UPDATE: We got a new shot of these amiibo being shown at the E3 Nintendo booth.

During Nintendo’s E3 press conference Aonuma just officially unveilied amiibo’s to the four Champions in Breath of the Wild: Mipha, Urobosa, Daruk, and Revali. We don’t know what these Champions do in Breath of the Wild, but we will keep you informed as more is revealed. No release date has been announced as of yet.

Please stay tuned to Zelda Informer as we get more information from this year’s E3!

Source: Nintendo Spotlight

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  • Daniel Zamudio

    Those look amazing!!!!! Hope they are not store exclusive, I’ll be so mad 🙁

    • Chris Jagucki

      All New Amiibo have a placeholder on Amazon, BestBuy sold out of their 1st 2 waves of preorders and now says coming soon (which means another wave is coming), and GameStop is sold out of theirs on their online store. Since 3 retailers got all the new Amiibo, it’s a possibility that Toys R’Us, Target, and Walmart could be getting stock.

      • Shadowknight1

        Gamestop might not have had permission to put up the bundle as it’s no longer on their site at all. I tried to get Urbosa and Mipha(I <3 them both!) but Mipha's been super elusive. =(

  • Theroonco

    I’m happy for all the collectors (and scalpers since they’ll profit most from these, let’s be honest with ourselves) but when these four showed up on the poster for the DLC and Aonuma started with “All four Champions…” I was sure he was going to end with “are playable” or “will be prominent in the story”. Instead we got “are amiibo with functionality in the DLC” of all things. Drat.

    But as I said, I hope the people this appeals to are happy.

    • Anna Shonts

      Actually the Ballad is about the Champions so its probably safe to say it’s about them

    • Vance

      Where does it say they AREN’T playable or prominent to the story?

  • Squirrel on crack cocaine.

    The still image in the video above is very…awkward.

  • Vance

    Mipha’s face…..

  • Chris Jagucki


    Now available for preorder at BestBuy and Amazon.

    • Daniel Zamudio

      mmm nop… Haven’t found them

  • Coqui421

    Mipha looks like trash but the other 3 look amazing. I’ll probably buy all 4 anyway

  • Stephen Tweek Taylor

    Stop making amiibo that you cant meet production demands on!

  • richa

    Damn Urbosa…..

    • You See It Too?

      • richa

        If there is anything perverted I will see it.

  • Karl Lutz
  • Msanch73

    They got the good good at walmart going on, all four champions still available: