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One feature of Zelda titles that has become increasingly important as of late is freedom to choose.  Much like the original Legend of Zelda allowed players to decide how to experience their adventure, the recent A Link Between Worlds provided gamers with some options regarding their playthrough of the SNES sequel, and seems to be setting up a return to form insofar as this aspect is concerned.  There is, however, an intrinsic assumption when it comes to how the game will end: Link will vanquish (insert ultimate villain here) and peace will be restored to (insert name of realm/land).  As such, there is little to support the idea that a player's in-game choices, outside of the paint-by-numbers events, really have an impact.  

The time has come for yet another test of wit, creativity, and the use of expensive software for trivial purposes: a Photoshop Contest is upon us!

The gist of this contest is, we're asking readers to submit the funniest, zaniest, most creative, or most awe-inspiring pictures they can produce with image alteration software, and submit them as a comment below this article. But before we discuss this week's contest, let's honor the winners from last week's contest: Grandma's Adventure!

(Warning: This Debate Does Contain Spoilers for Skyward Sword)

We know the story: an evil arises in the land, a hero clad in green awakens to counter it, and the world is made safe again by his valiant deeds.  There's no question this is the underlying story defining the vast majority of games in the Zelda series, despite the myriad variations and subplots unique to individual entries.  Going slightly deeper within the titles and their lore, this plot is the result of a decision that that the Goddess of Hyrule made in light of the first hero's brave actions on behalf of her and her people, blessing him to live on through reincarnation.  This, however, was a largely selfish reason that did little to consider what the hero would have wanted, bringing up a conflict of purpose.  

Welcome to the second instalment of Miiverse Highlights, ZeldaInformer's brand new Thursday Weekly Feature! Last week we issued our very first #WeeklyChallenge, where we asked everyone in The Legend of Zelda Series Community to draw their favorite item from the entire franchise. For a higher chance to get your response featured on our site, people had to draw another character other than Link using said item. This week, we issue our first ever #WeeklyPoll...

I believe it’s safe to say that the secondary (and probably tertiary) characters of the Legend of Zelda games contribute in part to our opinions about individual games. By that I mean characters aside from the Big 3 (Link, Zelda, and Ganon/Ganondorf) inform how we regard things like narrative interest, the “world,” and sentimental attachment to a particular game. But what of those “other” characters...


Welcome back, Zelda fans and music lovers. I’ve received some thoughtful feedback about this article series on the music of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (TP), and I am quite grateful for the discussion it has generated. This installment focuses on one theme and its myriad iterations, the Hyrule Field theme, so I will keep the introduction to the standard disclaimers:

I discuss the music with regard to the various contexts under which it exists in and outside the series. This endeavor assumes discourse about the music divorced from the gameplay experience. I only turn to gameplay contexts only if it is absolutely necessary to understand what is happening musically. I realize that this approach may be naive, as the music and gameplay are so intertwined, but it is possible to examine the music through ways other than through the gameplay, as I hope I’ve shown in the first two articles.

Hello and welcome back to our Wednesday Weekly Feature: The Fan Music Spotlight! In this feature, we'll be presenting a YouTube musician showcasing their abilities through a Zelda-related composition or cover.  After last weeks excursion into ten different genre interpretations of the main Zelda theme via electric guitar, we're taking a bit of a step in the other direction this time.  While our starring artists still excel in the guitar, they prefer the acoustic route, taking our favorite tunes and strumming them out, without amplification. 

There's nothing quite like the first time one plays through a Zelda game.  It's just the player, one's wits, and Link, pitted against the puzzles and dangers that Hyrule and its related realms have thrown one's way.  While this level of excitement originating from an initial playthough is great, it can make the return to even the most beloved entries more than a little disappointing.  Temples which were once intimidating and mysterious become well-tread ground, and surprising story moments are part of a script.  Some of the inceptive magic is gone. 

This weeks featured Cosplay is by Cystel86 and Hikari-Mylene of Deviant Art.

I've decided to feature their portrayal of two of our favourite Majora's Mask characters: Cremia and Romani, sisters of Romani Ranch.

The two girls are quite popular as artists and, of the few characters they have Cosplayed, I think that the Cremia and Romani costumes are the sweetest of their work...

If you’re like me, you’ve spent days online refreshing tabs and tabs of retailer pages, trying to catch the next time the Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL pre-orders become available. Maybe some of you have given up, like I’ve been considering doing over the last few days. With new retailers frequently being announced, it seems like our chances of snagging this beautiful new Zelda console would be increasing...