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My name is Paul Grzelak and I love video games.

I also play Zelda.

Alright, that's a bit of an understatement. I grew up with Zelda, namely Ocarina of Time, and I know that's how a lot of other people got introduced to Zelda as well, but that just so happens to be my story too. I was also bedridden with cancer for a year and a half when I was seven years old and grew up in a neighborhood with few other kids to play with, so maybe that has something to do with why I'm so fond of video games. . .

As we are all aware, one of the most interesting takes on pirate adventures in video gaming is from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. However, something that you may not know as that the most recent large, swashbuckling adventure, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, was heavily influenced by it. In fact, Ubisoft designer Jean Guesdon said in a recent interview with EDGE that it was a inspiration that told them games like this could be successful.

Wind Waker is probably closer to our game than Pirates!, but the opportunity to use fantasy elements that pop up in front of the player was something we couldn’t use. Those games were inspirational in terms of knowing a good pirate game was feasible and [they] helped us identify the areas where we needed to focus. —Jean Guesdon

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Are you a fan of Zelda and Call of Duty? Probably, probably not. While Call of Duty may get a lot of flack for largely being the exact same game going from one year to the next, each game has never done terribly financially. Each title manages to outsell Zelda's best selling title with each release, but that doesn't mean it doesn't recognize Zelda as one of gaming's oldest and most treasured franchises.

The recent Call of Duty: Ghosts has a nifty little Easter Egg in it as a result, paying homage to The Legend of Zelda's protagonist Link. Call of Duty awards him with a Rupee shaped green trophy for not only having cut the most bushes, but for smashing the most pots. Hop on in for a better picture to see for yourself!

A few days back, the Xbox Facebook page—presumably due to Xbox Live's ability to view the program—posted a reminder that a "roast" of actor James Franco was going to be airing on Comedy Central, and for whatever reason they saw fit to mention Franco's apparent love for the Legend of Zelda franchise. According to the page, "James Franco once said that The Legend of Zelda helped him get through some 'difficult times.'"

As many happily surprised commentors pointed out, it's a little odd to see an Xbox page posting positive remarks about a competitor's franchise. It's possible that Microsoft was looking for a bit of approval from Nintendo and Zelda fans, but even that might even be reading too much into it. If I had to guess, I'd say that Microsoft just wants to entice their fanbase to watch the Franco roast by relating it to video games, plain-and-simple.

Though, as one insightful commentor conjectures, perhaps the entire scenario is just a sneaky way for Valve to announce Half-Life 3. What do you think the intentions behind this Facebook post were?

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Remember that Zelda game we know and love? Oh, right, there are about a dozen of those. Well, I'm specifically referring to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Well, it would appear that the recently-announced Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, which takes place on the high seas surrounded by pirates, may have drawn a bit of inspiration from the now-decade-old classic.

In an interview with Stephen Tolito of Kotaku, two of the game's leading development roles explained that many developers on their team were inspired by Link's adventure in a flooded Hyrule, but it would appear that they themselves need to bone up on one of the most well-received titles in gaming history. Head past the jump for more.

Watch Dogs is one of the most highly anticipated titles this year, and with it releasing on all consoles it's hype should only grow the rest of the year. Today, Ubisoft sent us all of the available box art for the game and it looks rather snazzy. To the left you can see the Wii U box art, but you can check out all of the available box art inside. Are you excited for Watch Dogs?

While on an investor phone call, a representative from EA blatantly said that the Wii U is not a next-generation console. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean EA thinks poorly of Nintendo—this is the company that, in 2011, came on stage by Reggie’s side and provided loads of content and positivity for Nintendo’s new console. The representative from EA also said not to “count Nintendo out” of the console race, so his view is far from a negative one.

Investor question: I know Nintendo came out today and was a little bit more cautious with their outlook for Wii U sales, doesn’t sound like this is a platform you guys are really pursuing aggressively on. What does this really say about the consumers’ willingness to adopt the next-gen consoles — we should have something new from Sony and Microsoft, so what does that say with Nintendo going through the early struggles on the Wii U?

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The above image was posted by a relatively new user at NeoGAF claiming that he saw this on the Microsoft website for a brief moment before it was taken down. We all know a new Xbox is inevitable, but this is the first glimpse at anything we’ve had close to a reveal. Unfortunately, there are a few issues with this image, aside from the newness of the user who posted it, that lead me to believe it isn’t quite what some may hope. While it looks like it could be perfectly real, something like this is easy enough to fake for any decently skilled digital artist. Furthermore, while the site is clearly broadcasting its message of “the new Xbox,” a closer look at the right side of the picture shows that the machine displayed on the front page is just an Xbox 360. Head past the jump for more.

Grand Theft Auto has always been the strongest-selling game from Rockstar Games. Since its first release in 1997, the billion dollar franchise has spanned various different locales and time periods, but never before has a Grand Theft Auto game been set in the future. That may change some time soon, if Rockstar’s Vice President of Creativity Dan Houser is to be believed. “We will do it the very second we have an idea,” Houser says, though he warns that we won’t be seeing a future-set Grand Theft Auto just because they can make it—they first need cause. Head past the jump to read what Houser has to say about future-based Grand Theft Auto.

Last week, there were rumors flying around that Sega was preparing to announce a new Sonic game for all modern consoles on February 2nd. While most of the world celebrates groundhog day every year, Sonic fans celebrate February 2nd as Hedgehog Day, where Sega traditionally announces their next big Sonic project. Today, The Sonic Team has confirmed that a small group of their developers will be appearing on an online TV show called Puyo-Puyo on this year’s Hedgehog Day. We can only assume their guest appearance will lead to a big announcement. If you’d like to watch the stream when it goes live, you can get yourself set up here.

What kind of announcement are you hoping for? The rumors from last week made it sound like a new game in the style of Sonic Adventure. Are you still waiting for Sonic Adventure 3? Or would you prefer a new game in the style of Sonic Colors?