About Zelda Informer and FAQ

Question about us? Chances are, it is answered here.

When did you guys show up?

Our history dates clear back to two separate sites.

Long ago, a site known as Zelda Universe quickly rose through the ranks of the Zelda community. Ruthless to its competitors, one by one they all fell until Zelda Universe became the largest Zelda fansite on the internet. In the summer of 2003, roughly two years after the founding of ZU, another site came into existence: VG Resource Center, which had previously existed in various incarnations dating clear back to 2000. As a general game reviews site, it developed its own cult following and has since been featured on other major gaming sites.

As time went on, both sites grew. Zelda Universe experience a massive population boom, while VGRC quickly amassed more and more reviews, and even took up the HaloInformer side-project.

In June of 2007, however, a handful of folks from ZU decided that things needed to change. Long-time veterans, as well as the handful of friends they had picked up over the years, grew tired of the constant barrage of youngsters with horrible grammar, the same topics being discussed over and over again, a never-ending plague of poll-threads, and a mod team that seemed to put public relations ahead of keeping the community in proper order. Thus, it was decided that rather try and reform the monster, they would pack up and move to a new Zelda site. But which one, was the question?

It was then decided that VGRC would host and run a Zelda project in the same vein as its successful HaloInformer website, named Zelda Informer. Work on this site was conducted in private, with these new ZI-ers secretely recruiting friends to join them, as well as some VGRC members joining in to help. On the date of July 16, 2007, Zelda Informer was officially "born" as it went public on VGRC and ZU.

So, what makes ZI different from every other Zelda site out there?

We feel is something the entire Zelda fansite community (for the most part) lacks: Professionalism and integrity. One look at other sites, and you’ll know that we are referring to the rampant fanboyism that runs through the entire community: "News" posts that are actually subliminal opinion pieces, "reviews" that praise the games (of course a Zelda fansite is going to like the series) and blatant anti-non-Nintendo bias. Rather, we just tell it like it is. We don’t review Zelda games; we’ll just send you to multi-platform gaming sites that do, because few things are worse than a Zelda fansite giving their own biased reviews to a game. Our news is actually news, without biased statements seeping into them. And we aren’t afraid to bitch about problems we might have with the series or its owners, because unlike every other Zelda site out there, we have too much integrity to do that. The new world is awesome, eh?

What’s with the name? It makes you sound like a tabloid.

Every other Zelda site on the internet is named after a place: There are planets, universes, dungeons, towers, shrines, domains… it goes on and on, and all of us agree it is a silly trend. Therefore, we go to the root of what real journalists do: Inform. And that’s what we do.

I am a webmaster, and want to affiliate with Zelda Informer

Great! Email the webmasters with your site name, url, proof of stats and we’ll check you out!