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We Zelda faithful continue to eagerly anticipate the day Nintendo finally bestows upon us a brand new Zelda title for the Wii U. Many are hoping for a realistic Zelda title, but Nintendo wants to do a different style. But what comes to mind when someone mentions Zelda U? Probably that delicious looking Tech Demo from E3 2011 that all of us want to see in a playable form. Well, give up all hope now, because the Wii U might not actually be able to run that.

It's been discovered, as it had been rumored over a year back, that the Wii U actually got downgraded in 2012 due to overheating issues. While a bigger box, more fans, and a bit better technical engineering could've helped, due to Iwata's alleged restrictions on the Wii U's size and weight when developing the console, the team had to downgrade the console's specs. Head past the jump for more!

 I opted against using the term “poor sales” in this article’s title. Why? Because it would be far from the truth: Having sold over 3.5 million units (on an arguably dead platform, no less), Skyward Sword was a commercial success. But comparing those sales to the rest of the main console Zelda titles, Skyward Sword sold less units than all except for Majora’s Mask (unless you consider Four Swords Adventures to be a “main console Zelda title”). Based on this information, I think it’s safe to say that Skyward Sword sold undeniably well for a general video game, but sold terribly as far as Zelda games are concerned.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean this to be a sales analysis piece: The first paragraph right there is really all you need to know regarding sales figures, as far as this piece is concerned. With that out of the way, I want to discuss Nintendo’s reaction to the sales. In a series as popular and as long-running as Zelda, sales can really give developers a louder lesson to learn than any vocal reaction regarding what the fans really like, and unfortunately, I feel like Nintendo is learning the wrong lessons from Skyward Sword. Find out why after the jump.

This review contains slight spoilers in the “Story” and “Music” sections. To read a spoiler-free version of this review, click here.

You’ve seen the First Impressions and the Progress Report. Now, after finishing the game, I’m here to bring you a definitive review of Paper Mario: Sticker Star, one of Nintendo’s newest big releases for the 3DS. Paper Mario: Sticker Star is not as deep as its predecessors, nor does it attach itself to the player as well, but Sticker Star is one of the most fun games released on a Nintendo console in a long time—perhaps even more entertaining to play than some of the earlier Paper Mario titles. Head past the jump to read the decisive review of Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Mass Effect is one of the best series to come out of the current generation. That much is almost undeniable albeit some controversy is no stranger to the series. However, Nintendo exclusive gamers have been deprived of Mass Effect as the series has always been locked to the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. To our great pleasure, EA announced plans to bring Bioware’s great series to the Wii U. What’s more, those of us who have already experienced the trilogy had some things to look forward to in the Wii U port. EA promised Wii U exclusive features that would take advantage of the GamePad’s features.

Now we have some bad news. According to a lucky gamer at 1UP who has had the chance to play Mass Effect 3 Wii U, this version may fall just a tad short. So short in fact that it may no longer be the “definitive version” many were hoping it would be.

What does this mean for those eagerly awaiting its release? How bad are these issues? More Mass Effect 3 controversy? Keep reading for more details.

Masahiro Sakurai, genius developer and creator of such titles as Kirby’s Adventure, Super Smash Bros. and Kid Icarus: Uprising, is (as we know) beginning to enter development on the next Smash Bros. game.

Of course, being so far from launch, we know nothing about the title besides that it will somehow utilize Wii U/3DS connection - and that we probably won’t see it until some point around holiday 2027 if Sakura’s warnings are any indication.

The latest bit of news regarding the ongoing development of this (assuming it’s going to be) massive title is that Sakurai is planning on doing his best to bring characters from previous games back. That…yeah, that sounds like they just started working on this maybe three days ago if they’re in the “planning returning characters” phase. I adjust my previous statement to holiday 2032. Maybe early Spring 2033. Head in for the full quote and some thoughts.

Reggie is Watching You

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to E3 2012! Eleven Hours and Thirty Minutes Remain Until Microsoft’s Press Conference!

E3 is finally among us. In less than twelve hours, we will be reporting to you LIVE with information from Microsoft’s conference, followed by EA’s, Ubisoft’s, and Sony’s, with Nintendo’s 3 conferences coming to us on Tuesday and Wednesday.

But enough about tomorrow’s E3, let’s now look back at previous E3 showings, shall we? Last week, we asked for your votes for your favorite moments from previous Nintendo conferences at E3, and we now have the top four results! Surprisingly, two of the four came from last year’s conference; I thought it was one of the more lackluster conferences, but I’ll admit that there were some gems hidden in the mix.

Wanna see if your pick made the cut? Then please step inside.

Today, popular gaming website Kotaku seeks to find out whether or not Nintendo lived up to the promises made at E3 2011 (in a line of articles examining the promises made by various companies). At E3 2011, Nintendo had a lot of material - ranging from new 3DS titles, to all the fanfare surrounding the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda. And of course, the unveiling of the (still-elusive) Wii U console - replete with all the games announced for it. Did Nintendo live up to its promises and deliver the content it sought to bring? You’ll just have to read on and find out.

Nintendo E3 Image

E3 2012 is almost upon us. The coming press conference is not only making fans look towards the future, but is also evoking memories of the past. Last year’s conference highlighted the 3DS , Zelda’s 25th Anniversary, and the base of this year’s conference: the Wii U. The 3DS has grown into a successful handheld, with great software to prove it. Games like Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, and Kid Icarus: Uprising have shown the industry the potential of the portable powerhouse, and third-parties are starting to jump on board with titles such as Resident Evil: Revelations leading the way. Zelda celebrated its birthday with events ranging from Virtual Console titles to symphonic concerts. I still get goosebumps when I hear the orchestra perform. And the cherry on the sundae came out on November 20, with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword releasing. The Wii U is the only factor that has seen little to no updates since last June. Watching E3 2011 for a third time has made me realize the the Wii U reveal was very weak. We will witness the true unveiling of the big N’s new console in one week, but until then, witness the beginning of the next generation right here.

Hit the jump to DOODELO DOODAHLOO DOODELOO back to one year ago, and relive the past E3 in all of its glory.

Wii U Ah, the pre-E3 weeks are always so full of rumors, and this year is no different. This batch of rumors not only concerns this year’s presentation, however; there are several rumors about last year’s conference as well.

According to reports, the Wii U units used at E3 2011 did not house optical drives and may have been nothing more than empty cases for show. Rumor has it that the real power came from developer kits behind the TVs with software contained on encrypted SD cards.

There’s the rumors for last year, but I know you’re eager for this year’s, right? You’ll have to come inside to see!

What Could the Wii U Launch Games BeE3 is less than a month away and Nintendo will undoubtedly be revealing much more about the Wii U as its holiday release window approaches. Perhaps the single most important factor about the Wii U besides it’s pricing is the launch games. Without compelling software, it really doesn’t matter how affordable the console is.

Nintendo says it has learned from the lackluster launch of the 3DS, but will they prove true to their word with the Wii U’s launch lineup? Click the jump for my speculation on what the launch games could be, what they should be, and how important they are to the success of the Wii U.