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Hyrule Warriors news is in abundance this month and with each update it looks like the game is certainly shaping up to be unique and interesting. Returning to the Hyrule Warriors character spotlight is Impa, the Hyrulean Captain, here to demonstrate the powers of her second in-game weapon: the naginata. Are you ready for this? The video awaits you inside. 

Not too long ago, popular Japanese video streaming site, NicoNico, broadcasted a live stream of Hyrule Warriors featuring a trailer and a gameplay demo. If you didn't catch the live stream, or think you might have missed some details, the guys at GameXplain have once again done a thorough analysis of the stream and pointed out things that might of slipped passed you. Head inside to check it out!

Warning: The video contained in this post may contain a few aspects of Hyrule Warriors that may be considered to be spoilers.

I apologize for being a bit lazy on this one, but head inside right now to see some great direct feed gameplay from Hyrule Warriors.

One thing I always appreciated about IGN's rewind theater was how it focuses a lot on just the facts rather than speculation. Not that the folks over at GameXplain do a bad job with the facts either—they often find stuff IGN misses—but they blend it with their theories and ideas so frequently it is sometimes hard for the viewer to decipher opinion from truth. It also helps that I always enjoy Jose Otero. Of course, you aren't here to read what I have to say, but rather to see what they have to say. Head inside.

Nintendo is cracking down this holiday by not only releasing a plethora of anticipated titles, but they've even shown off a new line of figurines for Wii U called "amiibo" that take advantage of the GamePad's NFC technology. This will not only give consumers neat things to collect, but also help out players in the game for which the figure is designed. Check out some close ups of the upcoming figures inside!

Welcome to yet another one of our Weekly Features: ZI Votes! Every Thursday we'll be providing you all with a poll question ranging across all sorts of Zelda topics, somewhat akin to the Zelda Versus polls. This week, despite the fact that a new character announcement is likely imminent, we've still gotta ask: who are you most excited to play as in Hyrule Warriors? Head inside and make your voice heard!

It may not come as any sort of surprise, but Hyrule Warriors appears to have online play according to the Japanese website. There is an online interactions box that explains what features will be available only by having an internet connection. Head inside as we try to dissect what it means.

Today we've got some more tasty trailers for Hyrule Warriors. The first of these trailers is that of the Goron boss Darunia, and the second shows the wonderful Sheik. The two use their respective special weapons and are showcased in the trailers. More details as well as full trailers are after the jump.

Thanks to the Hyrule Warriors page on Nintendo of Japan's website, we've learned some more about the game as it sneaks towards its release in two weeks. The latest piece of information reveals just how much space you'll need if you choose to download the title directly to your Wii U via the Nintendo eShop. Spoiler alert: it's quite a large file. Head inside for the details.

During the celebratory presentation earlier today, held in honor of the game's finalization, Koei Tecmo presented the first 30 second TV spot for Hyrule Warriors (Zelda Musou). See the video inside.