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Sonic: Lost World is finally getting the free Zelda DLC that has been hinted at previously and needless to say, it actually looks really good. Like a Sonic/Zelda crossover done right really. Link and his Crimson Loftwing even make an appearance, along with Stalfos and even Gorons. We have a full blown trailer inside along with a commentary walkthrough showing off some of the hidden paths and secrets. Head inside.

It's not the big Legend of Zelda title we were all waiting for, but Nintendo has just given the first details and footage of a surprise title in the series, tentatively titled "Hyrule Warriors." The game is a combination of Legend of Zelda and Tecmo-Koei's fighting Warriors series, the most notable of which was Dynasty Warriors. It will feature Link and other knights fighting hordes of various enemies such as Bokoblins and Dodongos to the tune of rock remixes of classic Zelda music and in recognizable areas, such as Hyrule Field and Hyrule Castle.

Head past the jump to see the video!

A little while back, Nintendo announced that they would be revealing four trailers for the recently-released The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on their official Instagram account. We've been hard at work preparing our A Link Between Worlds walkthrough, but just because the game is out doesn't mean we can't still enjoy the four trailers! Head past the jump and you can see all four trailers from Nintendo's Instagram.

As we probably all know by now, A Link Between Worlds has come out in stores around the world. But if you haven't managed to play it already, like me, you can instead bask in the glory of the gorgeous visuals in this French launch trailer. Oh, and of course new areas and gameplay.

I'm excited to see what Lorule has to offer, and to see why Lorule has another Triforce. But hey, who doesn't like a good mystery? Just a shame I don't speak French. At all.

You can see this beautiful trailer after the jump.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is upon us any moment now, and saying that the game has been showered with praise is an understatement. Our own Brian E. Scheid for example generously gave it a perfect score, and Metacritic places the game at an aggregate score of 91.

In short, there’s plenty of reason to be excited, and Nintendo sure seems to agree. In fact, they’ve put up a short accolades trailer of the title, splicing gameplay content with praise from various outlets. If you're interested in the game (then again, this is a Zelda site...), hop past the jump to check out the trailer!

There's only a week left to go in the countdown for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and we've been hearing great things about the game so far. In all the commotion, we've found a TON of new screenshots and clips of footage—too much to even explain! Head past the jump to get a look at all the exciting news.

But beware! It does contain spoilers.

Was today's Nintendo Direct trailer not enough for you? That's alright, because we have a ton of a new footage straight from the A Link Between Worlds Official Website. Our A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough is going to be the perfect companion to take with you on November 22nd.

Hop inside for the footage!

I hope the title of this is enough to warn you that this all new trailer out of Nintendo contains spoilers. I don't consider them to be anything jaw dropping, but they still show off all new content we have never seen before. The trailer does an excellent job summarizing many of the newer aspects of the game and reminding us that this isn't the same Hyrule we came to enjoy in A Link to the Past.

With the first official review weighing in, we can only hope Link's latest adventure can live up to the hype. Hop inside to see the trailer.

Someone must’ve been knocking on Nintendo’s door tonight, because they’ve just given us a treat! Halloween jokes aside, today Nintendo of America uploaded a new trailer for their upcoming 3DS title The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds , and it clocks in at just under two minutes. The trailer displays never-before-seen footage, including item upgrades, enemies, and dungeons.

We advise you check out the trailer past the jump!

Let the hype for A Link Between Worlds continue! Nintendo released two new trailers for the upcoming Zelda title this afternoon, one of which focuses on specific musical themes heard throughout the game. The video highlights the themes of the three newest characters to the series—Hilda, Ravio, and Yuga. If this doesn't get you excited for A Link Between Worlds, I'm not sure what will!

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