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Good evening, and welcome back to everyone's favorite Thursday event: ZI Votes! For those who are new to this feature, worry not; participating is as simple as clicking two buttons (well, maybe three if you're seeing this on our social media pages). Every week I pose a question to you regarding some aspect of Zelda, whether it be a new game, an old game, or something about the series in general, and I put it into a poll format right here at Zelda Informer. While it's fun getting responses to all articles in the...

Watch out, because the next ZVS is coming in a bit early in the morning! The results are in, and The Wind Waker has advanced after narrowly beating Twilight Princess with an advantage of 0.18% of the vote! Twilight Princess fans sure put up a fight, but only the best can continue. Now it's down to our last two fighters. Who has the better soundtrack, The Wind Waker or Majora's Mask!? Is there a clear winner like the comments said there was, or will we be in for the closest match yet!? You decide, so come on and vote!

It's been many years since we last compiled a staff list of all 17 main line games being ranked. The question today is where the games collectively rank from our staff in 2014! Later we'll run a poll to help determine where our fans rank games, but more on that later. These sort of lists are ever changing each year as everyone shuffles games around over time. As of today, this year, in 2014... this is what the staff have determined to be our full list. This list is based on individual listings by staff members behind the scenes.

Hey there, and welcome to one of the many weekly features at Zelda Informer! Each week, the best comments from our Daily Debates are rounded up by yours truly and displayed right here. These comments will range from silly and novelty to interesting and insightful. This time around, there were some nice discussions about GanondorfZelda, and Hyrule Warriors...

Oh man, it's getting a bit hectic up in here!  The Wind Waker faces off against one of its successors, Spirit Tracks! Chances are you know which one will win, but only you can make it happen with your votes! Who will come out as the favorite? It's the Spirit Flute versus the Wind Waker! A flute versus a baton! Epic battles shall ensue! Tower of Spirits versus Tower of Gods! Malladus's final battle theme versus Ganon's final battle theme! Get to voting!

Never fear—this isn't a post that is going to be spoiling anything. Instead I am here to talk about the real enjoyment that can be had by spoiling a game. Not in the sense of us "ruining" the game for folks, but in the real logical sense why there are so many that want to have the game spoiled for them. You all know who you are, and when it comes to Zelda I am right along with you. The goal of this is to have an open discussion on the benefits of enjoying spoilers to give those who don't insight into a side they may never fully agree with.

The winners for this, and all future polls, seem to be becoming quite predictable. Who will win the next poll? We kinda already know. But that's not the point! We're seeing just how heavily one soundtrack is favored over the other. On one side you've got Majora's Mask with great tracks like Bossa Nova and Clock Town, but then there's Link's Awakening with highly memorable tracks like Tal Tal Heights and Ballad of the Wind Fish (The MM version is far different from this version). So which has the better music? We won't know until you vote!

We return once more with out ZVS contest. We finished the first round of fighters in our ongoing Zelda Versus series and the results were what most would expect. We're going to Round 2 with two Capcom developed games, Oracle of Seasons and The Minish Cap. The current matchup won't be easy for some, but it's more than obvious who will be going home and who will be going on. So get to voting!

It's been a while hasn't it? We've taken a small break from ZVS to do a few  livestreams of some games and art and while we'll continue with those in the future we shouldn't forget our own polls! Last time we had Four Swords Adventures face off against Twilight Princess. Guess which side the fans took. It's not hard to guess right. Today we have the game that started it all, the original The Legend of Zelda facing off against the legendary Ocarina of Time (not the object). So hop on in and vote!

Who is Tetra? I mean, we know who she is, but… who is she? A reincarnation of Zelda, obviously, but before we knew that, she was a pirate. A little kid who, I can only imagine, usurped power in whatever shanty town she hails from, somehow...