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There are tons of Zelda shorts and parodies out there, but for the life of me today's clip is one of the most unique ones I have seen yet. Link has been asleep 7 years, waiting to come of age. However, Link naturally had to have something to eat right? I mean, you can't sleep 7 years without some nourishment. However, 7 years of eating without actually leaving a the laying down position had some... interesting results for our hero. Head inside.

We've been hard at work over the last several months preparing a full video guide for A Link Between Worlds. I am proud to announce that it has finally launched! You can find it within our A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough page, or you can simply go to the video guide page directly! The full guide is also available on our YouTube Channel. Head inside to see one of twenty-five chapters we crafted for the game.

Three of our writers chose dungeons from Skyward Sword this week as their personal favorites, so it only seems a bit fitting we continue our weekend coverage with some footage of Skyward Sword that compares what the game looks like on the Wii in comparison to being uprezzed into 1080p. Our friends at Nintendo Life were nice enough to provide us such a video which we have for you after the jump!

When I think of a traditional dungeon in a Zelda game, I think of multiple rooms resting within some kind of structure or mountain found somewhere on the world map, places that are just sitting there, waiting for a Hero to come solve their many puzzles. While that's all fine and dandy, and probably one of my favorite parts of the series, this formula feels a bit stale after so many visits. What really makes a dungeon stick out in my eyes is when the dungeon blends in with the environment or just feels natural to what you're doing in your quest. Yes, once you've entered a dungeon, you're in the dungeon, but that doesn't mean a dungeon has to feel like what we're familiar with. A particular favorite dungeon that does all this is Skyward Sword's Sandship.

Head inside for more!

Sonic: Lost World is finally getting the free Zelda DLC that has been hinted at previously and needless to say, it actually looks really good. Like a Sonic/Zelda crossover done right really. Link and his Crimson Loftwing even make an appearance, along with Stalfos and even Gorons. We have a full blown trailer inside along with a commentary walkthrough showing off some of the hidden paths and secrets. Head inside.

The magic whistle, along with the mystical tune it has imprinted into our memory, has had a long standing tradition within the Zelda series. More than that, however, it has actually been used in other franchises such as the Mario series. How many games has it made a cameo appearance in? What about the magic whistle exactly makes it such an important part of Link's inventory? Head inside as Game Trailer's breaks it down on their latest episode of Pop Facts.

Welcome to our second episode of our new weekly video show, Zelda Versus. We are still catching everyone up on our previous episodes, with one more episode still to post before we get a brand new one up for this weekend. This time it covers the controversial topic of Zelda Movies. What are you waiting for? Head inside and watch Christina do her thing!

It seems like it has been forever since covered a decent Dorkly sketch based around The Legend of Zelda, but today's clip is sure to entertain. Featuring The Legend of Zelda (NES), they bring actual police force into the situation to sort out evil pigs, pant-less children, and Old Men handing children weapons. Be warned, there may be some suggestive themes, but what do you care. THE INTERNET. Head inside.

A couple weeks ago we started a new weekly video series on our YouTube Channel (yes, we have one of those) to talk about our various opinion on different topics that revolve around Zelda. Our first episode tackled Zelda U, Hyrule Warriors, and answered a few fan questions. We'll be posting our second episode from last week later today, which features one of our newer staff members talking about Zelda movies. We hope you enjoy our new video series, and we'll be look to add more life, entertainment, and production value over time! Head inside to see episode one.

Eggbusters is a show by one man who takes on various glitches in video games to try and prove or disprove their existence. He goes a bit beyond that though, as if the glitch does exist and is real, he'll try to have some fun with it. Sometimes this produces crazy results, as it does in his latest video that features Link's Awakening. This particular glitch is so crazy he only does the one glitch for the whole episode, which is unusual as he usually tackles at least 2 or 3 per show. That's all you need to know about how crazy this ride will be. Head inside.