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The Legend of Zelda has managed to creep its way into the world of virtual gaming, starting with the Oculus Rift. To me, this is possibly the most exciting implementation of a Zelda game thus far because it really opens doors for the franchise as a whole. Click inside to watch a playthrough of the game take place!

The weird and wacky life simulator, Tomodachi Life, has been fairing well in its maiden voyage into Western territories.  Over a month after its release, it's still climbing the charts in the UK, even outstripping Mario Kart 8.  The strong, if unorthodox, advertisements are likely helping it's continue success, and the most recent one throws the Legend of Zelda into the mix. Check out the video inside!

While last week's Famitsu gave a ton of info regarding Hyrule Warriors, it's easy to forget that it's not the only exciting game on the horizon. Famitsu also provided a couple pages with some details regarding how the Wii Fit Trainer plays, as well as how the Smash Run mode for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS will play out. Check out what our translation team uncovered inside!

Nintendo has always been open to the idea of working with publishers to include exclusive Nintendo themed costumes for hit franchises on their consoles. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 did this by allowing you to unlock costume "sets" and Bayonetta 2 has confirmed a couple of Nintendo themed skins as well. In December of last year, Link's equipment was released as DLC for the Japan version of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate through an exclusive spot distribution; now, Capcom has revealed at SDCC that this content is getting a western release as well. Click the jump to read on and check out the reveal video for yourself.

Who doesn't want to take a gander at more Super Smash Bros. for Wii U screenshots? These screenshots seem to focus more on the characters who were recently announced, but even so they are just a wonder to look at. This might be my favorite batch of Smash screenshots to date.

Sakurai has posted his daily Smash Bros. Pic of the Day. In it, he gives us our first look at the main menu for the 3DS version of the game. He also gave a little bit of information on the functionality of the menu.

He states that his User Interface designers worked hard to allow players to navigate the menu and get information on each mode. But the thing stirring up the most discussion is a single menu option.

Click to read on and discuss the secrets within!

A recent Twitter post may have given some hints about Smash Bros. 3DS. It would seem that it is listed as a "Coming Soon" title, but it's the location that makes this interesting.

Every week, Nintendo updates their eShop and separates products into categories. The relevance of this is linked to the fact that Super Smash Bros. is located within the "Wario" category.

Click the jump to see what I mean.

Last year, Nintendo released a quirky mix of NES games with unusual challenges called NES Remix, followed merely five months later by a sequel. The original game takes bits and pieces from the best of Nintendo's early releases, from The Legend of Zelda to Super Mario Bros. to Donkey Kong, and mashes together to create a unique and challenging, albeit odd, entry for the virtual console. For those in Europe who have yet to download this quirky title, Nintendo has just sweetened the deal. Head inside.

Last week we posted a rumored release date for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U based upon the words of a GameStop employee. Today, at least three more retailers are now listing the game for that date, suggesting Nintendo may have very well already informed retailers of when the product can be expected to release for pre-order purposes. No additional information on a possible Amiibo related bundle has come up.

Those lucky enough to attend San Diego Comic Con may have yet another surprise in store for them. Nintendo is giving con goers a chance to get their hands on Super Smash Bros. 3DS. Read on to get the details!