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Koei Tecmo returns to the spotlight with another character trailer for Link in the upcoming game: Hyrule Warriors. In the video demo, he brings on the pain with his third weapon in the game: the Power Gloves, which first appeared in the game A Link to the Past. He also wields the newly designed Ball and Chain that debuted in the main series game: Twilight Princess. Head inside to see this powerful combo in action!

Max Gleason, better known for his stage name Smooth McGroove, is a YouTube artist recognized for recording a capella versions of video game songs. He did something really special with the Hyrule Castle theme from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Head inside to read more about it!

Earlier today we got the first chance to see an English trailer for the announced playable character in Hyrule Warriors, the one and only Princess Zelda, who also just happened to be touting the Wind Waker "baton" as her weapon of choice. Check out more about the video and watch it after the jump!

Gotta go fast!

I've always admired speedrunners. Delving into a game's code to learn the intricacies and behind-the-scenes shortcuts to reach completion is an incredible feat, and it blows my mind when someone can beat a game in three hours, when it took me over fifty on my playthrough. Add Twitch user Bob_Loblaw_Law to that list of people I admire, not only for having an awesome Arrested Development name, but also for completing a 100% run of Skyward Sword in only eight hours, thirty-five minutes, and twenty-eight seconds. That's a new world record.

Although the actual speedrun is a tad old now, it's still an incredible feat to watch. Check it out inside.

Today seems to be the day we post world records, as another one was recently set for A Link Between Worlds. This is an Any% run that chimes in at 1 hour, 32 minutes and 4 seconds. While this time will likely be topped many times over in the future, it is still impressive for a game that hasn't even been out for a full year. Head inside to see the entire run for yourself.

I am really excited to announce we are giving away a replica Hylian Shield! This isn't just any old cheap replica, but a high quality hand crafted item that is made to order and takes a few weeks to complete. To give you an idea, this particular shield is worth over $200! You want to enter right? Then what are you waiting for! Head inside.

While much of the Zelda community is still torn as to whether or not they like the new Link's design, there are many who have embraced it and begun to give it life in other mediums. From cosplayers to artists, fans everywhere are showing just how committed they are to the fandom. One such artist has created a beautiful watercolor painting of Zelda U's Link, but the real magic is in watching the process unfold step by step. Head inside to check out the video!

Years after the release of Ocarina of Time, people are still finding glitches for the revolutionary game, with the latest one being pretty darn cool. Read on for more details!

Koei Tecmo’s official site for Hyrule Warriors in Japan has featured a new video for Princess (Queen) Zelda, demonstrating her prowess with the Wind Waker. She's ready to show off her moves! If you were wondering just how the baton could be used as an offensive weapon, click through to watch the video and find out!

We reported on the Japanese trailer previously, but Nintendo has recently released an English trailer for Fi in Hyrule Warriors. The spirit of the Goddess Sword dances gracefully across the battlefield wreaking havoc, though there is some question as to whether this Fi is merely a spirit or actually a sword itself. Click through to watch the video and read my nitpicking!