Staff at Zelda Informer

Staff at Zelda Informer have come and gone, but through the and through, this site has seen a myriad of intelligent and creative contributors. Since the beginning, minds from all around the world came together to form what you see here today, and while the site continues to expand well beyond its original state, we do not lose sight of the humble beginnings or the foundations upon which it is built.

Management Team

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc, Editor-in-Chief
Staff Since: July 2008
Alias: Nathan / Nate
Location: Wisconsin, USA

"I'm not Zelda!"

Dennis Wyman, Publisher    
Founding Member
Alias: Captain Cornflake
Location: Austin, TX, USA
“Ain’t got nuthin’ to lose but them goddamn Bourgeoisie Blues…”

Colin McIsaac, Managing Editor
Staff Since: August 2012
Alias: Pokemoneinstein
Location: Boston, USA
“I hate shorts! They’re itchy as hell and my crotch can hardly breathe!”

Damir Halilović, Technical Administrator
Founding Member
Alias: the_Predator
Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
“You may now kiss the ring”

The Writing Team

  • Meg Bethany Read - News
  • Rory Whelan - News
  • Al Luijendjk - News
  • Carlos Perez - News
  • Rod Loyd - News
  • Zach Carson - News
  • Luke Scanlan - News

The Editing Team

  • Jeffrey Edelstein
  • Tyler Meehan
  • Katie Maclean
  • Gwen Jeronimo
  • Darrin Walter

Everyone Else

  • Adam - Podcast Host/Editor/Image Guy
  • Kasia Adams - Facebook Admin
  • Zach Carson - Video Editor
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