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This box set lightning deal is technically "sold out", however, everyone who added it to their cart hasn't checked out. What that means is that if they don't check out in a short amount of time, the item becomes available again and is optioned to folks who add themselves to the wait list. If you add your name to the waitlist for the item, there is a chance you could get the Zelda Box Set for guides, valued at $180, for just $80. That's a really big and really rare deal for Zelda collectors out there. I don't have the Box Set myself yet, so I already have my waitlist claim in. Get yours in while there is still time...

I know around these parts IGN isn't necessarily viewed in a positive light, but when they happen to do something interesting when talking about Zelda it's almost always worth taking a look at it. Be it fan voting, editorials, or in this case a nice video feature. They break down the visual history of Link, and frankly they do a great job. It's neat see how much (or little) he has truly changed over the years and when certain aspects of his garb were introduced. Of course the feature isn't 100% perfect, but I'm the guy that mispronounced "Hylian" and "Fi". No one's perfect...

Adam Scythe, a devoted and very talented artist in the fanart community, just made this beautiful painting of Link and Zelda from Spirit Tracks.

He's made tons of other Zelda fanart pieces, like this great painting of Zelda U-style Link and Ocarina of Time Link, as well as this completely unrelated (but still awesome) painting of Deadpool.

Check out a video of his painting process after the jump!

This is one of those debates for the ages. There is no right answer and there is no wrong answer, but we're going to argue for our picks because we can. Because we want people to enjoy Zelda games the same way we do. There are a lot of Zelda games out there, specifically of the handheld nature. The question is... which one is the best to you... and why?

Awhile back we reported that Zelda Monopoly was going to be an actual thing at some point this year, but now we have our first tangible evidence of progress on this initiative. In addition, another Zelda related item was discovered that might be a bit more limited. That would be an Ocarina of Time Collectors Edition puzzle, of which we have pictures of these items inside.

Eggbusters is a show by one man who takes on various glitches in video games to try and prove or disprove their existence. He goes a bit beyond that though, as if the glitch does exist and is real, he'll try to have some fun with it. Sometimes this produces crazy results, as it does in his latest video that features Link's Awakening. This particular glitch is so crazy he only does the one glitch for the whole episode, which is unusual as he usually tackles at least 2 or 3 per show. That's all you need to know about how crazy this ride will be. Head inside.

The 6th matchup in the ZVS companion series is a DS-centric one, featuring companions from Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks: Princess Zelda and Linebeck. It's the princess in her ghostly form against the comical coward sailor Linebeck. The winner is up to you! Head inside and vote!

Hiromasa Shikata is probably a fairly new name for many game fans, and even Zelda fans, to hear, but Shikata nonetheless sat in the director's seat for the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. One may wonder how this unknown name has come to direct such an incredible game, but if we take a look at his past projects, it's no surprise that he's made one of the best entries in the Zelda series to date.

Shikata was a Field Designer for both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask on the Nintendo 64 for his first two jobs with Nintendo. During that time, he was actually the man behind the design of the famous Windmill Hut in Kakariko Village. He later was a Field Designer for The Wind Waker, where he also created the famous Forsaken Fortress before graduating to Assistant Director for Twilight Princess. But it doesn't stop there. Shikata was involved in Pikmin, Geist, and many other games! Head past the jump for a full list.

It's hard to imagine any of us have forgotten about Link's handheld adventures right? I mean heck, we have a brand new one arriving just this Friday! Still, there is an entire side to the Zelda fandom that involves officially licensed and Nintendo created Zelda games that we always seem to overlook. In particular, we rarely talk about the Game and Watch Zelda game. In fact, it can be said we really don't talk about the handheld Zelda games all that much outside of when a new one is ready for release. We have hundreds of articles about Majora's Mask, Skyward Sword...heck, even Zelda U. However, we rarely bring the much needed attention to games like Link's Awakening, The Minish Cap, and all the rest. Surprisingly today, has reminded us all about the handheld Zelda goodness.

Released in 1989, the Zelda Game & Watch was one of the final big-name entries in the series before the Game Boy arrived and rendered solo LCD portables largely redundant. Even so, it remains an impressive achievement: the side-scrolling action gameplay was divided between the upper and lower screens, with the top display also holding a inventory section. Around the same time, Nintendo licensed the Zelda name to American firm Nelsonic, which produced a wrist watch edition of Zelda that crams in top-down hack-and-slash gameplay more akin to the full-blown NES title. Got one gathering dust on the shelf? Collectors are now snapping them up on eBay for more than a few rupees.

Head inside for more.

Way back in ye dayes of olde, when Zelda Informer was named "ZeldaInformer," we had a serial podcast for you fine fans. Unfortunately, we're not running that production any more, but as a part of our effort to clean up our YouTube channel and improve your viewing experience, we've unearthed these relics and made them more accessible than ever. If you'd like to see what we're doing over on YouTube, you can check out all our content old and new, organized and sorted into beautiful playlists, and all that other fancy-schmancy stuff to help you further enjoy the content we have to offer!

Not long ago, we shared with you our podcast about 2D versus 3D in Zelda games and a similar one about a whole slew of Zelda subjects. In this one, a few members of the old ZI crew discuss Spirit Tracks and the then-upcoming Skyward Sword! Give the video a watch and share your thoughts here in the comments! Be sure to stay tuned here at ZI or subscribe to our YouTube channel as we re-upload the rest of our long-lost content!