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One of the cheapest and easiest was to show off your Zelda fandom is to don the Hylian Crest everywhere you go. Thanks to NothinbutvVinyl on Etsy, you can now do just that. From slapping a decal on your laptop or desktop computer case to slapping one in your car window, you can rock this logo everywhere you go. While not inherently as usable as a traditional sticker, it is far more durable and likely to last a lot longer. Plus, at the price tag of $5.99 (with free shipping) you can't really go wrong.

Head inside for a larger image and a link to make your purchase today.

We've been attempting to offer two Zelda Informer exclusive T-Shirts for as cheap as we can, but doing so means we have to sell a certain amount in a bulk batch, otherwise the only way to purchase them is to pay significantly more over at redbubble. We have two T-Shirt Designs currently on sale for the discounted price, but we need to move 50 of each shirt for anyone to benefit.

The first design is Dodongo Dislike's Smoke, pictured to the left. The second design is inside.

Zelda Dungeon's very own Mases Hagopian is running a one man mini-marathon today where he tackles The Legend of Zelda (NES), The Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, and Ocarina of Time. The goal is to complete them all within 21 hours. However, this time around the marathon is different - how far he gets is determined by the donaters. He has each game and major sections within those game broken down into donation tiers - sort of like stretch goals on Kickstarter.

He is trying to raise $2500 (or more) for one the worlds last standing major arcades. The Galloping Ghost Arcade is looking to raise $500,000 overall to complete a massive expansion, and this marathon is serving to cover a small portion of the desired funds. Plus we get to watch one of the most well known Zelda Community figure heads dominate some Zelda games. The arcade itself has had 140 world records set at it, and has 70 custom created arcade units that are unique to just them - the only place in the world to have them.

You can watch the stream directly on Twitch, or you can alternatively head on over to Zelda Dungeon to donate and watch, as that is where the donation widget is.

There are tons of Zelda shorts and parodies out there, but for the life of me today's clip is one of the most unique ones I have seen yet. Link has been asleep 7 years, waiting to come of age. However, Link naturally had to have something to eat right? I mean, you can't sleep 7 years without some nourishment. However, 7 years of eating without actually leaving a the laying down position had some... interesting results for our hero. Head inside.

Had you asked me a month ago what my favorite dungeon of the Zelda series was, I highly doubt that I would have chosen this one. Not because I don't love it, obviously – heck, I've chosen it now, haven't I? – but more because my focus has always been on the 3D games. From my first time playing Ocarina of Time to my latest run-through of Skyward Sword, the worlds and the gameplay of those have always enthralled me far more than the top-down look of handhelds and earlier titles. But when I ran through the list of dungeons from across the entire series, weighing each one's merits and charms and difficulties and disappointments, I surprised myself by continually coming back to the Tower of Spirits.

Delve into this massive dungeon with me after the jump!

When I think of a traditional dungeon in a Zelda game, I think of multiple rooms resting within some kind of structure or mountain found somewhere on the world map, places that are just sitting there, waiting for a Hero to come solve their many puzzles. While that's all fine and dandy, and probably one of my favorite parts of the series, this formula feels a bit stale after so many visits. What really makes a dungeon stick out in my eyes is when the dungeon blends in with the environment or just feels natural to what you're doing in your quest. Yes, once you've entered a dungeon, you're in the dungeon, but that doesn't mean a dungeon has to feel like what we're familiar with. A particular favorite dungeon that does all this is Skyward Sword's Sandship.

Head inside for more!

Video games often reference other games many times over, and it's not unheard of to see references to Nintendo games in decidedly un-Nintendo like games. We've seen "A Secret to Everybody" in games like Fable, but it's a bit rarer that we see something a bit more profound, such as Linken in World of Warcraft (who I believe no longer exists). Infamous: Second Son is a game many seem be touting as a true 'Next-Gen' (Sorry to burst those bubbles, but it's CURRENT GEN now) game, and being Sony exclusive certainly hasn't stopped a potential direct reference to the Blade of Evil's Bane. The real question is - is it truly a reference or is it just a coincidence? Head inside for a comparison.

When we last saw Koji Igarashu, he had just departed from Konami after over 24 years of employment and countless contributions to the Castlevania series. Much of his career within Konami started with Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and to many fans it very much resembled Nintendo's popular Super Metroid series because of it's similarities in map design and platforming style. Even though the game quickly became known better as "Metroidvania" by fans and critics alike, when consulted on the topic Mr. Igarashu had something a little different in mind.

To see what more he had to say, check out more after the jump!

YouTuber ZaziNombies Lego Creations, a man who specializes in building Lego replicas of numerous video game objects and artifacts (a lot of them from Minecraft), recently uploaded a video about his newest creation, an enormously epic Hylian Shield from Skyward Sword, made from over 2000 tiny pieces!

The shield is 51 centimeters long and 71 centimeters wide. Over 500 little black pieces went into the backside of the shield, and many of the details on the rim and on the face were created with Bionicle pieces.

Follow after the jump for the full video!

Using five meters of LED night-lights and a hell of a lot of Legos, artist Baron von Brunk has created an awesome luminous mosaic depicting Link, holding the fabled Triforce.

The principle is quite simple, really: like in his " Nintendo World" mosaic from about five months ago, the entire construction is composed of one large, hollow vertical panel made from colorful transparent Legos. Strips of LED lights are stuck to one large circuit board on the back; this, in turn, is connected to the back of the Lego portrait. The sprite mosaic opens like a door, revealing the numerous lights and the enormous circuit board.

More information can be found here, and for more of Baron con Brunks work, check out his general, Lego-inspired Tumblr. The man eally is quite talented, and he's made tons of light-up Lego experiments in his career. You can just stalk his Facebook page for more excellent mosaic sprite portraits.

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