Love it or hate it, Skyward Sword did well in bringing the narrative aspects of the Zelda series to new levels. Between its placement as an origin story of sorts and the personal nature of the quest to rescue Zelda, this title’s plot did well to show some of the potential the series’ ongoing story has for expansion. Interestingly enough, one of the most fascinating characters introduced in this entry, the spirit of the Master Sword, Fi, seems to have failed to stand out as a companion worth remembering.

While convincing fans to change their minds about Fi is likely a moot task – at least until the next companion arrives for fanbase scrutiny – musical artist, Rozen, has taken it upon himself to demonstrate the significance of this character’s adventure with Link. In this orchestral arrangement, titled “May We Meet Again (Fi’s Farewell)”, the listener is brought back to the journey of Skyward Sword alongside Fi. We begin with the character’s mysterious theme as introduction, move to the adventurous Ballad of the Goddess, and conclude on a bittersweet note with a reluctant recapitulation of Fi’s Theme, forsaking a final resolution in favor of a more ambiguous farewell.

Disregarding the character’s appearance in Hyrule Warriors, it’s unlikely that we’ll see Fi reappear (short of the inevitable Skyward Sword remake). And while I can’t count myself among the ones who eagerly yearn for Fi’s return, Rozen’s take on this unique companion’s theme reminds me that she was just that: a companion. Her role on our adventure was a transitory one, just as those of the partners before her were. Unlike the rest, however, she has the distinct honor of being the one upon whom Link must rely in all his incarnations, albeit in the form of the Master Sword, sworn to duty alongside the Hero in his unending fight.

For more of Rozen’s work, Zelda and otherwise, check out the links below, and share your thoughts on the above cover, Fi, and this artist’s other works in the comments.

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