones witcher 3 have, but since playing FF XV and MGS V my biggest fear with this zelda are the sidequest.

  • Beef12345

    Some have already commented about it, but size isn’t what is going to matter here. What will matter is that it is filled with as much side quests and events as Skyrim was. Skyrim was filled with exciting cave adventures that you could just happen upon, characters that lead to fun quests out of the way of the main storyline and arguably had two main stories to complete the game (Alduin and Civil war). If BotW is huge but empty, it won’t matter, as it will just feel like it’s taking forever to cross a huge expanse of nothing.

    • tabascoman

      I loved going into random caves in skyrim, as it very much reminded me of Zelda. I’m hoping BoTW has the same feeling.

    • Galek

      Thats what i was going to say. You can compare it to Xenoblade Chronicles X, that map was Huuuuge, but it was really empty. Skyrim did have a lot of side quests to fill it up. I dont think this game will have that many but who know, i might get surprised.

      • Marandahir

        Both Xenoblades were also chock full of quests and enemies, and the second became much smaller once your character model went from being a human to giant mecha (and even smaller once you could fly over mountains and seas).

    • ADHD_Link

      I’ll trust Nintendo until I see for myself. They said they did their best to balance the content throughout (stuff to do versus emptiness). I’ll be so bitter if it feels like an empty nothing or an endless repetition of tasks. Crossing fingers!

      • Marandahir

        The issue is that people also want to be able to gallavant on a horse across open fields. If your ride is constantly interrupted by deadly Guardians or even by bokoblin arrows, it won’t be fun for long. So it’s a tough balancing act, and at times Nintendo has leaned too much on the empty side (WW’s Great Sea was slightly too empty, though this was solved by Swift Sail in WWHD; SS’s Sky world was definitely too empty). If it’s too empty, traveling becomes a chore. If it’s too choke full of enemies, traveling becomes a chore but for the opposite reason (gotta take out those enemies before I can go anywhere).

        • Dave Holland

          and yet the very natural comparison of Skyrim would lead one to believe Nintendo knew that comparison would be the first stop. I am pretty sure that they looked carefully at the pacing and made a wise decision. From all the demos I’ve seen, there are a lot of encounters, but much of them are very avoidable, if you want. So you can really choose how busy you want to be.

        • Will Harvey

          What Skyrim did for this balance was have a lot of content throughout the map but not large enemies every 30 seconds. You could ride around on a horse at your leisure, although you’d obviously miss some cool stuff.

          • Cia

            Skyrim is a horrible game. I don’t get it why people compare it to Zelda.

  • The Triforce of Shadow

    If we count the train segments, I wonder how big spirit tracks is in comparison to breath of the wild.

  • AnonymousGX

    Is that detailed square the Great Plateau? I just want to compare.

    • Schelm of the Realm

      Yes, it is 😉

    • Marandahir


    • AnonymousGX

      Thanks! It wasn’t labeled in a readable way, so I wanted to double-check.

  • Let’s please stop concerning ourselves with how big the world is, and start concerning ourselves with what they meaningfully populate it with. What matters is being able to transfer the secretive wonder of each screen of Zelda’s first map into each of those “squares” on Breath’s.

    Also, a map being yay big isn’t as important as how much within the boundary can be traversed. There’s a lot of empty water (comparatively), and how much mountain is impassable? It also doesn’t seem like there are many settlements, so I hope the ones that are there are worthwhile.

    • Marandahir

      Right. I don’t want a Daggerfall-sized world with Daggerfall-emptiness and randomness. Morrowind was much preferable. I just want a world that’s realistic in size comparing towns and villages to wilderness (Skyrim was too small compared to its settlements’ sizes, for example).

      • Skyrim’s major problem was all the damn snow. I grew up in the rural midwest, I didn’t need that in my video games, covering the ENTIRE map. I understand that Skyrim is in the north, but…that place got real boring to look at real quick.

        • Marandahir

          Go play Oblivion or Morrowind then! Morrowind especially – trade in that snow for volcanic ash and giant mushrooms!

          Also, with the continued progress of Tamriel Rebuilt, Morrowind as a game can now be played with literally twice the setting size and a multitude of varied environs that are not just ashy wastelands.

    • Jonathan Flores

      Hey, it’s fun to know an idea of how big a map is, so you can picture what it would be like to walk all that distance in real life. Knowing that BoTW map is roughly 61 sqKm, and picturing yourself walking all that area can easily give you an idea of how big the game is. Heck, a single sqKm feels massive, if you think about it. However, I’m not sure myself about the measures, as they haven’t explained what did they use to bring out the map’s measures

      • I like walking as much as the next guy, but the size of the map isn’t as interesting if there isn’t some great things to come across along the way. Just being able to look at the scenery will only go so far for the game.

  • Ciel

    I love you guys but seriously, posting anything with Reddit as the source is basically wrong by default.

    • Schelm of the Realm

      The BotW scale should be right. I came up with the same result. Cant speak for the other maps though. Especially the WW map seems way too tiny.

      • GolvMopp

        Thought so too, like you would move quite fast while sailing and it still took you a while before you arrived at the next isle.

        • Schelm of the Realm


      • Ciel

        Even things that are correct become false when they pass through Reddit. So, it’s wrong now.

        • Schelm of the Realm

          Fair enough (y)

        • HylianWarrior


      • skilarbabcock

        Groups have come together to prove the new game is 9x bigger than Skyrim. Look it up

  • HylianWarrior

    This was mine, I realize that the WW size is off. Will fix soon.
    ~ /u/HylianWarrior

    • Schelm of the Realm

      Nice work. WW might be the largest of them all I suppose. Would love to see what you come up with.

      • drnatedogg


        He did indeed update a photo using Wind Waker measurements by reddit user EvaeumoftheOmnimediu . These measurements haven’t been verified, but this map is more likely closer to true Wind Waker. Still possibly too too big however, as HylianWarrior stated on the reddit post, but compared to Breath of the Wild it becomes more believable.

        • skilarbabcock

          Now that’s hilarious xD Nintendo has said TP was the biggest Zelda game world

          • Really think about that. Wind Waker has a larger world in sheer distance, but remember that it’s also mostly ocean.

          • •december

            that doesn’t include Shadow Realm or Sky temple.
            Seeing a world map doesn’t really account for all the areas in the game,
            nor what there is actually to do in the game, so articles like these hold some bias…

          • Marandahir

            No they said that TP can fit essentially in the Great Plateau. That’s been a core assumption of all these calcs, bc Nintendo has been very clear about that.

        • Schelm of the Realm

          That seems accurate to me.

    • skilarbabcock

      J https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2bd1169cfe57cfa5bb7b6efc90adda2ef734c54963738d47f6e2f631377f7be6.jpg Just letting you know your map is inaccurate because a few group came together and all of them did the math using the map from e3 footage, to show how big it was. It’s 9 timed bigger than skyrim

      • Marandahir

        According to this Reddit board, that calculation was flawed due to some problematic assumptions.

  • juanjo_dpr9

    Glitches everywhere…here we go. By the way, is it just me or is WW way smaller than it really is? I thought it was huge considering the long distances by boat.

    • AyyJay

      Should massive distances in water really count though? i mean its just water most of it nothing was going on, so it shouldn’t really count towards the actual map.

      • Schelm of the Realm

        The sea is part of the overworld so it counts. If you start to define the overworld by the spots where something is “going on” all the maps would shrink nearly to nothing.

        • Great_Scott

          Meh, I think I’m inclined to disagree with you. The ocean in WW was in fact just an elaborate interactive loading screen as mentioned above. You have things that pop up that might keep you occupied, but for the most part, it’s all busy work/mini games while you island hop. Now with Breath of the Wild, there is land to explore, the landscape easily concealing mysteries, treasures, enemies, while in wind waker, all your islands were aligned on a grid, very neat and organized, hardly an ideal layout for those who want to explore.

          • Schelm of the Realm

            I understand what you trying say but the fact is, the sea is not a loading screen. The only things which appear randomly are the rupee barrels and the sharks. All the other things were set to have certain spots. That includes octopusses, other enemies, boats, tornados, treasures, submarines, enemy towers, the ghost ship and so on. So it must be counted as overworld. What you trying to prove here is that Windwaker doesnt deserve to have a huge overworld because you dont like it. But that doesnt make the world smaller. But if you really wanna measure the overworlds by interactive spots, Windwaker might still be bigger than Twilight Princess and smaller than Skyward Sword.

      • Marandahir

        Stuff happens in water too, whether rings of light, attacks by Gyorgs and Peahats, storms at sea, barrel jumping contests… the balance between spacing these “goings on” and lack thereof is critical, because sometimes you just want to kickback and enjoy that booming music as you race along, whether on horseback (OT, TP, BW), at sea (WW, SS, MAYBE BW), or in the sky (SS, BW (paraglider)).

      • Vados

        I think so too. I mean Miyamoto himself stated that they made distances between islands bigger to pad out the game. The ocean is essentially just an interactive loading screen.

    • because the boat was so slow

  • SomeGuy

    The worlds keep getting larger and larger but are they filled with enough interesting encounters? I’d rather have a small world with more interesting encounters than a large world with less interesting encounters.

  • Othy

    Consider this. There will be probably a lot of open areas without much. Why? Because that’s the way the real world is. The BotW team seems to make this a truly immersion world. For that to happen, there needs to be some realism.

    • alpha00zero

      From what we’ve seen, there isn’t much empty space. You walk in a direction and you’ll encounter either wildlife, NPCs, a shrine or an NPC outpost in under a minute, sometimes in less then 30secs. There is also mini-bosses to watch out for, weather changes making you unable to climb, a constant resources management (picking up plants, hunting animals, shields, weapons) since there aren’t any hearts this time around. Unless they bring back the Heart Flowers from Skyward Sword.

      There are also side-quests once you find the NPCs so there is a lot to do for the player to keep himself occupied and actively exploring. Plus, IIRC, the outposts refresh after a few days with new loot to grab, like the cut trees grow back.

      • ADHD_Link

        I believe that’s because of the nature of demos. They made sure there will be plenty to keep the lucky players interested, but I’m sure I heard someone at Nintendo (I think it was during an E3 Treehouse session, but my memory is a mess) claim that there will be a bit more empty spaces than shown so far. Now to see what they meant by that.

        • alpha00zero

          That’s not really good to hear but they could be talking about the rougher environments like cold mountain summits or harsh deserts. All I know is from what we’ve seen, it’s far and beyond much more populated than the previous games.

      • Fred

        Did you ever play Xenoblade and or Xenoblade X. Those devs helped with Breath of the Wild

        • alpha00zero

          Not Shulk’s Xenoblade but I did play through X twice. They had announced that it was a small portion of Monolith Soft that is helping and I believe it’s mostly for the optimization of the world seeing how big it is. They aren’t many. They certainly didn’t help building the physics engine.
          However I’m not sure why you are bringing that up… Xenoblade X and BotW’s worlds are vastly different in both game genre, backstory and overall optimization.

          Plus, barren places are to be expected. Even in real life on Earth, there are places that aren’t occupied by humans and some have very little wildlife (e.g.: Sahara desert and Antarctica are both very harsh environments). As long as they pack some places with towns, NPCs and enemies, it’s okay to have parts that have a little less.

          I remain cautiously optimistic about BotW being the 3D Zelda to finally strike an ideal balance in the open world segment.

    • Fyre Fry

      There will be plenty of wild creatures/animals, as well as collectibles to gather for cooking (and hopefully other forms of crafting). So, while you’re in an area with nothing to kill or loot, there will be plenty to find and endlessly collect. :Do 😛

    • Will Harvey

      But this is a game. Games are supposed to be fun, not realistic. I think they’re going the Bethesda route and stuffing every corner with content, which is how open worlds are supposed to be. Companies like Ubisoft Montreal and Rocksteady just make a barren world with tons of collectibles, and that’s rarely fun.

  • Nintendo Switch News

    I was told it’s a little bigger than GTA 5 map

    • Fyre Fry

      Is GTA V that big?

      • Nintendo Switch News


      • Will Harvey

        GTA V is huge. It just feels kind of small because you can fly.

  • how do you measure a ‘pixel’ of distance in a game?
    is it a pixel of the map or of the ground the characters are moving on?
    If its of the minimap that = the better detail the map the bigger the world is.
    if its of real distance how did you measure how many pixels there are in the real world?
    A ‘pixel’ of distance measurement would also have to take in to account the pixel size of the ‘average human’ and ‘average movement speed’ of a human to make the measurements relative.
    For example a game where a 100px avg size character runs at 100 pixels at a time vs a 50px avg size character running at 50 pixels at a time makes the map twice as big, no?

    • Ine Nai

      They mean a pixel in the image you are seeing here.

  • Jakob

    Anyone else notice the skull-shaped lake behind death mountain in the top right corner?

  • iam16bits

    But the real question is how does it compare to Daggerfall?

    • Fyre Fry

      You can look up that info on Daggerfall’s Wikipedia page. Remember, The Elder Scrolls: Arena was the entire land of Tamriel. So, I’m not sure anyone has made a game as big as those two since then. At least not like that.

      • Marandahir

        Daggerfall was still bigger, even if Tamriel is canonically much bigger than a small subset of two provinces along a single gulf (the Iliac Bay).

        Those games are really more akin to Minecraft or No Man’s Sky in their world-building though: randomly generated environs of limited land types makes for not quite such an interesting world. There’s potential in using it to cut corners and create a world but you’d need to build on NMS’ more advanced ecology and geography generating engines and take them even further. Daggerfall and Arena lacked those, and thus felt very barebones despite their huge world spaces with realistic kingdom sizes.

  • Great_Scott

    LOL, I’m just waiting for someone to discover that there’s a dark world to match the game map in size. I think that might be overkill.

    • Mansford Masters

      say what?

    • Definitely not overkill xD

    • raizelmik

      I wish

  • This means very little. Look at the “world map” for FFXV then the actual game. They could just create a large world design but only make a small fraction playable.

    • Fyre Fry

      Aeonuma has said, multiple times, that in BoTW, if you see something in the game world, be it a far away mountain or ocean or island, you can travel to it, explore it and interact with it. Everything is available. This is going to be a true open-world Zelda game.

      • Zack Duffer

        Open-air, he said. Open-air. Why they don’t like open-world, I have no idea.

        • raizelmik

          I got the impression it’s to emphasize the paragliding and climbing mechanics, which allow for vertical exploration as well, giving access to more of the 3D space or “air” of the world.

          …and to be special, because Nintendo likes to be different. Probably also that.

          • Marandahir

            Exactly. Most open world games are trapped to a 2D plane that pretends it’s 3D with heightmap landscape. Here, you can glide through the air.

        • Will Harvey

          Probably because the phrase “open world” just makes people groan now. So many franchises are going open world nowadays and Nintendo doesn’t want to be lumped in with the likes of Ubisoft.

    • But you already know that’s not true… you can climb anything

    • •december

      To be honest, the contract killed the world of Eos.
      at this very moment in time they’re expanding it…
      Lucis is quite expansive as it is, but it’s clear more areas will unfortunately not be accessible until a later date.

    • Dan0709

      BotW is quite different…

    • josh80

      But they have said many times that any place you can see, you can travel to.

  • CheeseLink302

    Is this accurate? So many of these have come out since the game was first revealed last year at E3, and there has been nothing to come out that gives us any more of an accurate reading as to the size of a game. So I’m curious: How do we know this is correct?

  • skilarbabcock

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2bd1169cfe57cfa5bb7b6efc90adda2ef734c54963738d47f6e2f631377f7be6.jpg This is more accurate. Botw has been proven mathematically to be 9x bigger than skyrim

    • Jeff

      Sshhh, go back to zelda64

      • skilarbabcock


        • Jeff

          Where u belong

    • Schelm of the Realm

      Your graphic is so inaccurate i cant even believe it exists XD

  • Thatoneguy

    Wind Waker felt way bigger then that.

    • Gigglebuns

      Maybe OOT felt smaller

  • skilarbabcock
  • Lan

    How exactly is this put together anyway? I know that Wind Waker has a lot of open ocean…but being the same size as OoT doesn’t seem right.

    • Lifeoflink

      It’s not the same size. OoT is 1.4 km squared and WW is 3.24 km squared. You need to multiply the length and width of the maps given in the image above to see the area.

  • Tri

    That. Is big.

  • Reillyington86

    It only matters if there is something to do in it.

  • •december

    As someone pointed out, as long as it got stuff to do in it too.
    Also maybe underwater/sky areas to explore? Awesome.

  • Dan0709


  • josh80

    I want to see how it compares to Xenoblade Chronicles X.

    • Marandahir

      According to Nintendo reps who spoke to me during E3 when I played the demo, it’s quite a bit larger than X.

  • Joe Peck

    He updated the map here: http://i.imgur.com/D5yBhh4.png

  • Dark-Link73

    I’m sorry but I’m always wondering how the measure the distances without official confirmation. I’ve traversed Hyrule Field and the entire land of Hyrule in OoT and, based on time travel and just relation of items in the distance and such, I can tell you Hyrule from OoT is not just 1.4 km by 1 km! Hyrule Field might be, but not the entire map. Sorry.

  • Jay

    Well that’s interesting, but I also find it weird because it contradicts its self.. it was stated that the Great Plateau was around 1-2% of the entire map by Nintendo previously. This shows the great plateau makes up roughly 4 squares, and with 320 squares total on that picture, 4 squares falls between 1 and 2% of the map. Seems good so far based on previous reports

    This same image states that Twilight Princess can almost fit entirely into the Great Plateau. TP is 4.18sq km according to the numbers. So for simplicity, say 4sq km is how much of it fits into the Great Plateau. That’s almost all of it, right? Ok, so if 4sq km is equal to the Great Plateau, and the Great Plateau is 1-2% of the map, that would mean it’s between 400-200sq km. If you go even simpler, Great Plateau is 4 squares.. 4 squares = 4km, well then, 1 square = 1km and with 320 total squares, we are right back at 320sq km.

    • Evan Contreras

      well I folded up a piece of paper to be exactly 4 squares when held against the screen. Then I placed that over the Twilight princess map and it takes just over 4 of those pieces of paper to fill the whole Twilight princess map. That makes it more than 16 squares. So you are increasing the Great Plateau map size by over 400% in your numbers.

      • Jay

        From this exact article: “In fact, believe it or not, the entire world of Twilight Princess can almost fit inside The Great Plateau.”
        So either the images aren’t to proper scale, or this part of the article is wrong. You tell me. I didn’t create the statement or the images.

  • Andreas Carmblad

    The world can’t be 360sq/km. Reason for that is this:
    Someone at Nintendo said that almost the entire map of Twilight Princess could fit into the same area as the Great Plateu. They’ve also confirmed the BotW’s map to be 12 times bigger than that of Twilight Princess. If BotW is 360 sq/km, than TP must be 360/12=30 sq/km and it’s definitely not 30 sq/km

    Also, if you take the map into lets say Photoshop, mark out the great plateu, copy and paste it in a new workspace, resize it to 1300% and than paste it back over the entire map, it gets only just a bit larger than the entire map of BotW, wich means that the statement “12 times bigger than TP” holds quite true.


    • Jimmy Boy

      Counting climbing areas? This has much more to do because of the cliffs, there’s no way it’s only 12 times the size of Twilight Princess, because Great Plateau is the smallest of regions in Breath of the Wild.

      • Andreas Carmblad

        Nintendo said themselves that it is 12 times larger than TP and that TP is approximately the size of great plateau. By magnifying the size of great plateau with 12, it fills the whole map, including all the mountain areas.

        12 times bigger is more than it sounds, this world is still massive, at least it feals massive and that’s what counts. I think if they’d made it 360 sq/km, first of all it would have been a lot more work to fill it with content and also to tie evertthing together. So much work has gone into this game as it is. You don’t want a big world tht is completely empty do you? That is what it will become if made too big.

        • Daniel Jorge

          Dude you’re wrong, nintendo release today 3 vids about the making of the game, its says the map size is approximately 20 times bigger than TP, go check out nintendo You Tube channel

    • David Gates

      Resizing to 1300% only makes it 13 times bigger if it’s in a single dimension. If you scale in both directions, it’s 13×13=169 times the size.