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A recent Twitter post may have given some hints about Smash Bros. 3DS. It would seem that it is listed as a "Coming Soon" title, but it's the location that makes this interesting.

Every week, Nintendo updates their eShop and separates products into categories. The relevance of this is linked to the fact that Super Smash Bros. is located within the "Wario" category.

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The Japanese Hyrule Warriors website has added a hefty sum of new screenshots to their ranks. The collection shows off a bunch of characters including the recently announced Ruto, and lots of Impa and Sheik, as well as some familiar-looking locations. The website's full collection is rather encompassing, but you can see all the newly added ones here. They look as colorful and spectacular as ever. September cannot come soon enough.

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Siliconera recently unveiled some details about the newly announced Darunia for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors. While we have have been covering a lot about the game lately, information about Darunia has been relatively scarce. Even his section of the new trailer we showcased earlier today was short compared to the rest of the roster.

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Last year, Nintendo released a quirky mix of NES games with unusual challenges called NES Remix, followed merely five months later by a sequel. The original game takes bits and pieces from the best of Nintendo's early releases, from The Legend of Zelda to Super Mario Bros. to Donkey Kong, and mashes together to create a unique and challenging, albeit odd, entry for the virtual console. For those in Europe who have yet to download this quirky title, Nintendo has just sweetened the deal. Head inside.

Warning: This post contains potential spoilers for Hyrule Warriors.

Earlier today, we posted a lot of information regarding the upcoming Hyrule Warriors. We now have the English version of the trailer with some minor changes and in higher quality. Click the jump to watch this epic trailer!

Warning: This post contains potential spoilers for Hyrule Warriors.

Thanks to our friends from Nintendo Everything we've got a new Hyrule Warriors trailer showing all the confirmed characters individually, amazing stages and some boss action. Also, we have two gameplay videos: one with Princess Ruto, Link, and Fi in the Skyward Sword stage and another with Link, Impa, and Princess Zelda fighting side by side in the Hyrule Field stage.

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The Legend of Zelda is well known for giving some of its characters interesting backgrounds, and Lana isn't the exception. The moment she showed up in the Hyrule Warrior's box art, fans started to make theories and speculations about her origins.

Could she be connected with the Golden Goddesses? Join the daily debate!

Nintendo has released a new English version of the Hyrule Warriors video showing off the power of Link's Gauntlets, and they appear to come with the Ball and Chain. Link is shown wildly swinging the Ball and Chain with ease and either smashing enemies into the ground or into the distance. Click the jump to check it out and get ready to smash everything.

We haven't talked a lot about Darunia yet, despite the fact he is one of the playable characters in Hyrule Warriors. Consider this problem corrected, as we will now be getting a look at Darunia in action! What are you waiting for?

Can you handle the hype? Following the earlier Famitsu Magazine scans and translated game details we posted, the Japanese website for Hyrule Warriors has updated their gallery with plenty of new screenshots and character profiles, including the Ocarina of Time DLC costumes for Link and Zelda. We're given a better look at the Water Temple, Death Mountain, and Faron Woods stages, as well as Impa and Lana's new weapons. See more after the jump.