Staff at Zelda Informer

Staff at Zelda Informer have come and gone, but through the and through, this site has seen a myriad of intelligent and creative contributors. Since the beginning, minds from all around the world came together to form what you see here today, and while the site continues to expand well beyond its original state, we do not lose sight of the humble beginnings or the foundations upon which it is built.

Management Team

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc, Editor-in-Chief
Staff Since: July 2008
Alias: Nathan / Nate
Location: Chippewa Falls, USA

Nathanial made his way to Zelda Informer in 2008 upon the merger with his site, AbsoluteZelda. He took on the role of webmaster since then and pushed the site to the new heights under a model called "Zelda Informer Plus," an approach that covered all of Nintendo, rather than just one franchise. In late 2012, Nathanial spearheaded the effort to create Gamnesia, an all-around gaming resource for news, reviews, editorials, and more, while helping Zelda Informer become a Zelda-centric fansite once more.

Nathanial is happily engaged and currently attending college while taking care of his family.

Dennis Wyman, Technical Administrator
Founding Member
Alias: Captain Cornflake
Location: Alaska, USA
“Ain’t got nuthin’ to lose but them goddamn Bourgeoisie Blues…”

Dennis is the mysterious founding staff member, always lurking around the in shadows, never really seen or noticed. But we would certainly notice if he stopped working.

Dennis handles the server, as well as the programming and site hosting work—to put it simply, he does everything that lets our website actually work. When he posts on the main site, you know something big is happening.

Colin McIsaac, Managing Editor
Staff Since: August 2012
Alias: Pokemoneinstein
Location: Boston, USA
“I hate shorts! They’re itchy as hell and my crotch can hardly breathe!”

Colin first laid hands on video games before even turning three years old, and has since grown to be an avid Nintendo fan. Despite a busy school schedule, Colin has graduated from daily news and regular editorials to daily site management, including staff hiring and training, various maintenance tasks, and long-term planning.

Outside of the journalism game, Colin is an actor and invested musician who loves arranging music from video games and other media, and has a particular fondness for anthropology and US History.

Damir Halilović, Technical Administrator
Founding Member
Alias: the_Predator
Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
“You may now kiss the ring”

Alongside Dennis, Damir is one of the two surviving staff members from the very early days of Zelda Informer and moved on to programming for Gamnesia before its launch. Before joining Zelda Informer, he started off as a writer for the Bombers team, his application to which originally lead him to Dennis and Phil—two of the site’s founding members—and the rest is history.

Unlike most staff members, his role on Zelda Informer greatly changed over the years. Damir has gone from posting news, to graphic work, all the way to back-end site maintenance. On Gamnesia, Damir serves as one of the Technical Administrators, proving himself to be a reliable and ever-present asset in times of need.

Senior Editors

Nikola Katardjiev
Logan Cavaliere
Jackson Murphy
Barry Herbers

Associate Editors

William VanZant
Harold Teekman
Dan Rockwood
Drew Navarre
Joel McGill
Sam Mills

Junior Editors

Bernard Aanonsen
Edward Willshire
Alex Greensmith
Greggory Harris
Kaleb Copeland
Aaron Williams
Harvey Brown
Edward Koke
Josh Carrero
Ben Schuster
Stefan Terry
Chris Roark
Daniel Bills
River Hill

Columnists and Contributors

Miguel Bernardo Olmedo Morell — Columnist
Katherine Edwards — Columnist
Shannon Berthelot — Columnist
Francis Comberti — Columnist
Christina Zaeske — Columnist
Fernando Trejos — Columnist
Andrew Gatrell — Columnist
Sean Rhodes — Columnist
Mariah Beem — Columnist
Henry Davis — Columnist
brittany King — Columnist
Ian DeMers — Columnist
Alex Durrell — Columnist
Chris Agri — Columnist
Claire Lara — Contributor
Chris London — Contributor
Gerald Sword — Contributor
George Moujaes — Contributor

Other Staff

Kai Rogers — Walkthrough Editor
Tyler Meehan — Head Copy Editor
Phaedra Corrente — Copy Editor
Abby Merchant — Copy Editor
Dakota Layne — Copy Editor
Peirce Jordan — Copy Editor
Luke Powers — Copy Editor
Abby Foote — Copy Editor
Gino Flores — Copy Editor
Aria Tanner — Translator
Brian Scheid — Artguy

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