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UPDATE: The data gathered and analyzed for this particular playthrough of Skyward Sword will not be included in my final evaluation of Handholding in 3D Zelda Games on Home Consoles because it was not held to the same standard as my audits of Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, and The Wind Waker. As a result, my verdict in the Hey, Look, Listen series has been delayed and a new article that reanalyzes handholding in Skyward Sword will be released once I can complete another playthrough of the game and write an analysis.

This decision has less to do with the fact that my first analysis of Skyward Sword excluded certain elements from consideration (listed in the Other Handholding Factors part of this article) and more to do with the fact that I did not judge Skyward Sword by the same criteria as I judged later games in this series. As a result, I am strongly considering a second playthrough of Majora’s Mask for the same reasons...

Hello everyone! For those who don’t know, this article is a continuation of a series about level design in Zelda games. Today we’ll be looking at a frequently lauded dungeon from Skyward Sword: the Ancient Cistern. This dungeon constantly finds its way onto top ten dungeons lists, but all I ever hear this dungeon praised for are two things:

  1. The theming (Heaven and Hell, Buddhist symbolism, etc.)
  2. The boss fight (Koloktos)

After that, I hear nearly nothing about the actual design of the level itself. So I won’t be talking much – well, at all, really – about the spiritual themes and whatnot present in the Ancient Cistern. Because, quite honestly, this dungeon would be a fantastic example of exquisite level design without any of that symbolism. Let’s dive in, shall we?

My first reactions to Ghirahim were the same as many fans' first reactions: “What am I looking at?” It's obvious that my younger self, trying out the Skyward Sword demo in Target, could not comprehend the sheer majesty of this fabulous villain. The snake-tongued demon we all know and love is what I like to call the perfect villain. The Internet has dubbed him "fabulous", as I constantly hear him being described. When Skyward Sword was released in 2011, fans went wild with memes and fan art of him. Ghirahim soon received a reputation...

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is a magnificent adventure that actively encourages player-driven exploration and discovery unlike any other Zelda game I’ve played for this Hey, Look, Listen series. By the end of my 30 hours and 37 minutes with this gem from the GameCube era, all I could think about was my desire to run back into the embrace of its tremendous open world.

I will definitely revisit the Great Sea soon, likely in the form of the HD remake. But today, I will share with you the statistics I gathered on how much handholding The Wind Waker employs, so we may objectively judge it alongside the other games in this Hey, Look, Listen series . . .

The time has come for yet another test of wit, creativity, and the use of expensive software for trivial purposes: a Photoshop Contest is upon us!

We're asking readers to submit the funniest, most creative, or most awe-inspiring pictures they can produce within the guidelines we suggest. This week, we’re stoking the searing fires of the Majora’s Mask 3D Hype Train, First, let's take a look at the winners from last week's contest: Ganonize Link . . .

My name is Paul Grzelak and I love video games.

I also play Zelda.

Alright, that's a bit of an understatement. I grew up with Zelda, namely Ocarina of Time, and I know that's how a lot of other people got introduced to Zelda as well, but that just so happens to be my story too. I was also bedridden with cancer for a year and a half when I was seven years old and grew up in a neighborhood with few other kids to play with, so maybe that has something to do with why I'm so fond of video games. . .

For those unaware, the official timeline that was released in 2011 had The Wind Waker on the adult timeline and Majora's Mask on the child timeline. This is an important distinction today, because Game Trailers did some digging and discovered that The Wind Waker has several connections to Majora's Mask and some of them are not just necessarily mere easter eggs. Be sure to watch the entire video feature to get a real grasp. There are things such as two in-game text references to events that transpired in Majora's Mask and evidence suggesting that Ganondorf's...

If you're a user or lurker of Reddit and a Zelda fan, you might have noticed one thread has recently set the Zelda Subreddit on fire, gaining more than 3,000 upvotes in a single day. The creator of that thread, Jessica Smith, is an artist whose recent Zelda-inspired artwork you might have seen online . . .

One of the key components to the The Legend of Zelda series is most certainly the music. It creates memorable moments which fans will cherish for years to come, but also empowers battles or segments filled with suspense. Therefore when the opportunity arises to listen to this music performed live by a large orchestra, it can act as a dream come true for many fans...

Ever wanted to take a look at how Zelda news was distributed 15 years ago? Well, you're in luck as imgur user amb3rly11 has treated the Internet to some images of an old Majora's Mask issue of Nintendo Power...