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Set your calendars! Koei Tecmo Games is having another livestream event this Thursday at 1 AM EST (12 AM CST, 10 PM PST) in celebration of the game's completion. The event will be broadcast over at the popular Japanese video website, NicoNico. According to the official Japanese site for Hyrule Warriors, the guest speakers will include Nintendo's Senior Managing Director Shigeru Miyamoto, and Zelda Series Director Eiji Aonuma. Click on ahead to find out more!

Monday is here again, which means that it is time for another Caption Contest. Last week, we got a lot of really great captions from you. Click the jump to see our favorites from last week as well as a new image for you to caption.

Throughout the history of the Legend of Zelda, we've been introduced to wonderful compositions time and time again. Some of them go on to become iconic representations of the series and some of them are not as well remembered. It goes without saying that the music in Zelda helps keep the grandeur feeling of adventure alive and adds to the atmosphere of the game, but we all have varying likes and dislikes. What is your favorite tune from any Zelda game? Head inside to join today's debate!

With Hyrule Warriors out of development, the final touches are being put on the game before hitting the stores. With the game being in this stage, the European box art has been released, and it has only a few striking differences from its Japanese and North American counterparts.Click inside to view it!

Many of us Zelda fans are aware of the recently announced collector edition bundles set to release in Japan along with Hyrule Warriors. If you were hoping for a preview of these little treasures before hand, you can see them for yourself after the jump.

While Darunia has made an awesome appearance at San Diego Comic-Con, in a newer demo of Hyrule Warriors, we've still been anticipating his character trailer. It is epic! Here we can take a look at a wider range of his special attacks and their devastating effects in the Death Mountain stage. If you've been wanting to see more of the Goron Chief in action, the video awaits you inside.

Through a translation from Nintendo's Japanese website, we learned just yesterday that Link could very well be facing a brand new antagonist in next year's adventure on Wii U. This has caused a massive amount of discussion and speculation among the fan base, and it's not surprising considering this is the most we've heard about the story for Zelda U since its reveal. That being said, some have more specific ideas in mind a new villain. Join the Daily Debate!

Majora's Mask has become a fan favorite game of the Zelda series in recent years; the main quest may be shorter than most titles of the franchise, but the side content, characters, and world of the game ensure that it constantly stands out to many of us.

When it comes to speed running Majora's Mask 100%, however, that side content can make things incredibly tricky, especially with the in-game clock factored in: you can't always jump straight from one task to another, as you have to wait for certain points in the three day cycle to start certain quests. And that just makes a new speed run record all the more impressive, which was obtained just a short while ago. Jump inside to check out the new world record video!

According to a tweet from the official Hyrule Warriors Twitter, the game is completely out of development and is in its final preparations before hitting store shelves in Japan on August 14th. Of course we are still waiting for the localization to complete on the English version, but this is a time for the developers to breathe easy. Are you excited for the game? Click the jump and tell us what you are most excited for.

Warning: This post contains potential spoilers for Hyrule Warriors.

Recently, we've been given a lot of gameplay videos from the upcoming Hyrule Warriors, and today is no exception. This time, we are getting a look at the popular magic user who has been getting too little attention, Lana. The video is in Japanese, but we get to see a decent amount of her attacks as well as how her, Princess Agitha, and Midna become connected in the game. Click the jump to watch the video.