We as Zelda fans adore The Legend of Zelda series. Link is pretty much an icon to us that is bigger than the President of the United States. In 10 years, we may forget about Mr. Obama, but we’ll never forget about our favorite hero clad in green. He’s just meant a lot more to us, and arguably made a bigger difference in our lives, than anything the President has done.

I preface what I am about to say with this praise for Link because I do not want you to think we are dissatisfied with Link as a character and a hero. Rather, we adore him and long for the day you let him have a truly flourishing relationship with Zelda. Oh, right: this letter is about that lovely Princess we seem to always be saving from some sort of peril.

Zelda should really get a chance to be the heroine in just one title. Her name is already at the very heart of the series, but often every strength she shows as the wielder of the Triforce of Wisdom gets completely diminished to the point that she is really just a damsel in distress. In Twilight Princess she is powerless to even put up a fight against Zant, but apparently she has the power to save Midna when she’s on her death bed.

In Ocarina of Time, Zelda is played out like a tactical survivor constantly evading Ganondorf. The moment he finds out she wields part of the Triforce she is instantly encapsulated. When has Link ever been instantly emasculated and felt totally powerless? Zelda is even the reincarnation of a Goddess in Skyward Sword, yet she still needs saving. Hylia was able to raise an entire city to the sky and single handily defeated and sealed away Demise. Yet, Zelda is completely powerless to stop him despite supposedly being Hylia.

Of course, this over simplifies Zelda’s role and achievements throughout the series, so don’t take any of that as an open-ended complaint. Rather, we as fans simply want to see her star in a game. The nice part is that there is already a set time period where it makes complete sense to have a game starring Zelda, because Link is otherwise disposed. That would be the seven years Link is asleep during Ocarina of Time.

Now, at the heart of all of this someone may argue that feminism is present, and that Zelda during those 7 years really becomes a male-like character in Sheik and thus it defeats the purpose of a female protagonist. This is where I quickly remind folks that this isn’t about Feminism at all. This is about further growing and understanding the character for whom this series

is named.

Often times, we are left wondering about Zelda’s true importance. She can’t ever seem to protect herself or her people, which I argue makes her a terrible protector of the Triforce. I mean, how can you be tasked to keep something safe when you can’t keep yourself safe? That, above all else, is why this needs to happen.

We need to know that Zelda is a strong-willed character who can take care of herself. It would be great to know how she escaped Ganondorf, became Sheik, and learned how to stay hidden like an assassin. It would be awesome to know just why she is so trusted with the Triforce and the fate of the entire Kingdom. Heck, it would be good to know why we’ve only met the King once, or why in Twilight Princess she is called “Princess” Zelda, yet when Zant invades Hyrule Castle it is Zelda who sits upon the throne.

More importantly, this is a series where it wouldn’t wholly feel weird for Zelda to actually be playable. It’s not that Link needs to be

captured to spurn the story; there are plenty of plot devices you could use to explain why she is doing what she is doing. What about a story about her father, the King, and how he was poisoned? What about expanding further on the corruption of her brother as explained in the manual of The Adventure of Link? Heck, a fan already had a magical mock game concept starring Zelda if you are looking for inspiration.

The fact remains we will not be upset if you don’t give us a game someday starring Zelda. We realize it’s not happening any time soon, with games like Zelda U and A Link Between

Worlds already in development. We just ask you to continue to openly consider the possibility, the originality, and creative freedom this could grant you and your team at Nintendo EAD.

You said that if people wanted it you would consider it. That’s all were asking you to do. It is true not all Zelda fans will support this notion, but we hope you will see that enough do to make it worthwhile. We Zelda fans are almost impossible to universally please. It’s long overdue for Zelda to finally star in her own series as the heroine.

Signed, your adoring fans.

Comment below to show your support for this letter. Obviously, you may also voice why your against such a notion if you so choose. We will be sending this letter to Nintendo within the week. We do not expect any direct responses from the Big N, and we won’t be starting any massive movements. We just wanted to let them know there is interest in the idea of Zelda starring in a game.

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