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Link's Awakening and Majora's Mask share two very interesting traits that separate them from most other Zelda titles: neither game takes place in Hyrule, and neither game has an emphasis on Ganon or Zelda. Those similarities aside, these game do differ on how clearly their settings are projected. The events of Link's Awakening took place on Koholint Island, which in the end was very clearly dreamed up by the Wind Fish. Majora's Mask, on the other hand, makes it very unclear of what you were exploring. Head inside to join this daily debate!

After a less than brief hiatus, our Tuesday Weekly Feature, the Photoshop Contest, is back with a vengeance! For those who are new to this feature, fear not; this is a very straightforward contest. Simply photoshop or otherwise alter the image, screenshot, or whatever is that we provide for the week and turn it into something hilarious, cool, or anything in between! Head inside for the winners of the last one and for this week's picture!

Monday is here again, which means that it is time for another Caption Contest. Last week, we got a lot of really great captions from you. Click the jump to see our favorites from last week as well as a new image for you to caption.

Throughout the history of the Legend of Zelda, we've been introduced to wonderful compositions time and time again. Some of them go on to become iconic representations of the series and some of them are not as well remembered. It goes without saying that the music in Zelda helps keep the grandeur feeling of adventure alive and adds to the atmosphere of the game, but we all have varying likes and dislikes. What is your favorite tune from any Zelda game? Head inside to join today's debate!

Through a translation from Nintendo's Japanese website, we learned just yesterday that Link could very well be facing a brand new antagonist in next year's adventure on Wii U. This has caused a massive amount of discussion and speculation among the fan base, and it's not surprising considering this is the most we've heard about the story for Zelda U since its reveal. That being said, some have more specific ideas in mind a new villain. Join the Daily Debate!

There's been a lot of news for Hyrule Warriors this week, especially with the reveal of three new playable characters. Along with the news of Sheik, Darunia, and Ruto's representing Ocarina of Time, we've gotten plenty of new details on some of the old characters too, be that from screenshots, videos, and streams. With all this discussion of characters, one topic has popped into my head lately: thus far, we have ten playable characters revealed...of whom, only Lana is original.

While I'm all for more and more references to the games we love, I can't help but wonder if Koei Tecmo should flex their creative muscles more and give us even more original characters for this game. You can read more of my thoughts and join the Daily Debate for yourself after the jump!

Last week on Fanfiction Friday we covered "Succession" by our fan Kim. It told a story about Dark Link's first few days in existence. This week, we bring yet another story about Dark Link, making it three out of four stories covered about this shadowy and mysterious character.

The story is called "The Doppelganger" by ScooterJLM, and it is a detailed look into the famous Water Temple fight from Ocarina of Time.

Click the jump to read on and experience the action for yourself.

It goes without saying that there was a lot of news yesterday about the upcoming Hyrule Warriors. Of course, all of that information feeds an even greater amount of speculation. Discussions are booming between fans about the new characters, concepts, and mechanics of the game. So instead of trying to pick it apart, let's debate on the game as a whole.

Click to join in on today's Daily Debate!

The Legend of Zelda is well known for giving some of its characters interesting backgrounds, and Lana isn't the exception. The moment she showed up in the Hyrule Warrior's box art, fans started to make theories and speculations about her origins.

Could she be connected with the Golden Goddesses? Join the daily debate!

We love feedback and today we are going try something a little different: A fan survey! We don't seem to get the desired results when we ask for suggestions and feedback, so we feel the best way to get what we are searching for is to simply ask you these questions directly. Head inside to take the plunge.