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This week's episode of the ZI Podcast is a long one, but probably the best episode of the podcast yet! (It's all downhill from here...) This week we're joined by none other than Mr. Smooth McGroove himself as we talk about Zelda Villains, Modern Gaming versus Retro Games, as well as hear plenty of stories from Smooth's life. This week on the podcast, your host is...

On this week's ZI Podcast Adam (your usual host) is joined by Caleb (back again, hopefully for good), Gwen (one of our Copy Editors), and Special Guest Mei-Xing (You can call her Jessica). This week, we discuss the recently released New Nintendo 3DS XL, RPG elements in Zelda, and much more! 

This week we talk about movies, cast our own actors in the new Zelda TV Series! On the cast this week is Adam (As always), Chris (Results May Vary), Tyler (He writes articles people hate a lot), and Jeff (I wonder if he'll be my valentine?). With lots of movie news this week and Majora's Mask 3D about to be released, this week we took a change of pace and talked about a wider range of nerd culture. Also, Chris confesses his love for Dan Jones and we discuss our plans for Valentine's day!

Episode 22 of the ZI Podcast was a troubled one. Audio errors forced us to record an entirely new episode with very little time so this week's is shorter and yet has the same amount of awesome packed into it! This week Adam (your very very sleepy host) is joined by Katie (She's Australian, which is sorta neat) and Rodney (His words are sharp but his attitude is smooth) as we discuss new Zelda merchandise, Pokken Tournament, living in Hyrule and more!

This week the ZI Podcast discusses the issue of Z Targeting, Indie games, and a plethora of Fan Topics submitted by our listeners! This week's episode starts off with a slight rant about the horrors of the new Nintendo Creator's Program and then escalates into further madness as we dissect the stories and topics from this week. Cassie gives us her best door impression, and Jake reveals a bit too much information about his time in high school.

With Club Nintendo shutting down and Best Buy canceling pre-orders, our podcast team spends this episode discussing the idea of merchandise and physical rewards vs. digital rewards. We also discuss our favorite gaming giant's competitors: Microsoft (With their recent windows 10 conference) and Sony (They do stuff too sometimes). We continue to mention the new list of weekly features at ZI, as well as talk about the plethora of Zelda parodies you can find online! It's a great conversation this week filled with both laughter and depth. Your collection of talking heads for this week is Adam (Does he ever take a week off?), Jake (Just some guy, I guess), Chris (Lovable and foolish as always), and Caleb (He hates games and so should you)... 

This week we have arguably the fullest slate of news to discuss in the history of this podcast, in large part thanks to Nintendo deciding to drop bombshells this past week. This leads into the discussion of Nintendo's greatest flaw, plus... what is this? Pokemon on Zelda Informer? Yes, we have a theory to talk about! Due to the sheer amount of stuff to talk about this week this will be our longest podcast to date (and think, an hour of conversation was cut out!)...

Adam is joined by Jake, Chris, Caleb and special guest DigsBot in this week's five person podcast

Zelda U Fan Theories and Harmony of Heroes! With Jake and Chris away for the holidays, our european team steps up to the plate! This week we discuss fantastic fan music and theories. Loved diving into the conversation on this episode. Join us for episode 17 and get involved in the conversation in our comments section!

It's the Zelda Informer Podcast's Zelda-mas Christmas special! Join Adam, Jake, Chris, and Al as we explore silly tangents, Zelda U, and a plethora of fun topics.