Spoilers, obviously.

After such great response to my editorial (found here), Andy and I decided to talk about Breath of the Wild‘s version of Ganon and what we would do to fix him. Of course, this was all condensed into the second half of the podcast, so we don’t have a detailed blueprint, but I would love to hear what you guys think about and what you would do to improve Ganon in Breath of the Wild! I’m also trying a new intro. it might change a bit as I learn more about After Effects and eventually get a better computer to work with it on. Let me know what you think about it!

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  • Dylan

    I Wouldn’t change much of ganon. maybe have a little more corroded-ness and some more blood moon’s, add a bit more o ganon’s battle with a 3rd form of sorts. but still keeping the ruined curupt nature-meets-tech look for BoTW Ganon. I mean his dark beast Ganon form did look a lot like a giant big version of demise.

  • Christian Beach

    I would’ve added a sort of backstory as to how/why Ganon became Calamity Ganon (Aside from the “abandoning reincarnation” explanation in his Compendium description), as well as vastly improved the difficulty of his boss fight (Especially the Dark Beast Ganon phase). I think I would’ve also made him more of a threat throughout the game by making him grow stronger after defeating each Divine Beast and gaining the Master Sword, and then when he breaks out during the DBG fight, he actually tries to destroy stuff and kill people.

    • Dylan

      why hate on the pigpocalypse?