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Hyrule Warriors has been seeing a ton of coverage in the past few days—no surprise, given that we are quickly approaching the game's release in Japan. One aspect that has come up recently, though, is the subject of online gameplay for the title. We heard yesterday that online play of some sort might happen, with many suspecting it would be a cooperative mode; that idea was shot down this morning. But it does make you wonder...what sort of online gameplay could the game have?

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Instead of posting daily, this week we've opted to post all of Masahiro Sakurai's Miiverse pictures of Super Smash Bros. For 3DS/Wii U together for your viewing pleasure. This week's haul includes two stage reveals, a new assist trophy, details on a new item, and a unique spin on the target smash mode. Head inside for all the pictures as well as some of our thoughts!

"Excuuuuuuse me, princess!" - Link

A quote from a dim, but amusing chapter in the history of Zelda: the cartoon from the late '80s.  While this died off rather quickly, fan attempts at animation have sprung up now and again in an effort to better utilize the potential of the series, its stories, and its characters.  One such artist is pursuing his particular endeavor via Kickstarter and looks to be working up a unique creation. Head inside to check it out.  

It's no secret that music has been very much intertwined with the Zelda series for years, nor that fans are not only smitten with the tunes themselves but the instruments that appear in the games as well.  There is one instrument, however, that is easily the most iconic as a representative of Zelda: the ocarina.  While it's been fully possible to get a hold of one of these funny little instruments since the release of Ocarina of Time, a new Kickstarter campaign is hoping to meet all your ocarina needs.   Head inside for more!

Last week on Fan Fiction Friday, we read through the fan submitted piece titled "The Doppelganger". Based on the comments, readers enjoyed the work but wanted a story that didn't involve Dark Link. Since we did not have any fan submitted pieces last week, we're taking a look at one suggested by fans that has received a bit of praise. "What Makes a Hero" is a retelling of the Twilight Princess story by fanfiction.net user Selphie Kinneas 175. Click the jump to hear a quick synopsis and read the story for yourself.

Nintendo has provided a new batch of screenshots for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS games through the latest issue of Famitsu. The screenshots showcase a couple of stage mechanics, but seem to focus more on three of the new combatants. Click the jump to see the images for yourself.

Early this morning, there was another NicoNico stream of Hyrule Warriors, this time focusing on elements of Twilight Princess. While we've gotten plenty of gameplay footage from this stream, we were surprised with a couple of trailers that can't be missed. These videos demonstrate, for the very first time, how Link and Zelda will function in battle with their DLC costumes.  Head inside to check out the videos!

We reported yesterday that there would be some online multiplayer in Hyrule Warriors and as of right now that is still highly possible. However, the multiplayer won't be of the cooperative kind like you can play locally. This defeats a report made by a representative at an expo in Paris, France last month. So, what sort of multiplayer, if there is any, could we see? Head inside for my thoughts.

Hyrule Warriors news is in abundance this month and with each update it looks like the game is certainly shaping up to be unique and interesting. Returning to the Hyrule Warriors character spotlight is Impa, the Hyrulean Captain, here to demonstrate the powers of her second in-game weapon: the naginata. Are you ready for this? The video awaits you inside. 

Speed runners have always and will always impress me immensely. The skill to plow through a game as fast as possible, while exploiting glitches is always amusing to watch and hear about. That being said, the record for completing the first quest in The Legend of Zelda has officially been broken. Click past the jump for more details.