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Day three came and went, with Turtle Rock and Thieves' Hideout moving on to the finals. Day four brings us Link's Awakening and all the promise it can bring. As the first handheld entry in the series, it certainly left an impression on me as a kid and ranks as one of my top games in the series. However, that doesn't matter today... what matters is selecting our favorite dungeon. As always, I have included the rule set we have in place to determine our fans top 10 dungeons...

The above image was posted by a relatively new user at NeoGAF claiming that he saw this on the Microsoft website for a brief moment before it was taken down. We all know a new Xbox is inevitable, but this is the first glimpse at anything we’ve had close to a reveal. Unfortunately, there are a few issues with this image, aside from the newness of the user who posted it, that lead me to believe it isn’t quite what some may hope. While it looks like it could be perfectly real, something like this is easy enough to fake for any decently skilled digital artist. Furthermore, while the site is clearly broadcasting its message of “the new Xbox,” a closer look at the right side of the picture shows that the machine displayed on the front page is just an Xbox 360. Head past the jump for more.

Nonspecific Action Figure, the star of the pre-E3 Nintendo Direct (and E3 in general), has since become an internet sensation; memes, videos, and even requests for a new IP or inclusion in the next Smash Bros. game have popped everywhere.

Now, thanks to the folks over at Gametista, we can all create our own Nonspecific Action Figures! Apparently his main components are a body from a UFC Mark Coleman action figure and a random Chinese knockoff toy. Huh.

Personally, this seems like way too much art work to me (paint hates me), but I’d love to see some of you guys’ creations. I’ll just purchase mine when he becomes available at retail (after his new game comes out, of course)

Are you going to make your own Nonspecific Action Figure? Isn’t he the greatest?

Follow me after the jump for a screenshot of Nonspecific Action Figure in an epic Nintendo crossover!

One of the more innovative features of Wii U, called “panorama display,” has recently been approved for Nintendo’s patent. Panorama display is the technology by which Wii U allows gamers to see a different point of action on the GamePad than on the main TV screen. Being such a pivotal focus in Wii U’s gameplay means that this is a monumental step forward for Nintendo. With the technology under their control, Sony and Microsoft are going to have to do some fancy legal work if they’re hoping to implement similar features in their future consoles.

But in theory, panorama display is much more complicated than we might imagine. Using gyro sensors to determine the player’s viewing angle and recalculate the game accordingly is an unjustly simple way of explaining the technology. Currently, no Wii U games use the technology to its full advantage, and it’s one of those things that doesn’t seem too beneficial until you see it in action. For a more thorough look at how panorama display works, head over to Engadget.

This review contains slight spoilers in the “Story” and “Music” sections. To read a spoiler-free version of this review, click here.

You’ve seen the First Impressions and the Progress Report. Now, after finishing the game, I’m here to bring you a definitive review of Paper Mario: Sticker Star, one of Nintendo’s newest big releases for the 3DS. Paper Mario: Sticker Star is not as deep as its predecessors, nor does it attach itself to the player as well, but Sticker Star is one of the most fun games released on a Nintendo console in a long time—perhaps even more entertaining to play than some of the earlier Paper Mario titles. Head past the jump to read the decisive review of Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Mass Effect is one of the best series to come out of the current generation. That much is almost undeniable albeit some controversy is no stranger to the series. However, Nintendo exclusive gamers have been deprived of Mass Effect as the series has always been locked to the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. To our great pleasure, EA announced plans to bring Bioware’s great series to the Wii U. What’s more, those of us who have already experienced the trilogy had some things to look forward to in the Wii U port. EA promised Wii U exclusive features that would take advantage of the GamePad’s features.

Now we have some bad news. According to a lucky gamer at 1UP who has had the chance to play Mass Effect 3 Wii U, this version may fall just a tad short. So short in fact that it may no longer be the “definitive version” many were hoping it would be.

What does this mean for those eagerly awaiting its release? How bad are these issues? More Mass Effect 3 controversy? Keep reading for more details.

The official website for the upcoming New Super Mario Bros. U once said that the platformer would run in beautiful 1080p resolution on HDTV sets. Shortly afterwards, it replaced “1080p” with “high definition,” keeping in line with what E3 floor representatives claimed, but baffling several fans. According to the website’s current update:

The previously stated information about video output for this game was inaccurate. The Wii U console supports video output of up to 1080p. While all Wii U software titles display high definition graphics, resolution for specific titles may vary.

Third parties concerned about graphical power will undoubtedly support 1080p on Wii U, but Nintendo’s attitude towards graphics has always been blasé. We can all expect Nintendo’s usual high-quality gameplay and innovative ideas, but the opportunity for them to make their games look better than ever is upon them, and they don’t seem to be taking advantage of that. Hopefully, this output resolution is a fluke exclusive to New Super Mario Bros. U and doesn’t reflect the approach for all Nintendo titles.

Long ago, Nintendo revealed the full list of minigames NintendoLand brought to the table. Until now, three of those twelve names were left with no information: Captain Falcon’s Twister Race, Yoshi’s Fruit Cart, and Octopus Dance. However, footage of these games has recently surfaced on YouTube, giving us a better idea of what they’re like.

In Yoshi’s Fruit Cart, the player must draw a path on the GamePad to guide a cart through a trail of fruit and to a goal. The GamePad, however, leaves out the fruit and obstacles, leaving the player to keep a close eye on the TV to see where to guide the cart. This kind of gameplay is exactly what makes the Wii U experience so unique, and certainly sparks interest.

Head past the jump for details about the remaining two games!

Welcome to the first edition of Zelda Informer’s new podcast series, The Existential Gaming Roundtable. In this session, Colin McIssac, Jackson Murphy, Brian E. Scheid, Jared Ettinger and myself discuss the possibilities of the yet shepherded Wii U. However, it would seem that the majority of our staff have ridiculously short attention spans, as we cannot stay on topic for our lives, which leads us into some hilarious antics. We do still manage, somehow, to get out some great points and have very interesting discussions on the present and future of Wii U. Hit the jump below for the podcast, and ready your body for a delightful train wreck. Please note, this was recorded on September 15th, so references are a bit dated.

Fire Emblem: Awakening was announced a long time ago, and since released in Japan to high praise. For ages, fans of the series in the West have been waiting for news on localization, praying that it didn’t fall into the same fate as 2010’s Nintendo DS title. Last June, Reggie Fils-Aime announced that it would be coming, but made no mention of when. Myself along with many others have been sitting on the edge of our seats since then.

There’s still no official news on the release date, but it’s been out for so long now that that can’t be too far off. Europe’s popular online retailer, Zavvi, has listed January 25th as the European launch date for the title.

It’s probably nothing to go by, being nothing more than their guess for the game’s release. Still nothing has surfaced for plans of the north American launch, but January seems like a reasonable time.

Head past the jump for more details.