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Hyrule Warriors news is in abundance this month and with each update it looks like the game is certainly shaping up to be unique and interesting. Returning to the Hyrule Warriors character spotlight is Impa, the Hyrulean Captain, here to demonstrate the powers of her second in-game weapon: the naginata. Are you ready for this? The video awaits you inside. 

Today we've got some more tasty trailers for Hyrule Warriors. The first of these trailers is that of the Goron boss Darunia, and the second shows the wonderful Sheik. The two use their respective special weapons and are showcased in the trailers. More details as well as full trailers are after the jump.

During the celebratory presentation earlier today, held in honor of the game's finalization, Koei Tecmo presented the first 30 second TV spot for Hyrule Warriors (Zelda Musou). See the video inside.

The hype train for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors isn't running out of fuel anytime soon. Koei Tecmo has recently uploaded another entry in their character series, this time focusing on Sheik, who hails from the main series Zelda game Ocarina of Time. In this video, she is seen fighting with a deadly combination of her harp and throwing knives, and looks fantastic doing so. But don't take my word for it; click ahead to view this awesome video for yourself!

While Darunia has made an awesome appearance at San Diego Comic-Con, in a newer demo of Hyrule Warriors, we've still been anticipating his character trailer. It is epic! Here we can take a look at a wider range of his special attacks and their devastating effects in the Death Mountain stage. If you've been wanting to see more of the Goron Chief in action, the video awaits you inside.

Earlier today, and thanks to the official Nintendo YouTube Channel, we got the chance to see an English trailer for the recently announced playable character in Hyrule Warriors, Princess Ruto, who makes a very unique entrance into the Water Temple.

Head inside to see the video!

Further adding to the superb amount of new Hyrule Warriors content we've received this week, Koei Tecmo has given us another addition to their character spotlight series. This time they feature Princess Ruto, one of the recently announced playable characters, who first saw her debut in the main series game Ocarina of Time. Check out the video inside.

Warning: This post contains potential spoilers for Hyrule Warriors.

Earlier today, we posted a lot of information regarding the upcoming Hyrule Warriors. We now have the English version of the trailer with some minor changes and in higher quality. Click the jump to watch this epic trailer!

Warning: This post contains potential spoilers for Hyrule Warriors.

Thanks to our friends from Nintendo Everything we've got a new Hyrule Warriors trailer showing all the confirmed characters individually, amazing stages and some boss action. Also, we have two gameplay videos: one with Princess Ruto, Link, and Fi in the Skyward Sword stage and another with Link, Impa, and Princess Zelda fighting side by side in the Hyrule Field stage.

Take the jump to see more!

Nintendo has released a new English version of the Hyrule Warriors video showing off the power of Link's Gauntlets, and they appear to come with the Ball and Chain. Link is shown wildly swinging the Ball and Chain with ease and either smashing enemies into the ground or into the distance. Click the jump to check it out and get ready to smash everything.