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We love feedback and today we are going try something a little different: A fan survey! We don't seem to get the desired results when we ask for suggestions and feedback, so we feel the best way to get what we are searching for is to simply ask you these questions directly. Head inside to take the plunge.

...We're really asking for it here, aren't we?

The mere mention of Sheik's gender is one of those things that can send Zelda fans into all-out RAEG MODE at a moment's notice. It's been fiercely debated (read: argued via deafening screaming matches) ever since Ocarina of Time was released; fuel was only added to the fire when the OoT manga, while non-canon, chose to support the side of Zelda actually transforming into a boy for the seven years Link slept through. Meanwhile, the equally non-canonical Super Smash Bros. series treats the alter ego as decidedly feminine. And today we've learned that the "survivor of the Sheikah"—as Sheik refers to him/herself in OoT—will be joining the ranks of playable characters in the also non-canon Hyrule Warriors. We just haven't yet gotten a translation that indicates which gender this game will go with.

So grab your noise-cancelling headphones (and maybe a sturdy suit of armor while you're at it), and join us after the jump for today's Daily Debate: should Hyrule Warriors' Sheik be male or female?

This week only you can get several amazing T-Shirt designs for just $14, they are regularly priced $20. To celebrate this we are giving away a Free T-Shirt to 5 lucky winners! The shirt is one of your choice from our entire shop, not just what is pictured above. How can you win a free shirt? Head inside!

Max Gleason, better known for his stage name Smooth McGroove, is a YouTube artist recognized for recording a capella versions of video game songs. He did something really special with the Hyrule Castle theme from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Head inside to read more about it!

Zelda has established a huge catalog of races over the years; in fact, ever since Ocarina of Time, it feels like almost every entry in the series has introduced a new intelligent species to play a special role. The Garo of Majora's Mask; the Anouki of Phantom Hourglass; the Oracle games' Subrosians and Tokay; the Zuna Tribe of Four Swords Adventures...and the list goes on. In fact, one of the things in Skyward Sword that really rubbed me the wrong way was that the designers felt the need to create the Kikwi and Parella races when the Deku and Zora could have worked just as well. Especially the Zora...I mean, even if they did as much nothing as the Parella did, it could've at least given us a tad more insight into ancient Zora culture!

...*ahem* Sorry, my character-obsessed side was showing (again). The point is, sometimes these new races come at the cost of a chance to see and expand on already established and beloved races. How long has it been since we saw the Kokiri? Who wouldn't love to see a new generation of Rito? What kind of twist could the return of the Minish provide us?

Which of these races would you be most excited to see return? Join the Daily Debate after the jump!

Gotta go fast!

I've always admired speedrunners. Delving into a game's code to learn the intricacies and behind-the-scenes shortcuts to reach completion is an incredible feat, and it blows my mind when someone can beat a game in three hours, when it took me over fifty on my playthrough. Add Twitch user Bob_Loblaw_Law to that list of people I admire, not only for having an awesome Arrested Development name, but also for completing a 100% run of Skyward Sword in only eight hours, thirty-five minutes, and twenty-eight seconds. That's a new world record.

Although the actual speedrun is a tad old now, it's still an incredible feat to watch. Check it out inside.

This is one of those debates for the ages. There is no right answer and there is no wrong answer, but we're going to argue for our picks because we can. Because we want people to enjoy Zelda games the same way we do. There are a lot of Zelda games out there, specifically of the handheld nature. The question is... which one is the best to you... and why?

Today seems to be the day we post world records, as another one was recently set for A Link Between Worlds. This is an Any% run that chimes in at 1 hour, 32 minutes and 4 seconds. While this time will likely be topped many times over in the future, it is still impressive for a game that hasn't even been out for a full year. Head inside to see the entire run for yourself.

Link. The Hero Time. Wielder of the Triforce of Courage. Farts: Hero of Winds (if you've ever dedicated yourself to making the joke happen in Wind Waker). The main protagonist and our avatar in the Zelda universe has always been the center of attention, and this makes sense given the mythology of the series. But have we finally reached a point at which we could have a game without him? Join the Daily Debate!

Earlier today we announced a free giveaway that's going on in which you have the chance to win a Hylian Shield of your very own! While this is only a replica and probably won't stand up against the legions of Ganondorf's evil forces, it is quite the quality item, and the artist has been generous enough to show us how it's done via pictures on his Imgur account. Check them out inside!