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Nendoroids, as some of you may know, are these adorable customizable figurines based on video game, anime, or manga characters. They're made by the Japanese Good Smile Company.

A new Nendoroid figurine based on Link from The Wind Waker HD is going to release late this August, and is now available for pre-orders here.

Link looks absolutely adorable; honestly, buy one of these. Only $30 will get you the figurine, all the possible facial expressions, and a bunch of accessories like the Heart Container and Hero Sword. With so many over-priced, low-quality Zelda figurines all over the internet, this Nendoroid certainly is amazing by comparison.

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Our Q&A's are back after a short hiatus, and we'll be sure to keep them coming every Sunday from now on.

Today's questions are all about Zelda U, which will be announced at E3 2014, in just two month's time! Clearly, the world cannot keep its excitement at bay. The questions are answered by myself—Fernando Trejos—and editor-in-chief Nathanial Rumphol-Janc.

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While most of the major Zelda related Smash news has been covered by us already, there are two tidbits we mentioned but never actually took a good look at. We change that today, as we introduce the Zelda down special attack that involves the Phantom (presumably from Spirit Tracks) and Stalfos, enemies from Ocarina of Time. Head inside.

Since joining Zelda Informer, my lust for a daily dose of video gaming has somewhat intensified, and that’s saying something. It’s very difficult to satisfy these cravings when one doesn’t have the funds to get the current titles that everyone’s raving about — alas, I do mean A Link Between Worlds.

But I am now somewhat grateful for that. It’s given me a chance to revisit some old classics and rediscover what it was that made them so good in the first place, and whether they’ve stood the test of time. For the most part, they have. I picked up The Minish Cap because, regrettably, it’s the Zelda title I tend to forget about the most. Which isn’t at all fair, but it’s because it stands alone — no other Zelda game reminds me of it.

It doesn’t take long to be at ease in the world of Hyrule again. The use of Ocarina of Time’s end credit music in the opening of The Minish Cap is a lovely addition that is both settling and anticipatory. It doesn’t take long before we’re swept through Hyrule Field, flown through the Minish Woods, and dropped onto Mount Crenel. There’s a lot of charm in the art style that fine-tunes The Wind Waker’s “toon” concept and renders it beautifully in 2D.

We've been attempting to offer two Zelda Informer exclusive T-Shirts for as cheap as we can, but doing so means we have to sell a certain amount in a bulk batch, otherwise the only way to purchase them is to pay significantly more over at redbubble. We have two T-Shirt Designs currently on sale for the discounted price, but we need to move 50 of each shirt for anyone to benefit.

The first design is Dodongo Dislike's Smoke, pictured to the left. The second design is inside.

Zelda Dungeon's very own Mases Hagopian is running a one man mini-marathon today where he tackles The Legend of Zelda (NES), The Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, and Ocarina of Time. The goal is to complete them all within 21 hours. However, this time around the marathon is different - how far he gets is determined by the donaters. He has each game and major sections within those game broken down into donation tiers - sort of like stretch goals on Kickstarter.

He is trying to raise $2500 (or more) for one the worlds last standing major arcades. The Galloping Ghost Arcade is looking to raise $500,000 overall to complete a massive expansion, and this marathon is serving to cover a small portion of the desired funds. Plus we get to watch one of the most well known Zelda Community figure heads dominate some Zelda games. The arcade itself has had 140 world records set at it, and has 70 custom created arcade units that are unique to just them - the only place in the world to have them.

You can watch the stream directly on Twitch, or you can alternatively head on over to Zelda Dungeon to donate and watch, as that is where the donation widget is.

The Zelda series is getting a lot of love in Smash Bros. 4, and part of that love includes three confirmed Zelda themed stages. The only one we know about on the Wii U version so far is Skyloft, with Gerudo Valley and Spirit Train appearing as stages for the 3DS version. We've seen all three stages before, but now we get a bit of a closer look with all new screenshots. Head inside to take a look!

Of all the assist trophies (of which there are many), by far Skull Kid and Midna are among many of our favorites. While some may be upset because this means they aren't playable, that doesn't mean they won't have an impact. After all, assist trophies do attack and act as characters in battle when activated. That means that both Midna and Skull Kid have at least one attack, if not several. We know about two of the attacks, so head inside to get a closer view.

Yesterday's Nintendo Direct revealed a surprising amount of information for the new Smash games, with no shortage of news for the Zelda fans; we've gotten a ton of new information on the items, the reveal of Midna as an assist trophy, and a clip of Skull Kid in action. Amidst all the excitement, we also got the entirely unexpected news that Bombchus—featured most prominently in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask—will be a new item in the game. We already mentioned that yesterday, but it's time to delve into some more details.

Follow after the jump for more information and a video!

Nintendo aired the Smash Bros. Direct last night, an entire forty-minute stream of nonstop news for the next games in the Super Smash Bros. series. We've filled up nearly four pages of stories just with the information in that one video—but that's a ton of stuff for you guys to look through, so we decided to gather it all up in one easy-to-read index.

Head inside to find everything you'll ever need to know about last night's Smash Bros. Direct!