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It's safe to say the staff here at Zelda Informer have been rocking out to the new Super Smash Bros. for 3DS demo the last 24 hours. We happen to have a spare code, so what better way to handle that then offer it to one of you! Whether you were a Gold or under member of Club Nintendo or a Platinum member who wasn't fortunate, we're here to at least help one fan get early access to a demo we can all play a week from now. In fact, if any of you have extra codes and similarly would like to offer them up to fans of our site, be our guest! If you'd like to add them to our giveaway, even better! Just email with the details.

We've been slaving away getting our Hyrule Warriors content up to snuff. Yesterday we did a major overhaul of our Hyrule Warriors Character Guide and today we launched the first chapter in our Hyrule Warriors Walkthrough. This is all in an attempt to provide the very best Hyrule Warriors guides on the internet. The chapter launched today, which is Chapter 1: Hyrule Field, covers the very first level in the game. It is a 100% text guide, though we have a bit of a caveat right now...

We've been playing around with this for awhile on social media and now it's time to finally make this official: we're going to be hosting a handful of select Mario Kart 8 Tournaments every single week for the foreseeable future. The tournaments will all vary in style and type. We also have a general "Zelda Informer Club", which is a daily "tournament" that runs all day long with 32 races. However, this is less of a tournament where we track results and more of a general gathering for our entire ZI fanbase, along with a way to practice and hone yourself for the tournaments we'll actually be posting about...

I swore I wasn't going to do site related questions for a daily debate, but I really wanted to get this out of the way and give us a small break from Hyrule Warriors (seriously, we've transformed into Hyrule Warriors Informer!). We've got a lot of neat community oriented projects in the work, and I could spend an entire post just talking about what is coming, but what I really want to know is what you feel would add value to our user account system at the site.

I am really excited to announce we are giving away a replica Hylian Shield! This isn't just any old cheap replica, but a high quality hand crafted item that is made to order and takes a few weeks to complete. To give you an idea, this particular shield is worth over $200! You want to enter right? Then what are you waiting for! Head inside.

Zelda has a ton of really great quotes—both in terms of teaching life lessons and sometimes getting us to reflect back on our own choices in life. They can tell stories of heartache or happiness, and often instill a bit of self worth into the player's minds. The problem with these quotes is that it is very hard to find specific quotes from specific games on the internet, because very few places tend to host them all. Enter our new project—one we hope you all will work with us to help complete. Head inside.

So this is something that has been on the backburner for awhile, and Nate has referenced it many times. Well, here you go: People with a Zelda Informer account can now link it with their Disqus account.

Do you have an account with us? Are you logged in? Look at the black bar up top - registration has been open to the public for the past couple weeks, though we haven't talked about it much because this hasn't been ready. Some of you are already on the new forums and already have an account with us. Anyways, commenters, if you're logged in to ZI, you will notice that Disqus has created a new account for you on ZI and logged you into that one instead of your regular Disqus account. If you're new here, then you probably don't need to read much further.

If you've been with us for awhile though, chances are you have a backlog of comments that you want your new profile to show. To do this, you will need to log in to your old Disqus account on, check your settings there to make sure your email matches the one you registered on ZI with, and make sure you've got that email verified. Then follow the instructions for account merging on the Disqus Support portal.

A Zelda Informer account is not necessary, however! You can continue to be a guest to the site and post under your existing Disqus account, or still as a guest through Disqus itself! However, if you want to contribute to our new Wiki and Forums, then we encourage you to go back up top and register to get access to our wider community.

Officially this user system is still in "Open Beta" status, as we're still ironing out bugs. Apologies for the slow development on this, but being the only tech guy here and juggling real-world responsibilities, things tend to take awhile to get done. If any of you are experts with ExpressionEngine and the CodeIgniter framework, contact me directly at, because I'm looking for assistants!

We talked about this amazing Majora's Mask Advent Calander a few weeks ago, and now we are happy to say we've teamed with the creator to give one away! There is no age requirement to enter and the giveaway is open to everyone worldwide. Of course, you don't have to take your chance amongst thousands of entrants—you can simply buy yourself one of these bad boys right here. What are you waiting for, head inside!

Welcome to our official Public Beta for our account system and open user community! We've been slaving away seemingly for a year to get to this point, and we are really one last hurdle away from coming out of beta and having a single unified account system across the entire website, including in our comment section. As with anything however, it is good to live beta test things just in case any bugs crop up, but we are very confident we have reached a point of stability to offer this to all of you. So, what is going on? Head inside.

With the approach of Hyrule Warriors coming up, we've already seen some controversy surrounding the witch, Cia. There have been some complaints about her design and the sexual nature of her appearance. This got me thinking about where sexuality and sensuality belong in the world of Zelda. Join the discussion after the jump.