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The Zelda series is getting a lot of love in Smash Bros. 4, and part of that love includes three confirmed Zelda themed stages. The only one we know about on the Wii U version so far is Skyloft, with Gerudo Valley and Spirit Train appearing as stages for the 3DS version. We've seen all three stages before, but now we get a bit of a closer look with all new screenshots. Head inside to take a look!

Of all the assist trophies (of which there are many), by far Skull Kid and Midna are among many of our favorites. While some may be upset because this means they aren't playable, that doesn't mean they won't have an impact. After all, assist trophies do attack and act as characters in battle when activated. That means that both Midna and Skull Kid have at least one attack, if not several. We know about two of the attacks, so head inside to get a closer view.

Yesterday's Nintendo Direct revealed a surprising amount of information for the new Smash games, with no shortage of news for the Zelda fans; we've gotten a ton of new information on the items, the reveal of Midna as an assist trophy, and a clip of Skull Kid in action. Amidst all the excitement, we also got the entirely unexpected news that Bombchus—featured most prominently in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask—will be a new item in the game. We already mentioned that yesterday, but it's time to delve into some more details.

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Nintendo aired the Smash Bros. Direct last night, an entire forty-minute stream of nonstop news for the next games in the Super Smash Bros. series. We've filled up nearly four pages of stories just with the information in that one video—but that's a ton of stuff for you guys to look through, so we decided to gather it all up in one easy-to-read index.

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203 screenshots, one game. That is what we have to present to you right now as we follow up our last Super Smash Bros. screenshot post that featured 160 all new 3DS screens. This time, we're working the Wii U version and man is it impressive. There is so much good stuff in these screenshots that I barely have time this morning to marvel at them all. Take a look inside.

We got so much Smash Bros. news yesterday we can hardly contain our excitement anymore. Now today we have two massive screenshot blowouts to show, with the 3DS versions being posted first. With 160 brand new screenshots, we have plenty of 3DS eye candy to look at. Now imagine, all of this is displayed in wonderful 60 FPS. Head inside.

Everyone's favorite disguised princess is back for another iteration of Smash Bros, and she (please guys, let's not argue about the gender stuff here) comes with a few new tricks up her sleeve!

To begin, Zelda does not transform into Sheik anymore, and vice versa—they are now their own distinct characters. For those who were fond of the transformation, though, perhaps you can take solace in the new additions to their movesets. Zelda's brand new Down Special unleashes one of the Phantoms of Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks fame for a swift attack that can also block enemy attacks. Sakurai was quick to warn, however, that the Phantom can be reflected by moves like Mario's cape, in which case the Phantom's strike will hit Zelda instead.

Sheik has two brand new attacks. Her Side Special is now the "Burst Grenade," an explosive projectile connected to Sheik's chain; by pulling out the pin with her cord, it detonates. Her new Down Special is the "Bouncing Fish," an acrobatic kicking attack which looks to launch her upwards when on the ground. Seems to pack a pretty good punch!

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Tons of new information from today's Smash-centric Nintendo Direct, some of it Zelda related!

Midna from Twilight Princess is bursting onto the Smash Bros. scene in the form of an assist trophy! She was shown using her Twilight magic as she waved her large hand around, which we can assume attacks multiple characters on screen in a flurry of attacks or in a similar pattern.

Skull Kid from Majora's Mask was also shown again, and his power is flipping the stage upside down to confuse players and their orientation. Several items from The Legend of Zelda were also shown off, such as the Bombchus which will blow up like bombs, and Bottled Fairies which can be assumed to heal the player.

The Gerudo Valley stage we saw earlier in screenshots was shown again with the bridge giving out through the duration of the battle. A new item, though, was how there appear to be several platforms next to the canyon walls, meaning that even if you fall from the bridge you may still survive.

Hey guys! The Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct is set to kick off shortly at 5 P.M. central time. During the Direct, we are supposed to be getting a launch window, as well as more undisclosed information about the titles. Hopefully, we'll get to see some new and returning characters, stages, mechanics, and more!

Want to know where you can watch the Direct? Well, you can watch it right here on Gamnesia! The Direct can be viewed directly above this article; in addition, you can check out the Nintendo Direct hub for the stream and a live chat. What are you guys hoping to see?

Awhile back we reported that Zelda Monopoly was going to be an actual thing at some point this year, but now we have our first tangible evidence of progress on this initiative. In addition, another Zelda related item was discovered that might be a bit more limited. That would be an Ocarina of Time Collectors Edition puzzle, of which we have pictures of these items inside.